Awesome Faded Nail Designs

Faded nail designs commonly known with its smooth mixed color gradation, and it is one of the prettiest nail art that can be easily recreate on your own nails. The way you to get pretty color of this nail designs is by mixing two or three colors which resulting beauty smooth color gradation. This color gradation will definitely boost your nails.

You may think that it is complicated to follow in order to produce gradient. But, actually it’s a piece of cake. Wanna try? Well, read this faded nail designs step—to craft fading style look. Let’s do your nail with this lovely fade to pink nail design. It provides you sweet and soft that seems like release romantic spell with its ombre nail art milky pale pink with dust of bright fuschia. Before you start, ensure you get everything you need. So, this is stuff you will need: pale pink nail polish, fuschia nail polish and top coat base; and toothpick, plastic sheet also sponge. If your stuff is complete, let’s do the fun part:

Check the step:

Step 1—Pick the lightest two colors and start to paint the nails. Let it dry.

Step 2—Drop enough amount of pale pink and bright fuschia nail polish side by side on the plastic. Ensure the both color is about touching at the edges.

Step 3—Use a toothpick, to swirl the two colors jointly in spot where they meet. The spot where the two colors mix, it will determine the length of the gradation. So if you wanna long gradation, mix up the bigger part of the colors. And if you wanna less fade, mix them in small part.

Step 4—Use sponge and touch lightly the mixing nail polish. Afterwards, dab it on to your nails. Touching it lightly, with move it slightly up and down, again and again as you need to. Just ensure each layer is dry before you repeated the sponging.

Step 5—Give top coat. Since the sponging resulting bumpy surface, you might be need two or three layer of top coat just to even out the surface.

Step 6—For last touch, use brush that dipped in polish remover or acetone to clean up the excess paint.


Interesting right? If you wanna try to do your nail with this nail design but still blank what kind of design you want; we have two faded nail designs for you to attempt:

  • The Glitter Nails

Paint your nails with this dazzling faded nail art with shade of royal blue and silver glitter-based polish scattered from the tips.

  • Vampy Ombre

Alluring color combo of maroon with black edges in ombre effect for your sexy faded nail design with rhinestones lays on ring and pinkie nail.


Daring Nail Designs for Stiletto Nails

What is stiletto nails? Stiletto nails known as claw nails or talon with oval shaped and ultra-pointy nails at the tips. It has bigger surface which allow you to be more creative and wild your mind with your nail designs. These claw nails are bold, sexy and elegant though it may not be for everybody.  Love it or not, stiletto is hard to ignore. If you’re seeking for inspiration to enhance your stiletto’s style, read these daring and bold nail designs for stiletto nails that may be suit with your taste and look.

Bolding your appearance with these daring nail designs for stiletto nails which unquestionably will make a statement wherever you go. If you wanna your look more elegant, blend this claw with accessories and nail art.

  • Black and white patterned nails

Here it is a unique nail design for your stiletto nails which sophisticatedly embellish with tribal motif, zebra stripes and rhinestones. Every each fingernail is patterned with distinctive motif.

  • Dark plum with leopard motif

Embrace your stiletto nails with this dark plum nail polish paired with white leopard print for your exotic nail designs. Lays ribbon micro bead beneath the curve of leopard print, to boost more your sexy look.

  • Neon and accented Swarovski crystals nails

Adding Swarovski crystals and glitter to any solid color is always fun. You can add those accessories as accents, as like as this nail design—neon orange stiletto nails with Swarovski crystals and glitter on index finger nail also ring finger nail; which surprisingly chic enhance your nails.

Nail designs for stiletto nails proven it are wide array of designs, colors and lengths. If their nail designs catching your attention that make you wanna to do your nails with stiletto’s nail designs; go visit salon and dressed up your nails, but if you wanna less time and money, do it yourself. Things you’ll need are: base coat, nail polish, nail file, nails glue, scissors, top coat, and false nails. And, here is the step you must follow:

  1. Shaping your stilettos. Cut fake nails diagonally with a bit of curve at the tips.
  2. Use the nail file to customize the contour, since every single person’s nail bed is not same. You need to file the edge to make the fake nails fit on your nail bed.
  3. Apply the base coat on each fake nails, then start to lay nail polish on it. Give a time for nail polish to dry after that, apply another coat. Next, is giving your fake nail top coat as protection.
  4. Attach your fake nails using nail glue. Set the fake nail on your nail bed, and press it to ensure it already secure.
  5. Repeat the process on the rest of fingernails.

