Show Your Mood with Sky Blue Nail Designs

Blue—remind us of the colors of skies, the seas which represent a tranquil and peaceful ambiance. That’s why, the shades of blue is relaxing and refreshing. Blue associated with quiet, confident and reserved too. Moreover, blue shades hold a meaning behind its color—the color takes important role in any visual design, that’s including nail art. Feeling the calmness of blue by put the skies to your fingernails. It can make your nails always fresh and casual from day to night. As it’s implicitly say, every single color has meaning, so is blue. Come with vast array of blue shades to be able to show your mood and personality, you can freely choose what shades of blue that you want to represent you. Here, we select up sky blue nail designs only for you—blue lovers or not. Take your time to look through our astonishing nail art designs that feature sky blue tone.   

Here are our sky blue nail designs which can help you convey your mood. Well, get inspired!

  • Blue flower and crystal

Imitate flower shape on to the sky blue acrylic nails, using white nail polish. Stick one dot of rhinestone on every each nails—at the center—to create a lovely statement.

  • Pink chevron in blue

Create cutest shades of sky blue that accented by pinkish chevron motif on top of ring finger nail to make the nail design looks statement more.

  • Sky blue and rhinestones

Be a fairy by embellish your sky blue nails with wrapped one or two fingernails with rhinestone as well as studs on whole nails or just scatter it from the cuticle to the tips.

  • Blue stripes

Use different shades of blue or with silver or white to make the stripes which is designed to give accents. Combination color of sky blue and white acrylic nails which is one of classical nail art for sky blue nail design with accented by gold lines to dividing the each color.

  • Feather in sky blue

This sky blue nail design—is elegant and captivating with its unique motif of flying bird in the cloud and scattered feathers on almond shape nails.

  • Sky blue in matte

Go bold with this sky blue nails with matte effect. The matte effect, also the nail accessories such as studs, micro bead and rhinestone also glitter, is perfectly embellishing the nail design.


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