The Most Eye-catching Nail Designs with Diamond

Old folks say that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friends”—well, as women, we couldn’t say any objection for that but nod in crazy way you know. This even translates to the women’s tendency pick their nail designs. Most of women choosing nail art design that showcase diamond. The nail designs with diamond are so varied; most women choose nail design that attach real bling-bling to the nails or for those who cannot afford that ‘crystal stone’, just satisfied by having shape of diamond drawn on their nails. No matter which is the first choice, the main point is it is all about diamond nails.

Diamond nail is perched on the top pick of nail art amidst women. From simple to full of diamond crowd on nails, the options for this design is wide array. Check on media social, or ask Google and you’ll see vast of selection for this. In this article, we’ll show you diamond nails that can be your inspiration, that can be pleased your longing of diamond. All of them are taken from Pinterest, so here they are—the most eye-catching nail designs with diamond.

  • Fierce Pink

Bring the bling to your nails by cover your ring finger nails with diamonds, by put different shapes of diamond, covering the entire surface; while the others only treatment with solid color—pink metallic. Choose stiletto nails to make the nail designs more dramatic and statement.

  • Purple Diamond

This nail art feature nail glitter in various colors that mixed into marble pattern. This mixed glitter lay on the entire nails, then complemented by diamond image. The diamond image outlined using black nail polish.

  • Studded Neutral

Set the studs in organize shape accompany earth shades of brown and black nails in matte finish; which some of the nails also get beautiful floral motif. The duo combo of bling and matte finish add more character in this modish nail art.


Nail designs with diamond always tempting every woman to try it, since diamond nails has appealing facade. As like these diamond nails:

  • Flower Diamond Nails

Styled your nails by mixing flower and diamond, why not? It proved attractive and charming. Over deep red nail polish, draw flowers in white on your ring finger nail. Then, add diamond beads on your index finger nail, while the rest of finger leave it untouched.

  • Pink and Diamond

Reveal you feminine side via this nail art that appears with its sophisticated milky pink and diamonds. With the sprinkle of glitter, make it looks fabulous.

Well, which one you love best? Do you like it, right? Then, this time you about to try them.

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