Get a Cute and Funky Look with Two Strand Twist Men

Two strand twist men is one of so many kinds of hair braids, it’s especially for men. As we know, braids or twist is usually used for girl or women with long hair. To be honest, man hairstyle used to be so monotonous, so little choice and variations. But now men can express themselves with many different hairstyles. Men can give a cool, warm, masculine, innocent, friendly and funky vibe only with change of their hairstyle. With this type of braid I bet you will look cute and funky at the same time.

Do you have a small curly hair or an afro textured hair and confuse on how to style it? Well, I believe you need to try two strand twist men hairstyle at least one time in your life. This hairstyle is so popular among men with curly and afro hair. Curly and afro hair usually looks really thick and need a lot of attention, like brushed and styled frequently. If you try this braid, your hair will look neater but still look natural.

What do you need to make two strand twist men?

First of all you need a long hair, minimum 2-3 inches long, of course men with a buzz cut hair can’t get this strand twist hairstyle. It’s better if your hair is already curly or afro textured. Straight haired men also can get this kind of strand twist but the outcome will look thinner than the one with curly hair (it will have more volume).

Comb is one of the important thing to entangle your hair, hair clip, and rubber band is to separate your hair to some part to make the twisting process easier.

To make a prefect two strand twist men you also need some hair product like hair lotion, curling gel or cream. You can choose your own favorite product. This product will help you to hold the twist in place so your hairstyle will stay intact for long time.

Step by step to make two strand twist men

First of all, you need to wash your hair clean, use hair conditioner as well to make your hair smoother. Then you can dry it with cotton, don’t dry it too much. Avoid using hairdryer because it will make the hair really dry and frizzy. Dry it just to excess the water, but keep it a bit moisturized.

Second, detangle your hair with comb and divide it into few parts. You can use the hairclip here.

Third, apply hair product like hair lotion or curling cream in your hair.

Fourth, you can begin twisting your hair smoothly by make two strands and cross the one in left over the one in right until the end of section/ the end of hair. You can hold the end twist with rubber or just apply more hair gel to make it stay in place.

Don’t forget to use a hair cap or satin scarf to your hair in your sleep so it can stay intact.

Two strand twist men is really easy to do. There are many kinds of hair twist or braids. The most popular is this two strand twist and three strand twist. Try this hairstyle and you can get a simple but cute and funky look to face your day.

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