Cute Short Gel Nail Designs for Everyone’s Taste

If you’re haven’t tried gel nails yet; you should! Especially for woman who have fashion-conscious like you. Why gel nails? Gel nails is fake nails that made of “UV Top Coat” or polymer resin which cures beneath ultraviolet light; is thin, feathery light, flexible, odorless, crystalline clean and the best thing—provides you vast of designs and colors selection. Well, to put simply, gel nails has wide range of selection that unquestionably gonna level up your look. There’s short and long gel nails in the market, both have same enhancement effect. And, as like our title today, we gonna talk short nail designs that looks good your nails.

The appearance of gel nails is super natural, with glossy and polished finish; and combine with its cutie short gel nail designs, gel nails will undeniably satisfied your beauty ego and will enhance your ideal looks as well as give the perfect final touch to your outfit. So, if you interested to wear this nail design, this time, we’re present you cute and chic nail art designs. Here are:

  • Black Heart Nails Design

This black short gel nails come with cold black heart over your nude ring finger nails whilst the rest of nails embrace black nail polish in a whole

  • Tiny Bow Tie in Nails

Having a party? Or just hang out with friends? Well, made your day with this cutie gel nails that styled in French manicure technique; by draw curve white at the tips and complemented it by draw tiny bow tie using your black nail polish, beneath the white one.

  • Short Nails Art with Mini Icon

Wanna look lovely? Have a try this gel nails design with cute icons of red lips, black eyelashes and crown on a sweet milky pink nails. For more accents, pair it with one finger or two polished in gold glitter.

  • Soft Blue with Golden Triangle Nails Design

Simply but beautiful short gel nails art which is ideal for any occasion. The nails art display lovely pale blue tone where simple triangle perched at its cuticle’s center as accent.

  • Wings of Butterfly

Take all eyes on you by apply this bold and sophisticated gel nails idea. The pattern of butterfly wings adorned the whole nails with its striking color base—pink, orange and yellow—styled in ombre effect. The combinations of color, make this short gel nail can be your best gel nail designs you wear ever.


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