Daring Nail Designs for Stiletto Nails

What is stiletto nails? Stiletto nails known as claw nails or talon with oval shaped and ultra-pointy nails at the tips. It has bigger surface which allow you to be more creative and wild your mind with your nail designs. These claw nails are bold, sexy and elegant though it may not be for everybody.  Love it or not, stiletto is hard to ignore. If you’re seeking for inspiration to enhance your stiletto’s style, read these daring and bold nail designs for stiletto nails that may be suit with your taste and look.

Bolding your appearance with these daring nail designs for stiletto nails which unquestionably will make a statement wherever you go. If you wanna your look more elegant, blend this claw with accessories and nail art.

  • Black and white patterned nails

Here it is a unique nail design for your stiletto nails which sophisticatedly embellish with tribal motif, zebra stripes and rhinestones. Every each fingernail is patterned with distinctive motif.

  • Dark plum with leopard motif

Embrace your stiletto nails with this dark plum nail polish paired with white leopard print for your exotic nail designs. Lays ribbon micro bead beneath the curve of leopard print, to boost more your sexy look.

  • Neon and accented Swarovski crystals nails

Adding Swarovski crystals and glitter to any solid color is always fun. You can add those accessories as accents, as like as this nail design—neon orange stiletto nails with Swarovski crystals and glitter on index finger nail also ring finger nail; which surprisingly chic enhance your nails.

Nail designs for stiletto nails proven it are wide array of designs, colors and lengths. If their nail designs catching your attention that make you wanna to do your nails with stiletto’s nail designs; go visit salon and dressed up your nails, but if you wanna less time and money, do it yourself. Things you’ll need are: base coat, nail polish, nail file, nails glue, scissors, top coat, and false nails. And, here is the step you must follow:

  1. Shaping your stilettos. Cut fake nails diagonally with a bit of curve at the tips.
  2. Use the nail file to customize the contour, since every single person’s nail bed is not same. You need to file the edge to make the fake nails fit on your nail bed.
  3. Apply the base coat on each fake nails, then start to lay nail polish on it. Give a time for nail polish to dry after that, apply another coat. Next, is giving your fake nail top coat as protection.
  4. Attach your fake nails using nail glue. Set the fake nail on your nail bed, and press it to ensure it already secure.
  5. Repeat the process on the rest of fingernails.

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