The 5 Top Men Hairstyles 1970 That Will Suit On You

For a guy with long and flowing loosely, these best men hairstyles 1970 gonna be your perfect hairstyle ever. In the 1970, grooming and hair styling isn’t longer simply for women. There are hair products that many men happily to used them. Even fake facial hair accepted. That’s why men’s hairstyles at this era so diversity, include with mutton and mustaches. That moment, you can call it as a “hairy decade.”

The hairstyles in 70’s can be recognized from the length of the hair which hair is reached the back of neck. Men hairstyles 1970 kept the hair long and freely flowing at least shoulder length.


  1. Long Natural Hair

In 1970, men tend to let loose their hair—by let the hair grow long and natural and styled them without using any hair product such as oil. Some even letting their hair hang loose without a brush.

  1. Afro

Afro is the part of African-American hairstyle, but in 1970 some men wear this hairstyle in attempt to be proud of their tall and big hair styled into a range of fullness and shapes.Even though, there are also men who keep their locks or mass of tight curls with short cut to fit into the crowd.

  1. Side-Combed

As new option of men’s hairstyles in 70s, Side-combed is new version of slicked back and pompadour hairstyle. It’s simply hairstyle yet so popular even today. You can easily achieve it only by combing or brushing the hair to one side.

  1. Shaggy hairstyle

To gain this hairstyle, you just have to the left your hair down and shaggy no matter what length your hair is. However, shaggy style looks best on medium length—where the hair dramatically falls down around the ears.


As we said before, facial hair—fake or natural–also wear by men. One of popular style of facial hair is moustaches and beards. This facial hair can be shaped and comes in varying styles like the hair extend down the side of mouth or along the jawline. Well, as the part of men hairstyles 1970, facial hair is counted as our number 5 of top men’s hairstyle in 70s; which iswear by men who wanted a simply way to change their façade in coolest fashion.



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