5 Adorable Disney’s Frozen Nail Designs

The best part of having fun with your nails (designing nails) is you can draw, paint and embellish it into a thing that you want. The designs, colors and shapes are inspired from anything such as movie, music, art, festival, culture, sport, games and etc. Or even get inspired by animation movie too, in this case is “Frozen” animation. Do you know, this Disney’s animation movie has contributed a lot to the sector of nail art? How come? Surprisingly, Frozen themed nail art is bombing the market right after the movie released. Frozen nail designs mainly show the main character, or the always-happy snowman Olaf.  The colors itself is dominating by shade of blue—sky blue and deep blue—and white, which is mostly taking shape of snowflakes or cold setting. To beautify and add texture to the nails; rhinestone as well as glitter is used.

For you, young ladies; we present Disney’s Frozen nail designs with captivating designs that you can choose. You can make the cutie Olaf, or just do a frosty touch to your nails.


  • Olaf face nail art

Frozen nail designs with Olaf accent nails where there’s an image of Olaf on index finger nail while the rest of nails coated with sky blue base which adorned with snowflake and rhinestone also glitter.

  • Blue winter glitter nail art

Portray the cold and beauty of snowy winter ambiance through the blue glitter that scattered over the natural nails color. Drop the snowflake on the side of the tips for dramatic look.

  • Frosty nail art

Cover your nails with snowy gradient in shades of blue that styled with French tips nail art featuring dark blue with glitter on the tips over light blue base.


Hey, young ladies…do you want to do Frozen nail designs? We have the tutorial, if you want it. Check below to find it. Let’s draw Olaf on your nail; to do that you’ll need these:

  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • Polish (dark blue, light blue, white, orange and black)
  • Toothpick
  • Makeup sponge

Then, to begin with; apply base coat by pain all your nails light blue. Afterwards draw snowflakes by:

  • Cut a small strip makeup sponge. Paint it with stripe of light blue and dark blue. Tap sponge over the nails to create a gradient effect.
  • Use white polish and toothpick to make snowflakes.

Next, draw Olaf’s face by:

  • Using white polish and toothpick to create an outline of Olaf’s head. Fill the line and let it dry.
  • Draw his hair, eyes and mouth outline using toothpick and black polish. Don’t forget to fill the mouth and leave white square for his tooth and dots to the eyes for pupil. Add orange dot for his nose.

Brilliant Small Box Braids Hairstyles for Eye-catching Looks

Small box braids hairstyles are one of gorgeous and flattering hairstyle that you ever know. It’s offering you a fantastic and never out of style with eye-catching looks. By braided you hair with this hairstyle, you enable to protect also monitor your hair condition, especially prevent hair loss while combing and brushing; top of that, is reducing your styling hair’s time.

Hairstyle as like this small box braids hairstyles gonna make any women looks gorgeous and flawless. Also, box braids make your life easier you don’t need to hairstyling the hair every day. Moreover, you’ll stop freaking out every time you see numerous hairs fall over the bathroom floor because of combing and brushing your hair daily—it can be so stressful, right?

Well, if you one of them; small box braids hairstyles is brilliant solution for those who want to be free for about 2 months from styling your hair or wanna temporary stop witnessing your lush mane suffer from loss the hairs. So? Wanna try this small box braids style that will save your hair and get an eye-catching hairstyle at once? Below, we have some hairstyle of small box braids for you.

  • Small Box Braids with High Pony

This small box braids astoundingly styled with high pony tail by wraps it at the base for a put-together look and sleek appearance all day long. Any daily casual or modern outfit will more stand out with this hairstyle.

  • Small Box Braided with Bun

Have a try this elegant small box braids hairstyle with braided bun. You can wrap the pony into a bun. It is can be the most beautiful braids hairstyle you’ve ever try.

  • Long Small Box Braids

Show off and be proud with your natural long hair by styled them with this simple but gorgeous long small box braids hairstyle for elegant look and graceful for any occasion.

