Go Festive with Mardi Grass Nail Designs

Before we talk about Mardi Gras nail designs, let’s get familiar with Mardi Gras. Have you ever heard about Mardi Grass? Back to the centuries, Mardi Gras’ origin is Pagan celebration of fertility and spring. Mardi Gras actually French, which means fat Tuesday that believe come from the practice of eating richer, fatty food before ritual fasting during the Lenten season. Now, Mardi Gras more known as carnival season that grown into colossal, week of parades or festivals where you can find traditional celebration such as bead throwing, coconut painting, mask wearing, Flambeaux tradition, and so on. People just revel in excitement of Mardi Gras’s endless fun, amusing, entertaining events.  By the way, you can meet Mardi Gras at various cities and countries that scattered from Rome across Europe to the colony of the New World—Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Columbia; German; Italy; New Orleans, America. By the way, this series of festive hold at the 47 days before Easter—this year, gonna be fall in February 13th.

During the carnival – gold, purple and green become the colors that mostly used as those the colors is official or color scheme of this Mardi Gras. Well, each color represents something essential—gold for power, purple for justice and green for faith. Those colors are determined by the first daytime Carnival’s king in 1872, and make it as royal colors. To feel the joy and excitement Mardi Gras festive, you can create that feeling into fabulous Mardi Grass nail designs.

Well, if do you want to bring Mardi Gras’s atmosphere into you through nail art; make sure to use their royal colors—purple, green and gold on your Mardi Gras nail designs. Here are some awesome ideas to get you started. Have a look.

  • Mixed Glitter

This Mardi Gras nail art is awesome from the selection of color to the way the color is lays on the nails. The entire nails are covered by sand-like glitter in light brown. And you gonna love how the mixed color of purple, green and gold nail glitters are beautifully work together on the edge of nails.

  • Golden Lines

Make sure to use this Mardi Grass nail art to level up your awesomeness. It has pretty look with collaborating all of the royal colors’ Mardi Gras. Here, golden stripes and lines get along with the green and purple nails perfectly.

  • Bold with solid color

Be bold by paint different solid color as your Mardi Gras nail ideas. It could be interesting as like as this nail art which display several colors—purple, green and gold—lay on three nails and left the two complemented by certain pattern and glitter.

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