Inspiring Wedding Nail Art Pictures and Ideas for Your Special day

Wedding is the most special day for all women. Every little thing is planned thoughtfully to make the moment of that ceremony memorable. Have you decided the theme for your weeding? And your wedding dress and accessories? How about your nails? White and red is official color’s nail for brides, but there’s wide array of nail art designs that you can choose and worth to try. Glitter, rhinestone, roses, pearl are just some of creative patterns that can be attached to your nails. If you need more wedding nail arts as your references, here is the collection of wedding nail art pictures and ideas. Check it out!

Nowadays, many nail saloons offering wedding nail art that will make your wedding—where you’ll be in the spotlight—more special. You can try these:
 Pink glitter ombre nails—its wedding nail art with classic touch of glitters at the fingernails tip. The glitters sprinkle at the nail’s tip, adding your nails beauty and elegant.
 Floral rhinestone nail art—if you wanna give your nails a strong impression, red rhinestone nail art is the right choice. Red is already lively shade. Combination of gold a top of red definitely perfect to look stand out in your wedding.
 Jeweled nails—make your nails look chic and classic with this bridal nail art. Over you base coat, add various shapes of white and pink rhinestones. Stick them with nail adhesives and ‘get wild’ with your nails.
 Pearl nail art—for wedding, pearl nail art is the right choice. Over smooth nail polish look, put pearls, micro beads and rhinestones. Create minimalist shapes with those beads.

If our wedding nails arts’ list not enough, you can found another references out there since there’s wide array of nail art with additional accessories. Found and choose gorgeous bridal nail art ideas that will lovely blend with your wedding dress. Just make sure, you choose the expert to beautify your nails—you want everything is perfect right? Lastly, stay beauty, ladies!

Easy Way How to Put On False Eyelashes for Beginners

Your eyelashes are lack volume and length? Wanna give it a boost with pairs of false lashes, but don’t know how? Well, you can tell how to put on false eyelashes beginners. It easy way to gives your lashes dramatic look. The false eyelashes will be well-blend with your natural lashes, if you properly attach it. In a few minutes, you can apply false eyelashes even though you’ve never wear them before.

Are you ready to try? Let’s check how to put on false eyelashes beginners below:
• Check the length of the false lash, by hold it against your eye. If the eyelash is longer than your actual eyelash, cut it off with nail scissors.
• Are you done? Then next step is bending the false eyelashes. Bend them into “C” shape, so they can fit the curve of your eyes.
• Apply glue along the false eyelashes strip. Having trouble doing that? You can apply the glue with help of a cotton swab or toothpick.
• If you success with the glue, now…let it dry slightly before you begin to attaching the lashes over your eyelashes.
• Press gently with your fingers and make sure the cut end of the false eyelashes not ‘spill out’ over the outer corner of your eyes.
• For the last touch, put on mascara to the false eyelashes in order to make them blend in with your eyelashes. To make the false mascara more dramatic, curl them with crimping tool.

Ladies, if you’re one of women that never wear false eyelashes and wanna try to put sticky lashes, there are some stuffs that you need to know beside how to put on false eyelashes beginners. Here are the stuffs:
 Pearl nail art
 Eyelash glue
 Mascara
 Nail scissors
 Cotton swab or toothpick
 Crimping tool
By the way, if there’s gap between false eyelashes and your own, use black eyeshadow or eyeliner to cover it. Well, have a nice try, ladies.