Game Killer APK allows you to keep track of players money for games such as Monopoly ®, using your device to add, remove and transfer money between players rather than using paper money. Game Killer APK makes board games easier to play, easier to pack up and harder to cheat!! With a log feature telling you exactly what changes have been made it is easy to correct any mistakes.

game killer apk

Game Killer APK Features

And no more “Did I collect £200 as I passed GO?” as this can easily be checked. Welcome to game killer pro version with telling friends for a good game killer experience. Happy hour game killer time no root need. Free to install the game app today! To be a killer and expert! Good Time to have fun !

Game Killer APK is your easy to use e Bank for many games, if you have any problems with Game Killer APK please feel free to email me as I can respond to the issue and attempt to fix it. If you would like the suggest features that you would like to see in the next version of Game Killer APK please leave a comment or let me know via my website or email. Check out Popcorn Time APK for watching popcorn movies.

Game Killer APK Download

– Add/ Remove/ Transfer money between players

– Saves game automatically to return to later

– Log to see changes made

– Save game creation info for easy access in the future

– Save current game either to remember score, or return to later

– Restore game to certain point from log

– Roll dice in the app

game killer