  • Half-bun Small Box Braids

Half-bun small box braids hairstyle can be your best way to get an eye-catching, chic and edgy looks. This box braids hairstyle creates unique shape and texture which is great for showing off your personality more bold.

  • Small Box Braids with Bob Hairstyle

Bobbed small box braids hairstyle with a cute short box braids will look great for your cropped and short hairstyle. Be confident with that.

How about our selection of small box braids hairstyles? Interested to give a try? Well, if you set your mind of get this box braids as your current and forever hairstyle; make sure choose the right hairstyle so you can always look stunning is any ways.

Perfect Hairstyles for Round Chubby Face

Some ladies doesn’t comfort with their chubby cheeks, so the easiest way to slimmer down their face is seeking for hairstyles for chubby face. By the way ladies with chubby cheeks; every one of you are born and blessed with unique beauty and you should of it. Importantly, you must know and feel that you are beautiful no matter your look, or world judging you. But, if you wanna small changes to re-discover your beauty; you can begin to change your hairstyle to give effect to your chubby face look slim.


You’ll surprise that there’s hairstyles for chubby face that really work to make your fatty face slimmer. Do you wanna know what hairstyles that will gonna good on you? Take a look below.


  • Layer Straight Hairstyle

Take advantage of your straight and long hair to help you achieve new look, especially to slimmer the round face. Give your straight hair layers and create side bangs cover the side of your face. This layer and bang by form short to long flicks covering the forehead and sides; it gonna make your face slimmer.

  • Side Braided Bun Hairstyle

Seeking for a pretty hairstyle for round chubby face? Here it is, hairstyle with side braided bun that will gonna draw any people eyes and promote the new way of your look.

  • Medium Wavy Haircut

Well, this could be your best choice. A medium wavy cut as your new hairstyle for round chubby face will make you gorgeous without fail. The volume on top of the hair, give a length around your round face.

  • Half Updo with Bangs

This half updo with bangs is looks gorgeous and perfect option for round chubby face. Half updo hairstyle combined with slight bangs hairstyle in order to cover your chubby cheeks.

  • Side Sweep Hairstyle

Yup, the side sweep hairstyle gonna make your round chubby is slimmer. The side sweep will draws attention with its asymmetrical hairstyle that perfect to give less attention to the face.

All of those hairstyles for chubby face might be perfect to slim down chubby cheeks of yours and they’re gonna make you more attractive at same time. But, keep in mind to elongated side bangs, since any diagonal lines which is crosses over your face make it longer visually—means slimmer. Moreover, adding volume on top of your hair is also elongate and slim the shape. More importantly, be confident with your look! Well, have a try!

Chicest Lob Haircut with Layers that You Should Try This Year

Have you heard about lob haircut with layers? Well, lob is initially comes from long bob hair cut. Lob haircut is ideal for every hair types and textures—straight, wavy, curly—and imposing any face shapes. Lob haircut can be customized to fit your style and personality. If you’re looking for a timeless and chicest haircut for your new hairstyle; lob haircut will be great on you. For sure, this haircut can be your signature look on this year.

There are bunch of lob haircut with layers to suit everyone’s taste, especially for you. So, keep calm and take this chance to seeking a chicest lob haircut without messed up your lovely mane. If you wanna know some of them, see below:

  • Choppy Lob Haircut

Consider to choose this choppy lob haircut that accented with layers. You can create the layers and waves by styled your hair using hot roller and textured with hair spray for more beautiful and exciting waves.

  • Long Lob Haircut with Bangs

This is a nice combo hairstyle of balayage lob haircut and blunt bang for your thick hair which is provides you messy but stylish appearance.

  • Gorgeous Platinum Lob Haircut

A stunning lob haircut that shows off pretty white platinum color for your fashionable and diva looks to accompany your whole day. Dye your hair with platinum hue to create dazzling hair which draws any attention to your face.

  • Lob Haircut with Fringed Bangs

This classic lob haircut with layer that combined with bangs fall down across the forehead which is cutely framed your oval face. Lob haircut with fringed bangs can be more soften your outlook if you give layers to your long hair.

  • Lob Haircut for Curly Hair

It’s great idea of lob haircut with layer for those who have curly hair which is offering you a dramatic hairstyle with volume at the center of the head.

