Put a spring into Your Nails with Lovely Cherry Blossom Nail Design

Who is doesn’t amaze and captivate with the beauty of the blooming of cherry blossom? Cherry blossoms or sakura are like a dreamy trees, its features are somewhat you can only feel in fantasy world.  It’s so majestic and breathtaking sight if you see them in full blossom when spring time comes. The rare beauty of cherry blossom gets the spotlight in art realm and being translate it into diverse art products such as literature, music, painting, sculpture, and even nail art—which is put blooming sakura into the nails. Cherry blossom nail art is modern way to honoring sakura’s beauty. A lot of cherry blossom nail design that flawlessly catches and put the loveliness that emitted by this pink flowers into the nails.

Well, wanna put a spring into your nails? If yes, we’ll help you to achieve it. Here is our cherry blossom nail design just for you. Hope you can try it out all of them,…or few. Do not worry; it’s easy to craft, so have a try!

  • Festive sakura blossoms nail design

Fill the white base coat of your nails with branches that full of cherry blossom painting. Draw it with from bottom to the top as like as sakura’s tree in full blossom, where you sit down beneath them to enjoy the beauty.

  • Captivating pink and white nail design

Apply pink and white for the base—polish white on your index and ring finger, while the rest of them are cover with the pinky. Then, begin to draw the sakura with nail art brush and help from toothpick; on your white nails. For the pinky one, just let it blank, untouched. If you done, finish off with top coat.

  • Cherry blossom for the night party

Need for a party nail idea? Here it is cherry blossom for your night party; with black nails showered with sakura’s petals with splatter effect of pink. Finish off with transparent polish. The contrast color of black and pink—black base coat and pink from sakura—bring a lovely atmosphere into this cherry blossom nail art.

Need more striking cherry blossom nail design? We have one last design that might be your taste. Just take a look:

  • Glittered cherry blossom

Go bold and stand out with the look of this glittered cherry blossom nail art. Apply high-end glitter polish in pink for the nails firstly. Afterwards, use acrylic powder to draw the branches complete with the leaves and flowers.

Simple or striking our cherry blossom nails design, those without doubt will bring the spring into your nails.