Strong and Feminine: Pink Camo Nail Designs

Have you ever tried painting your nails with camouflage themed nail art? It will undeniably look pretty cool for those who love outdoor activities, or those who spend their time with casual outfit.  Today’s camo nails appears with not only in traditional green and brown shades, you can wear camo nails with pink, orange or blue. Camo nail, especially with girly touch in this case is pink shade; somehow, it gives you an idea about strong and feminine flair at same time. That’s why nowadays, appears pink camo nail designs with girly, cute and tough flair in every each nail tips.

Well, if you’re interesting enough to try this nail design, take a look our pink camo nail designs below:

  • Camo Tips

Let’s go pink, by applying French tip nail design with camouflage styles of pink shade and black over white tip. Keep the base with transparent polish that complemented with glitter in silver.

  • Camouflage Style

In your square nail, you can start to cover the base with transparent polish. Then, make army’s pattern with shades of pink, grey and white. You can also add decal of female and male deer on each ring finger for sophisticated look.

  • Camo Girly Art

This camo nail design is show off shades of pink and white that shaped camouflage styles that look cute and girly; it covering the whole finger.

  • Captivating Nail Design with Camo Art

Choose light color of pink and combine it with grey and red, in order to create a captivating camo pattern on all over the finger. Stay girly and be active with this pink camo nail art from day till night.

  • Camo Nail Tip with Glitter

Camo nail design doesn’t always end up by covering the whole finger with camo pattern; you can just lays your pink nail polish at the tips. Don’t forget to add shiny glitter to make it more stand out.

Wearing pink camo nail art is fun, but the best part is when you do your nails. If you wanna know how to do pink camo nail designs by yourself, we have the step by step about it. Well, it’s just for example. So, here are things you should do first, is collect stuff that you’ll need:

  • Essies’s watermelon
  • Essies’s Lover Dovey
  • SquareHue’s Lincoln Road
  • Dotting tool

Next, to creating this lovely camo nail art, the step you should follow is:

  1. Begin with a pink base coat
  2. Use dotting tool to apply grey color randomly on all nails. Let it dry, after that do the same with dark pink.
  3. When you’re done paint camo pattern with grey and dark pink over the pink base coat, next step is applying the top coat. Use matte finish.

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