The Top 5 High Temp Fade Haircut Ideas to Highlights Your Masculinity

If you’re looking for attractive fade styles, so these 5 high temp fade haircut gonna be complete your quest. By the way, what is temp fade? Temp fade haircut commonly known as temple fade also known as Afro Bowl Out. Yup, it is stylish hairstyle among Afro guys, but now everyone ask for it to looks trendy.

Temple fade, is a cool taper fade haircut which is shows line up or shape up around man’s temples; wherethe hair is getting gone at the lower parts, but with a nice transition effect between the hair lengths. Well, if you gonna go to barbershop and need some ideas of high temp fade haircut; you have to see our list. See below, guys if you wanna know the secret how to highlighting your masculinity!


  1. High Temp Fade with Spiky Hair

This high temple fade is excellent men’s hairstyles that appears in coolest high fade close to the hairline and modestly circumvent the ears. You should try this.

  1. High Skin Temple Fade

Have straight hair, dude? Well, this high skin temple fade with a touch of brushed up hair would be great on you. You can wear this haircut  to attend formal, casual or informal ocassion.


High temple fade haircut never disappointed you. You can get the beauty of the temp fade by choose our top high temple fade. Let’s check again.

  1. Wavy Temp Fade

If you have natural wavy hair, this haircut is made for you. Not every guy can wear this temp fade with their ‘unrealistic’ wavy hair. Wavy temp fade haircut highlights wavy hair in such a coolest way.

  1. High Temple Fade with Top Knot and Beard

This high temple fade appears with top knot and you can let your beard stay at your jaw to make your appearance manlier.

  1. High Temple Fade with Dreads

Wanna more unique hairstyle? Well, try this high temp fade which is combined with dreads that form into bun. It’s looks great for you who wanna looks trendy, stylish, unique and different.



Hot Selection of High Fade with Long Hair

The type of fade haircut such high fade with long hair offering you dramatic look because the cut of this fade haircut is fresh and clean. The combo between fade haircut and longer hair will give you more option to style your hair. If you too much love you’re your long hair, choose high fade haircut for your upcoming visit to barbershop.

You can looks natural with slick back your hair in comb over if you want neat appearance; or mess up your hair to for funky look. Well, high fade with long hair undeniably versatile haircut that you can wear. Do you wanna know more about high fade haircut with long hair? Well, see below guys!


  1. Quiff + High skin fade haircut

Flawless high fade haircut for your long hair treatment, which is style your longer hair at top with extreme spike and quiff. It’s super versatile, so do what you want.

  1. Messy sweep back

This cut of high fade incorporate the cool way to style your slick hair by sweeping your top hair at the back. It’s give a look of wind swept with right volume of messiness.

  1. High fade with textured pompadour

This cool appearance can be get by give your high fade haircut more texture from its high pomps. Use matte product and style your top hair using finger to create higher pompadour by eliminating the slick back the sides.

  1. High fade + Line up

If you wanna great haircut ever, combine high fade with a line up. This combo excellently shows off the contrast between the blurry fade and the precise line. It’s wonderful.

  1. High fade + Curly hair

Every type of hair can wear high fade haircut in various ways, and this high fade with curly is one of them. The high fade haircut creates a flawless profile by let the longer hair fall down over the forehead naturally. Or you can use hair product to create slicked back or comb over style.

Well, which one you gonna wear for your next haircut? Which one style of high fade with long hair, make sure your barber know what you want. Have a nice try!

Best Haircut Part Designs Selection for Coolest Man like You

Comes to mind of getting new haircut to amaze your girlfriend?  How about considering haircut part designs then? Haircut with unique part design will make you more stylish and 100% handsome. No matter you go, all eyes will draw on you. Interested? Well if yes, we have the best selection of haircut part design that can be your inspiration for your new look.

Haircut part is stylish and trendy cut that offering you unique and versatile hairstyle. Haircut part designs usually come with shorter back and sides than the top and it combined with various part designs. Well, part designs can be like 2 or 3 lines that stretch on the side of your head, or hard part or even hair tattoo. The haircut part design also can be added to any different cuts such as quiff, undercut, fade, comb over and pompadour. Overall, this haircut designs is worth to try!

Here are our best haircut part designs that you can pick and try on your next visit to your lovely barbershop to get new appearance.


