Names of Hairstyles for Men

When you coming to barbershop and decide to revamp your hair, but at the same time you’re clueless as 5-years-old boy—don’t know what’s hairstyle do you want…what’s happen next? Nothing. You just bla-bla…talking about something vague hairstyle description since you don’t know how to call the haircut you wanna. And it might be end up with: your barber misses in interpret your explanation and what you get is a hairstyle that you don’t expect. Well, to avoid that happen, it can be a wise reason to learn or at least know a small number of names of hairstyles for men. Then, at time you come at the barbershop, you can confidently tell the barber what haircut you want without problem.

Have no a thing of barber terminology and names of hairstyles for men is common ways that lead you to get a bad cut. And we’ll gonna fix that issue today. Stay tuned on this article and you’ll gonna be save from the false attempt. Here, we’re try to provide you different hairstyles and haircuts for men.

  • Fade and Taper—side of head get shorter cut from top to the bottom.
  • Undercut—where sides and back are clipped shaved or short, while the top is left much longer.
  • Pompadour—creates “pomp” above the forehead with large volume of hair which is swept upwards.and gradually fall toward the back.
  • Quiff—slightly same like pompadour, but the swept this one is brushing the hair forward and accompany with fade on both sides.

 Have a raw image of the hairstyle yet? If you’re still processing build the image or not, we persist to gonna spill more names of hairstyles for men. Here it is:

  • Comb Over
  • Slicked Back
  • Faux Hawk—is good for those that seek a unique style. known as fohawk.
  • Crew Cut
  • Buzz Cut
  • Fringe
  • Spiky
  • Top Knot, and still many more.

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