Well, those are our mini list of lob haircut with layers that can be your best option to start the ‘new you’. We hope it can be your reference before you sprint to the nearest salon to get a chicest lob haircut. As note for you; even though this haircut is for everyone, make sure to consult with your stylist to get a type of lob cut that ideal for your whole look and flaunts your beauty. It’s time to let your hair look stylish and attractive.

Adorable Little Girl Pixie Haircuts for Your Cutie Angle

Hey mom, looking for suitable but also cute and sweet hairstyle for your little angel? Well, these little girl pixie haircuts will be perfect choice for her. The best thing of pixie haircut is, it easy to manage and comb. So, if you are working mom and your little angle is full of life, pixie haircut is something that you should consider. Overall, pixie haircut is simple by let the hair cut short at the back and the sides. It breeze to maintain and this haircut will bring out her cute, soft features that makes her more adorable.


We have mini list of little girl pixie haircuts if you need references. Check it out, mom! And don’t worry; pixie haircut is look best for any face shapes such as oval, heart-shaped, square and diamond face. So, you can do this haircut for your lovely angle without makes her look dull. Here they are:


  • Wispy Pixie Haircut

Pixie haircuts with wispy hairstyle can be applied for those who have straight to wavy hair. The wispy strands have texture that gives your little girl a tender and soft appeal.

  • Straight and Side Bangs Pixie Cut

This style of pixie haircut is appears with straight hair and side bangs. For finishing, add some layers to create volume at the top.

  • Pixie haircut with Cute Bob

Give the pixie cut a touch of cute bob and side sweep hairstyle. The long fringe that fall at the side, make your girl look classy and chic. A couple of hairpins along the side will make her more pretty and adorable.

  • Pixie Haircut with Asymmetrical Bob

You can fashion your little girl with combination of short pixie haircut and asymmetrical bob. The asymmetrical bob shows off its long side that is cut pretty clean and works well with the length and layers. It looks feminine yet cool.

  • Pixie Haircut with Bangs

Wanna make your little girl more fabulous with her new haircut? How about do this haircut; it’s pixie haircut that comes with short and bangs slightly cover the forehead. Well, somehow it looks messy but cal down, it easy to manage and perfect for your active girl.


Little girl pixie haircuts is something that you can easily neglected, mom. Pixie haircut can be your savior in moment you don’t have time to styling your girl’s hair. And, any kind of pixie haircut will naturally dressed up your little girl—turn her into a real cutie angel that look adorable—without need too much effort.

Stand Out with Top 5 Astonish Flat Top Haircut Designs

By the way, what kind of look of flat top haircut designs? Flat top—is a type of haircut that is the hair cut and styled stand up vertically which is form a flat deck. This deck can be level or slope or even down; just pick what you like the most. Flat top haircut looks like a box shape, but often time appears with completely shaved or lightly faded sides and back. Well, if you are too anxious to give this boxy haircut a try, let’s take a peek what flat top haircuts for inspiration. So you can choose flat-top haircut that will be great on you, and make you stand out.


Here they are mens flat top haircut that worth enough to give a try. We’re collected the most popular one which is will be perfect for any hair:

  • Side Part Flat Top

If you wanna play save with hip-hop-influenced haircut but still looks gorgeous with flat top hairstyle; you can say to your barber to do your hair with side part hair cut which has soft edges and simple touch of pompadour on the top of the head. This flat top haircut is the best way to set your own style.

  • Blunt Flat Top

Have a great look with this classic flat top haircut in touch of military hairstyle that popular for guys and any ages. This flat top haircut appears with blunt flat top haircut to give stiff facade, set off with short sides.

  • Blue High Flat Top with Hair Design

It’s totally astonishing flat top haircut for stylish men as you; with blue high top and hair design carving the sides as great finishing. The blue top and hair design that surrounding the sides will gonna draw any eyes.


How about that? Find any flat top haircut you like the most? Or, are you still need more references. Keep calm, we still have some flat top haircuts. So, check it out till the end.

  • Modern Flat Top with Angled Front

Modern and cool flat top haircut by showing high flat top with angled above for the top hair and combined it with a neat fade haircut that accentuated your appearance.

  • Rounded Flat Top

Wanna look stand out with you natural hair? So, this mens flat top haircut is great option for you. This is flat top haircut for your natural hair that imposing the wide flat top haircut with slightly rounded shape angled flat top and low bald fade cut.