  1. High Skin Fade with Design

High skin fades that mated with faux hawk hairstyle and curvy part design. Ask your barber to add different type of fades at the sides of your head. This haircut part design will give you unique style.

  1. Thin Lines

Doesn’t have enough guts to be bold with unique haircut part design and just need a simple line hairstyle? So, thin lines can be your option. Your appearance will be looks classy with its natural hair parting.

  1. Clean Fade Low Fade with Part Design

Try this coolest haircut part design which is comes with clean fade, mated with a nice part pattern that perfect for you who wanna be stand out among the crowd.

  1. Edge Up Designed Haircut

Edge up haircut is cool if you integrate it with other design such as curve or geometric side part. Stretches the curve start at the temple and it will create smooth and clean triangular shape that compliments the whole haircut.

  1. Bald Fade with Curve Design

Wear this simple yet cool bald fade mated with curvy haircut part designs that taking shape a moon curve as statement.

5 Superb Boys Haircut with Line for Your Little Guy

Do you have a little guy that need special hair treatment? Well then, here is some of boys haircut with line for your boy.  With fun personality and their full of spunk, this kind of haircut is suitable for them. Haircut with line can be mated with any style of hair. From short with spiky strands to long layers, texture, hard parts, fades, and line designs, this superb boy’s haircut will be your inspiration for our little guy.

Are you curious enough to know our mini list of boy’s haircut? Keep calm and see below, and you’ll gonna excited with our boys haircut with line:


  1. Modern Pomp Line Up

It show off vintage look with a little bit of modern twist that come from the hard part which is give more statement the sharp line. Use pomade and hair sheen to create signature pomp look complete with its glossy wet look. If your little gentlemen’s hair is curly, this haircut isn’t recommended. This modern pomp line-up is suit best for boys with straight textured hair.

  1. Stand Up Sharp Lines

Give fresh look to your boy with this stand up sharp lines of one of best boys haircut with line that appear with extra hard part also hair tattoo for extra charm and uniqueness.

  1. High Fade with Lines

High fade with lines, is good choice to give your lil’ gent a bold appearance by added a design on the side. It would be fun! Use pomade to keep the top hair awesome all day.


Have you enough references to style up your lil’ guy’s hair? If not, here is more boys haircut with line:


  1. Side Part With Line-up

This haircut is so trendy and it’s the best way to create both classic and modern charm. Side part with line up haircut compliments round, oval or square face shapes, so if your boy have a long and narrow face, this haircut might be not for them.

  1. Edged Up Design Line Up

Here it is the edged up design line up for your best option boy’s haircut with line with great hair design compliments the sides.


Astonishing 2 Lines in Hair To Level-up Your Boring Haircut

2 lines in hair? Why not? Known as shape up or edge up—line up haircut now become one of popular haircut that every guys ask for. This cutting style also become an ‘instrument’ for barbers to show off their skill and design. So, what line up haircut exactly is? It is type of haircut which is gives straight lines and sharp angles into your temple, forehead, sideburns as well as the back. The result? Is super clean cut appearance, and it will works well when it combine with fade haircut.


Here are some our best haircut for men with lines, especially with double line designs. Yup, 2 lines in hair designs. Let’s check this out!


  1. Buzz cut with 2 curvy

Your buzz cut looks too plain? If yes, added line up style. Turn your boring buzz cut by giving it 2 lines at the side of your forehead.

  1. Medium fade with simple hair design

Give a simple hairline design that shaped like small cross on your medium fade haircut. The simple lines that lays on the sides of the head is highlighting its fade haircut in coolest way.

  1. Men’s haircut with 2 tribal lines
  2. Various line designs

No matter your hairstyle is, you can add lines on it. Choose 2 lines with design you like—curves, sharp lines—to complementing any kind of hairstyle that you wear, and be bold with your style.

  1. Pompadour with 2 lines

This is men’s haircut which is comes with 2 lines and coupled with modern silk pompadour at top for a gorgeous and trendy look.


So, is there any design of 2 lines in hair that suit on you? Well, line up haircut offering variation of designs and all of them is easy and flattering to wear. Find the best and you’ll look good!

5 Perfect Mid Taper Fade Haircut For Your Impressive Look

As one of the most trendy and iconic haircut for men, taper fade especially mid taper fade never fail offering an impressive look. With its clean cut, this haircut is perfect to boost your masculinity in professional or casual vibe. And since its versatility, you can combine the taper fade with high top, comb over, slick back, quiff, and curly also afro hair, or pompadour to create any modern or classic hairstyle.

