Top 5 Creepy Vampire Nail Designs for Halloween

These days, Halloween isn’t about creepy makeup and costume; your nails need to be dressed too. Wear spooky or eccentric fingernails design to complementing your Halloween wardrobe. Usually, nails design for Halloween has theme, such as werewolf, mummy or immortal being—vampire. Well, this time, we gonna talk about vampire nail designs to liven up your Halloween time. Some of the designs can be use for Halloween or to celebrate certain occasion.

Vampire nail designs appears with array of selection from a little cute to creepy nails.

  • Blood and Vampire face

This nails design only need white, red and black nail polish. Overall design, this vampire nail ideas features red blood and white nails with vampire face as accent nails that covering ring fingers and thumbs (or one of them). This design is crafted without stencil or stamps; you will need a steady hand to do this vampire nail design.

  • Creepy Vampire Nail Art

For the best look at Halloween, you can go with this creepy vampire nail art. With combination of white and red acrylic paint, you can be a spooky and cut vampire. Imitate the way blood is drip, and draw it at the nail tip.

  • Bloody Nail

Well, it’s not too creepy nail design. To put simply, covering your whole nails with dark red blood gel polish mixed with glitter, and then add black tone at the tip with ombre style.

Are you running out of time to complete your Halloween costume, and need last finishing touch? Well, if you want, does this vampire nail art—blood dripping and vampire face—the popular vampire nail designs for Halloween. It will gonna be fun. Here’s the mini tutorial:

  1. Apply black nail polish on your ring fingers and thumbs as the base of your accent nails. Over it, draw vampire’s forehead with white acrylic paint. Don’t forget to draw the face line and fill the entire face.
  2. Apply few layers of paint to coat the brush streaks. Ensure, each layer is dry before applying another layer on top.
  3. Drawing the whole face—smiling vampire, with black acrylic paint.

Use the red acrylic paint to fill the eyes and draw bow-tie. Add red glitter polish on the top.

  1. To make the little vampire looks animate; give the eyes, small dot—a sparkle with white acrylic paint.
  2. And now, time to dress up your rest of the fingernails. Using a dotting tool, you can create blood dripping with red acrylic paint.
  3. Add red glitter polish over the red paint.

How about that? It’s easy to follow and fresh isn’t?


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