Top 5 Cute Army Nail Designs

Tired with too ordinary nails arts which is too much ornaments, have quaint designs? Well, that’s the right time to looking for stand out nail designs. And, army nail designs are one of them. The most popular of army nail design is camouflage pattern which is available on press-on false nails; this design also can be paint and customize it by you (for various colors and shapes). To add texture and enhance the look of army nail design; studs, rhinestones, glitters usually used.


Army nail designs which more often appears with camouflage patterns, cling to the authentic camo look—shade of traditional earth tone. But others hold different tone with light and bright colors, such as blue shades and dark grey or black, shade of red and pink. Well, with color plan, you can do camo army nail design that you want, just like these nail designs:

  • Stiletto, army green matte nails

There’s nothing wrong with one solid color to cover your whole fingernails. As like this stiletto that display a simple but elegant army green nails in matte finish. You don’t need to add studs, rhinestones or other nail ornament for amazing manicure. Well, sometime simple is better.

  • Sergeant rank in nails

Minimalist yet eye-catching army nail designs that arresting when the army green acrylic nails mated with golden army sergeant first class motif


For you who looking to stand out nail designs, it couldn’t be hurt if you trying this army nail designs which give a statement to your overall look. Have a look!

  • US army in nails

Bring the whole army troop in nails with this eye-catching army nail art features the green matte of camouflage or army clothing pattern that covering the entire fingernails. For attention-grabbing effect, accented the index or ring finger nail with motif of the US army.

  • Leopard nail designs

be a wild with this army nail designs with shades of green and brown that creating leopard motif covering the whole fingernails stunningly

  • Cutie camo girly nails art

It doesn’t always have to be simple camouflage nails art for army look. Shades of green and brown can be added with micro beads in the shape of tiny bow tie, at the bottom of the nails. This is brilliant thing to do army nail design—by embrace the vibe of masculine yet girlishness.

  • Camouflage with yellow nails

Spice up your army nail design look with special touch of yellow shade to your ring finger to light up the nail design. And don’t hesitate to add shades of green of studs and rhinestone on the yellow nails.

Top 5 Superb Men’s Comb over Hairstyles with Classic and Modern At Once

The style of 1980s or 1990s’ and today’s comb over hairstyle basically involve the same common details, as like a long hair on top and closely shaved sides. Superb men’s comb over hairstyles are offering both classic and modern look to complementing your overall appearance. The key to choose what’s like comb over hairstyle that good on you is, to ensure that it works well with the angle or shape of your face, so it surely can highlighting your features.

Men’s comb over hairstyles can be your classic and modern look, it depend on which hairstyle you pick. For modern flair, you can opt for undercut; low, medium or high fade; or ask for tapered to your barber. And when you feel wanna go classic, let’s smooth and sleek top hairstyle with addition of blow or pompadour comb for more texture. Well, if you’re getting interested to wear men’s comb over hairstyle, we’ll gonna show you classic and modern way to wear comb over haircut. So, check this out:

  • Wavy hair comb over

This comb over haircut is superb option to give your crown texture. Wavy and curly hair adds volume to the style while the short sides and back is balancing the overall flair.

  • Undercut comb over with bleached layers

Well, bleach is piece of trend on the late of 90s and early 2000s that it’s okay to revive it again. Undercut with stroke of comb over and embellish by bleached layers can provide you an undeniably modern edge as well as sexy look.

Classic and modern men’s comb over hairstyles definitely never fails to highlight your appearance. This superb hairstyle offers you vast of selection to choose.

  • Back comb front with high fade cut.

This comb over hairstyle appears with top hair is combed forward—back to front—formed bangs with a little touch of messy and texture, while the sides is tapered toward the nape of the neck.

  • Taper fade with sleek top

This kind of side comb and taper fade hairstyle is amazingly easy to achieve. Ask you barber to taper fade your top hair with medium length. For styling, use hair gel to smooth the front layers.

  • Classic comb over with modern twist

Classic comb over is popularized in 40s and 50s, but it’s still endlessly striking hairstyle for men. For modern twist and more eye-catching, mated it with mid-fade haircut. At this case, keep hair above ears shaved for cool contrast of long also short and bald from the fade cut.


