Selected Hairstyles for Men with Big Foreheads

Having big forehead is blessed, so don’t complain about it, okay folks? If you’re born with it, but somehow it make you less confidence since you get a feeling that your forehead is large enough to cover your face entirely. But, keep calm and be happy with it. Actually, you can take advantage of your special forehead for various trendy looks. All you need are hairstyles for men with big foreheads. Which one you choose to brush the hair out your forehead or cover up your forehead, it will give you awesome result. Believe us!

Then, here are our selected hairstyles for men with big foreheads. Let’s check it:

  • Simple Fringe

It’s all about effortless style of haircut. Do the style by covering your big forehead with simple fringe style while keep the remaining hair with short cut. It works best with those have thick hair.

  • Long Messy Fringe

Do you have wavy hair or prefer to grow your hair long enough? If yes, this long messy fringe suited you well. With asymmetrical looks and longer hair, your big forehead will no longer be the main attraction, since the long messy fringes attract more attention.


Still looking for other hairstyles for men with big foreheads? Well, we still have another list. Keep check below:

  • Slicked Back Style

Instead of covering the forehead, this hairstyle exposing the entire forehead by slicks all the hair back. And, well… it doesn’t make your forehead look vast, but it creates a nice frame of hair. Do this style if you have curly or wavy hair, it will looks greater on you.

  • Short Brush Up Style

To give a unique edge for you big forehead, apply this short brush up hairstyle. Create a ridge above your forehead; the hair draws any eyes upwards over the foreheads.

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