Top 5 Mushroom Cut Hairstyles For Men and Women

For millennial, mushroom cut hairstyle may sound strange. It is proper because it is a style in 60s to 70s. It has been so long, people do not want to use this kind of styling. Yet, in 2016 some people try to make it reborn. Now, it is time for millennial to try this old styling in new day. It will give you different look. In addition, this kind of style is applicable for men and women. To inspire you, there is some information regarding to this phenomenal hairstyle. Be ready to rock guys.

Well, first of all let’s talk about mushroom cut hairstyle for men. Are you confused on what actually mushroomnis? It is a styling in which you have short cutting on two sides. Yet, your hair will be kept long on top. It looks like a mushroom, doesn’t it? There will be a highlight to distinguish those two parts. It will be good for young man. It gives manly look. If you choose to make hair bang, it will make you cute. It depends on you boys which character that match to your personality. In addition, you can also try hair coloring after choosing particular style. Some men choose blue as their color. Brown can be another color but it is too mainstream for someone who wants something new and different.

Mushroom cut hairstyle for women is also interesting. It will be nice to be applied for those who have straight hair. It will give best look ever. Women with this kind of style will be so sexy and beautiful. You need straight hair because it is related to the hair bang. All of mushroom styles need bang to create prefect result. If you have curly hair your, it is still okay to try this style. Yet, it will be messy mushroom.

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