Garçon Coiffure 2017 la Valeur de Votre Essai

Est-ce que vous aimez adolescent cherchez coiffure encore plus cool que vous êtes déjà? Si oui, nous avons une suggestion pour les plus cool coiffure garçon 2017 que vous obtiendrez les dernières idées de coiffure. Cela doit être la raison pour laquelle ces gars-là sont à la recherche si bon et leur style est facile et cool. Trouvez votre prochain inspiration style avec ces coupes de cheveux étonnantes pour les hommes.

Les garçons préfèrent toujours avoir des styles encore imprenables simples pour leur coiffure. Ils préfèrent généralement aller avec les coiffures les plus faciles et ceux qui sont parfaits pour leur routine quotidienne. Notre coiffure garçon 2017 coiffure peut changer votre regard entier. Que vous vous rendiez à un événement ou un lieu de rencontre avec des amis, vous devez toujours payer beaucoup d’attention à votre coiffure comme il se une partie essentielle après l’habillage. Si votre coiffure est pas à la marque, vous ne regardez pas complete.

La première coiffure qui nous suggéré est un ‘Modern Pompadour’ qui vous fera look soigné et magnifique. Vous pouvez terminer en appliquant un peu de gel pour le faire contrôler. Si un pompadour est un peu trop propre pour vous, peut-être le style ‘Choppy’ convient à votre désordre et d’embrasser votre sex-appeal. Mais, si vous voulez être entre les deux, vous adorerez certainement la coiffure ‘Dandy’. Tu dois couper un peu sur le côté gauche et à droite et glissez les bangs. En outre, si vous voulez montrer votre frange, tout ce que vous avez à faire est de demander à votre coiffeur de couper vos cheveux sous la coiffure de Fringe. Enfin, si vous êtes un jeune homme d’affaires, tout simplement lisse vos cheveux avec la pommade et instantanément vous regardez professionnelle que jamais.

Ce sont nos suggestions et nous sommes heureux de vous aider à améliorer votre côté masculin avec ceux coiffure garçon 2017. Mais, il y a un million de plus coiffure à être appelé par votre propre création. ainsi, avoir du plaisir et faire étourdir!

Superbes et Simples Coiffures Ado Fille

Relâche scolaire est presque terminée et bientôt l’école sera de retour en session. Bien qu’il soit amusant de recueillir vos fournitures et de trouver de nouveaux vêtements, il est encore plus emballant pour rafraîchir votre look avec un nouveau style. Faites une déclaration avec vos cheveux lorsque vous retournez sur le campus cette année. Voici 4 coiffures ado fille ultra plaisir pour l’école pour vous aider à démarrer.

Première coiffure ado fille est désordonnée et queue de chevale haute. Ce look est décontracté et rapide. Seulement hisser vos cheveux à la couronne de votre tête et le réparer avec une bande élastique épais. Mode blogueur Ann a tiré ses cheveux ondulés aussi haut qu’elle le pouvait et laisser la queue de cheval de glissement d’un côté. En outre, tresse lâche est certainement une option aussi. Volez à travers une coiffure tressée sur une matinée bien remplie pour créer ce regard qui est volontairement lâche et désordonné. Vous pouvez refaire la tresse toute la journée-pas de miroir nécessaire. Pour la coiffure bouffante facile, empiler vos cheveux sur le dessus de votre tête dans un mini coiffure ruche. Peigner vos cheveux un peu avant de le tirer jusqu’à lui donner du volume supplémentaire et cette texture duveteuse. Une autre coiffure sauveur est ballerine chignon. A, chignon serré soignée est l’un des regards les plus rapides à créer pour une matinée bien remplie parce que vous pouvez même le faire avec les cheveux mouillés. Aller sortir de la douche, tirer vos cheveux en queue de cheval et tordre la queue en un chignon. Comme un bonus supplémentaire, vos cheveux seront merveilleusement ondulée lorsque vous sortez à la fin de la journée.

Faire vos cheveux n’a pas à prendre des heures le matin avant l’école. Choisir un de ces coiffures ado fille est la clé de la recherche de votre mieux lorsque vous retournez à l’école cette année. Avec la bonne coupe de cheveux ou tout simplement le style rapide à droite, vous êtes sûr d’avoir une bonne année.