This kind of taper fade itself give you nice balance between low fade and high fade. Mid taper fade is taper cut which is lands below the temple and above the ear—right in the middle of the sides of the head. There are wide array of fades you can choose from. This taper fade looks great with all short sides or long top styles no matter what’s your type or texture of hair.

Well, check out our best 5 selection to find the perfect taper fade haircut for you. If you think a medium taper is the best haircut for you, see below.


  1. Airy Textured Fade

Combine you taper cut with pompadour. Let it the taper fade clears the back and the sides of your temples, while your top hair is comb to the right or left forming coolest pompadour.

  1. Tapered Afro

For those who have curly or afro hair, tapered afro could be suit on you. Give a twist sponge style on top of your head for retro afro look. Have beard? Well, create lineup on the head and beard to show off the taper top and it give your hair transition effect.

  1. Masculine Medium Taper

Wanna look awesome in taper cut? Try this medium taper fade haircut that combining wild top and traditional taper on the neckline and sides. This combo will give you a masculine and classic look.

  1. Mid Taper Fade with Cropped Top

This mid taper cut looks impressive mated with cropped top and full beard.

  1. Mid taper fade haircut with quiff

Give your simple mid taper fade a touch of textured quiff on top hair. It will looks great more.



The 5 Top Men Hairstyles 1970 That Will Suit On You

For a guy with long and flowing loosely, these best men hairstyles 1970 gonna be your perfect hairstyle ever. In the 1970, grooming and hair styling isn’t longer simply for women. There are hair products that many men happily to used them. Even fake facial hair accepted. That’s why men’s hairstyles at this era so diversity, include with mutton and mustaches. That moment, you can call it as a “hairy decade.”

The hairstyles in 70’s can be recognized from the length of the hair which hair is reached the back of neck. Men hairstyles 1970 kept the hair long and freely flowing at least shoulder length.


  1. Long Natural Hair

In 1970, men tend to let loose their hair—by let the hair grow long and natural and styled them without using any hair product such as oil. Some even letting their hair hang loose without a brush.

  1. Afro

Afro is the part of African-American hairstyle, but in 1970 some men wear this hairstyle in attempt to be proud of their tall and big hair styled into a range of fullness and shapes.Even though, there are also men who keep their locks or mass of tight curls with short cut to fit into the crowd.

  1. Side-Combed

As new option of men’s hairstyles in 70s, Side-combed is new version of slicked back and pompadour hairstyle. It’s simply hairstyle yet so popular even today. You can easily achieve it only by combing or brushing the hair to one side.

  1. Shaggy hairstyle

To gain this hairstyle, you just have to the left your hair down and shaggy no matter what length your hair is. However, shaggy style looks best on medium length—where the hair dramatically falls down around the ears.


As we said before, facial hair—fake or natural–also wear by men. One of popular style of facial hair is moustaches and beards. This facial hair can be shaped and comes in varying styles like the hair extend down the side of mouth or along the jawline. Well, as the part of men hairstyles 1970, facial hair is counted as our number 5 of top men’s hairstyle in 70s; which iswear by men who wanted a simply way to change their façade in coolest fashion.



4 Timeless Men Hairstyles 60s for Vintage Lover

This chance, we’ll give you timeless men hairstyles 60s that will give you a charming and awesome look. For vintage lover, these 60s hairstyles could be your bold statement to complete your classic facade. At that time, some of hairstyles look unique and popular, that’s make many men wear them to complement their appearance and be trendy.

Overall, hairstyles in 60s reflected a freedom—freer hairstyles, but without neglected the taste of stylish and elegant haircut. Well, if you wanna know more about men hairstyles 60s, let’s check out!


  1. The Mop Top

This hairstyle of the 60s was popularized by The Beatles—especially Paul McCartney and John Lennon. You can recognize the Mop-top hairstyle by its fringes that covered the eyebrows and hung down to hit the shirt collar in the back. It gives unique and stunning look.

  1. The Crew Cut

Considered natural and clean, this Crew cut hairstyle wear by teen to business men at that time. Crew cut also known as Flat-top; it refers to the top of head which is cut to get a flat look, as well as level effect and Buzz cut. To simply put, Crew cut is where your hair is shaved as close as possible to the head.

