Pretty Cool Long Hairstyles for Black Men

Getting the pretty cool long hairstyles for black men can be tricky. There’s a lot of selection of hairstyles to choose from—short afro, medium or long dreadlock hairstyle, and more… And since there’s too much options, somehow its turn into dilemma; when you go to the barbershop but still vague what kind of hairstyle that you should choose. Yup, picking one style and tell the barber can be so hard.

Well, you can start the easiest way: Bun Hairstyle—what’s type your hairstyle, bun hairstyle is never fail to make you looks stand out from the crowd. You just require less maintenance also only need to style the half top with knot. It is creative style yet has very urban vibe. Bun hairstyle with fade below, gonna be your coolest long hairstyles for black men. No matter what’s type of your hair—afro, stylish dreadlocks, curl or corkscrew curl—don’t mind to apply this hairstyle.

 Then, if you need more complex hairstyle especially for long hair, try Micro Dreads. Having a long hair is doesn’t mean less macho, you can get long hairstyles for black men with long micro dreads and still looks badass. Well, it’s gonna work, if you’re already grow your hair out for years and having long, long hair till your waist. You know, dreadlocks on the right person can be so slick and it doesn’t have an ‘exaggeration’ feel of messy hair. In order to get masculine micro dreads all the time, you should find the way to balancing to keep your hair moisturized enough and keep it clean always.

Other option you can attempt is Multi-colored Dreads which is probably gonna be your best long hairstyles for black men which is take advantage of your dreadlocks. How Multi-colored Dreads works? Well, it’s works by gives multiple colors in your long dreadlocks. The result of adding color to your dreadlock will help you to define your own style. Play with colors and show off your style, interesting right?

Next is Large Floppy Afro which is long hairstyles for black men that be set to only for those who have the wherewithal to pull it off. What we mean is Afro hair type with softer texture. Large floppy afro hairstyle created from softer Afro-textured hair which is start to floppy once it reaches certain lengths. Let your Afro hair grow out to increase the floppiness and see what a floppy your hair is. This hairstyle is too messy for some people and too distracting, but for those who comfortable with it, large floppy afro hair gonna be your statement in a crowd.

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