  1. The Rockabilly Look

Rockabilly or Pompadour that carried sexiness was popularized by the music legend like Elvis Presley. The hairstyle itself is long in the front and short in the back. The front hair is swept up and away from the face, holds it with pomade or beeswax.

  1. The Afro

This form of hair is one of the best hairstyle in 1960, which is gives a different look to those who wear it. Since this natural curl and texture hairstyle pop-out—wear by African-American men, which is also a symbol of “I’m black and I’m proud”—Afro become known as popular, trendy and stylish hairstyle till now.


Well, that’s our charming and awesome hairstyles in 1960 that you can choose to make your vintage look more classic. So, which one men hairstyles 60s that will you gonna wear? Just make sure the hairstyle you pick is the best for your appearance.

6 Mind-blowing Men Hairstyles in The 80s

Here are men hairstyles in the 80s for you that need some references oldies hairstyle yet awesome for your edgy look. These mind-blowing hairstyles gonna make you stand out among the crowd. From fluff to short, these men hairstyles are definitely worth to wear. So, let’s check it out!

80’s men hairstyles affected and inspired by the pop music at that era. The men hairstyles in the 80s were very punk, rocky and varied attractive hairstyle.


  1. Big Hair

Big hair is memorable men hairstyle in 80s which is many people chose to fluff up the hair and add volume by teasing up the hair then applying mousse to make it still.

  1. Mullet

Another popular hairstyle in 80s is Mullet. The style is simple yet has characteristic which is the hair cut short in front while the sides and the back let it grow longer. Billy Ray Cyrus—a country singer, is one of the famous figure that wear this legend hairstyle.

  1. Jheri Curl

If you know Michael Jackson, you’ll should recognize this hairstyle. Yup, Jheri Curl hairstyle begin popular when MJ appeared with its curly in his video Thriller. This one of popular hairstyle among African America men that show off its curled, loosely and glossy hair look.

  1. Quiff

This hairstyle has slick look and it works well on you with thick hair. It has vintage look, thanks to the haircut where the back is shorter and longer in front. The sides are slicked back using pomade, while the front hair combed up and flipped to the center of the head. It will creates a dramatic puff over the brow.

  1. Wet look Pompadour

All face shapes is great wear this hairstyle. You can achieved it by apply gel or pomade on your hair for “wet look” and shine, then brushing it to the back. Yup, it simple but stylish.

  1. The Shag

All you have to do is by letting your hair layers and fringe hang loose. Make sure, the layers on top are short and gradually go longer. You can rolled the hair under graduated sides for pageboy look.


Well, that’s all our men hairstyles in the 80s for your references. Remind yourself to pick the hairstyle that complements your face, skin color and features. The right choice gonna make you handsome and hotter not make you look weird.


5 Coolest Japan Hairstyles Men for Your Best Look

Japan hairstyles men comes in wide array of fashionable hairstyles. If you’re curious enough to know more about Japanese hairstyle, we have some coolest hairstyles that will suit for your daily or special occasion. We sure, you’ll gonna be more fresh and gorgeous wear these hairstyles. Stay with us till done for more info.


To aim to stand out among the crowd, you should go bold and give your hair a statement. These Japan hairstyles men could be your best choice with its sleek and fine, or straight and thick hairstyles. Or, do you wanna Professional look or Emo style? Well, which one you want; here are the hairstyles, and choose the most suit with your style and features.


  1. Messy Medium with fringe

For men with medium hair, this hairstyle is worth to try. This messy hair can be achieved using hair wax or spray to create texture along the hair.

  1. Funky Volumized Top

It simple Japanese hairstyle for you with medium hair, and it suitable perfectly on guy with round face. With addition of heavy top which is created volume, your appearance will more funky and sporty. Overall, this style appears with front hair a bit longer and shorter sideways. For the top; use spray or gel to giving a volume at the top hair.

How is it? Find your choice already? If not, see below for coolest and fancy hairstyle that famous among Japanese men:

  1. Wavy Side Swept

Wavy hair looks coolest in any style. Having this type of hair? Well then, be sure to sweep your gorgeous bangs dramatically covered the forehead in one side.

  1. Wild Child

Just need a tricky hairstyle, but can give you edgy look? So, this Wild Child hairstyle is perfect choice for you. It appears with pointy and wacky hairstyle with the sides short straight hair.

  1. Samurai Bun

A bit different from any men bun hairstyles, Samurai Bun features a little bit of hair hang off the face. It will looks more great and jaw-dropping if you have angular face. Well, this Japan hairstyles men is worth enough to make you looks stylish.

5 Great Hairstyles for Men Over 40

When your hairline isn’t like where you’re young—receding, don’t let it be a bad thing since we’ll gonna give you great compilation of hairstyles for men over 40. Yup, now we’ll gonna talk about men hairstyles that will fix your receding hairline. Whether you have lost most of your hair or none of it, these hairstyles gonna have your go-to balding head and let you age gracefully without shame.

Well, without waste the time; here are 5 great men’s hairstyles for men over 40. We sure these hairstyles for men over 40 will bring back your youthful and fresh look.


  1. Classic Caesar Cut

For men over 40, this Caesar cut with classic style is great choice. It easy to take care and won’t take your time a lot. Well, it brilliantly works to covering up your receding hairline. Moreover, this hairstyle is almost never goes out of style—it’s timeless cut.

  1. The Short Layer Cut

Do you wanna versatile hair length yet still offered you a style that easy to maintain? This short layer cut is a good choice. The hairstyle comes with casual fringe and styled it with a bit of beeswax or pomade. Give a touch of combination: side part and pompadour-like style for more formal look.

  1. Loose Pompadour

Wanna a bit “rock and roll” look but still age-appropriate, huh? Try loose pompadour then. It will be great to wear if you’ve a slightly long face shape or oval face.


Wanna more hairstyles for age-up men? Well, see below for our final talk about hairstyles for men over 40;


  1. Short Widow’s Peak

Have a gray and receding hairline doesn’t mean make lost your young-looking; own it and be pride! You know, gray hair can be your statement point by get a perfect hairstyle to highlight your hair color. That is Short widow’s peak hairstyle—the hair is cut about 1” all over the head using scissor. Use pomade to give slight texture and separation. And, voila! You’re in great look right now.

  1. The Long Layer Cut

Still have a long hair even though your hairline comes to receding? That’s good news, because this Long layer cut will suit in you. Show off your long layer cut by styled them with a bit taper style around the sides and back. Use pomade to sweep your hair back and to add shiny look.

Spring Themed Medium Nail Designs Ideas

If we talk about spring themed nail designs, they’re preferred to look classy but not cheesy. The spring nail designs itself have some styled—classic, cut and French manicure and spa manicure. But, many ladies choose the classic one, by standard cut manicure during the treatment the cuticles are removed and the nails are filed. At this moment, you should be careful ladies. You can bleed, at time your cuticles are being cut. And other case, the cuticles will be dissolves and removed using special liquid which contain fruit and lactic acids. By the way, if you wanna wear spring nail designs, it would be great if you put your spring time images on the medium nail designs. Somehow, long nail representation of bad mannerism which is not suit with spring that fullest of kindness and goodness. Its better again if you choose a round, oval or almond shape nails, since those nails has dramatic nail shape.

 Medium nail designs with spring theme tend to pop out with combination of moon nail and French designs. It will be looks great and stylish moreover apply on short and medium length nails. For more options, combine both with pastel shades and colorful polishes. To flattering your nails, choose combination colors of mint and white; beige and pink; green and brown for trendy look.

So, what’s cute spring themed for medium nail designs? Just be careful with playing the colors, choose wisely the color you wanna wear and imagine, ask yourself: “Is it will look beauty in my nails or not?” However, you can start to pick gentle and delicate shades of pastel. It can be mint, beige, pink, citreous, and others pastel mood. And ladies, tenderness not only conveys by the color range but also the patterns you used. The patterns are vast for spring, but most of it is display about flowers, butterflies, petals, or certain animal that usually pop-out at spring time, cherry blossom; and tones which represent spring. So far, spring themed medium nail designs hold shades of pastel and simple floral pattern to make flatter the designs to make it cute and lovely to see.

For this spring, consider choosing shades of light pink, beige, purple, mint, and citrine; those shades are predicted will be 2018 trendy color for spring. These color palette, craft various nail designs, from ombre to French. And for the patterns, printing can be a good option. But use it only on one or two nails. Don’t adorn every nail with different patterns. Well, as closing our spring themed medium nail designs, we’ll just say: search for image that display the spring nail designs to get more reference. Done!