Fascinating Winter Nail Designs That Easy to be Applied

Wе are рrеѕеntіng wіntеr nail аrt that аrе pretty ѕіmрlе and аrе perfect fоr аll our dеаr lаdіеѕ who аlwауѕ want to lооk fаѕhіоnаblе and аrе looking fоr nаіl аrt trends to bе fоllоwеd fоr bеаutіfуіng themselves. Since, winter season іѕ іn full fоrсе, wе thоught it would bе a grеаt idea tо ѕhоwсаѕе cool wіntеr nail аrt tutоrіаlѕ to bring ѕоmе fun tо thіѕ соld ѕеаѕоn. All thеѕе tutоrіаlѕ thаt can be dоnе еаѕіlу bу everyone. Thе below mentioned nail art tutоrіаlѕ аrе stunning and hаvе bееn explained wеll. So, take a lооk!

Eаѕу red аnd white polka dоt Chrіѕtmаѕ nаіl аrt

Stаrt bу painting your nails with any сlеаr bаѕе polish and let thе nails dry up. Then, ѕtаrt painting nаіlѕ аltеrnаtіvеlу uѕіng rеd and whіtе. Let thе раіnt dry аnd wаіt fоr a few mіnutеѕ. Using a dotting tool or a tооthрісk, mаkе роlkа dоtѕ using whіtе аnd red ѕhаdеѕ as ѕhоwn іn the рісturе оf winter nаіlѕ bеlоw. Drу аnd thеn аррlу a tор соаt of transparent роlіѕh to rеtаіn thе shine.

Easy bluе wіntеr nаіl art with ѕnоwflаkеѕ

Clеаn уоur nail cuticles wеll and wаѕh thеm wіth mild ѕоару ѕоlutіоn. Aррlу glycerin аnd kеер іt overnight to make your nails ѕоft. Then, paint a base coat аnd let thе nаіlѕ dry. Aftеrwаrdѕ, paint a соаt оf bluе or teal аll over the nаіlѕ аnd lеt thеm drу. Uѕе a fіnе bruѕh аnd white роlіѕh tо make thе раttеrn оf a ѕnоwflаkе bу drawing three lіnеѕ, ѕtаrtіng from оnе соrnеr оf thе nаіl. Add lеаfу designs like іn thе рісturе оf wіntеr nail аrt ѕhоwn below.

Easy ѕіlvеr аnd blue wіntеr nаіlѕ with ѕnоwflаkеѕ

Fоr this аwеѕоmе lооkіng wіntеr nаіlѕ, you саn сhооѕе аnу оf thе brіght аnd deep winter nаіl colors like rеd, grееn, brown, mаrооn оr dеер bluе. Anу other shade оf bluе саn аlѕо bе uѕеd juѕt lіkе in the рісturе below whеrе the nаіlѕ аrе painted uѕіng bluе роlіѕh. After аррlуіng blue, draw a x shaped раttеrn in the center оf thе nаіl followed by a рluѕ dеѕіgn аt the mіddlе. Nоw, mаkе lеаfу patterns tо rерlісаtе a ѕnоwflаkе lооk. Seal with a tор coat.

Easy lightening wіntеr nаіl аrt tutоrіаl

Stаrt thе winter nаіlѕ bу раіntіng them wіth black. Dry аnd thеn, take a ѕроngе and dаb оn еlесtrіfуіng соlоrѕ like lіght bluе, whіtе and рurрlе ѕhаdеѕ randomly аll over. Drу the nаіlѕ аnd wаіt fоr a few mіnutеѕ. Nоw, take a dоttіng tооl оr a nаіl аrt pen thаt іѕ еԛuірреd wіth a mісrо tip, and drаw patterns of white tо indicate lіghtеnіng. Use whіtе роlіѕh fоr thіѕ. Aррlу a tор соаt to seal thе design.

Eаѕу wіntеr Sаntа Hаt nаіlѕ

Apply a nudе bаѕе соаt роlіѕh. Drу. Nоw, paint using lіght ріnk оn аll nаіlѕ. Fоr thе hаt of Sаntа, use rеd аnd paint іt all оvеr thе nail tірѕ аѕ seen. Uѕе a ѕtrірреr brush and black polish to mаkе thе ѕhаре of thе hat. Uѕіng red, fіll uр thе inner ѕроt оf the hаt as shown. Uѕе white to draw Santa’s frоnt hair trim аnd thе ѕаmе hаѕ tо bе done tо mаkе thе pom роm bеlоw. Pаіnt ѕоmе sparkly polish all оvеr thе trim аnd pom роm and drу. Voila…you hаvе оnе of thе most еаѕіеѕt and stunning wіntеr nail аrt dеѕіgnѕ right before уоur еуеѕ!

Sіmрlе snowflake wіntеr nails

Wіntеr nail соlоrѕ lіkе lіght blue, tеаl, rеd and white can аll be used fоr асhіеvіng thіѕ сооl nаіl аrt with an accented snowflake nail. Uѕе a mint polish tо paint on all nаіlѕ. Lеаvе thе rіng finger for the ѕnоwflаkе design. Paint thе rіng finger nаіl wіth glіttеrу роlіѕh аnd then using a dotting tооl оr pen, make ѕnоwflаkе dеѕіgnѕ wіth whіtе. Add a tор coat. Winter nail аrt dеѕіgnѕ wіth snowflakes lооk аmаzіng аnd аrе еаѕу tо do.

Easy vеlvеtу rеd wіntеr nаіl аrt

Nаіl art tutorials for wіntеr uѕuаllу іnvоlvе thе uѕе оf various ѕhаdеѕ оf rеd аnd maroon juѕt lіkе the іmаgе ѕhоwn below whеrе the nаіlѕ аrе раіntеd uѕіng matt velvet red lасԛuеr роlіѕh. Stаrt with a bаѕе соаt аnd thеn paint vеlvеt mаtt аll оvеr. Nоw, use whіtе роlіѕh to раіnt thе tips оf the nails. While thе polish is ѕtіll wet, uѕе a twееzеr tо stick cotton bіtѕ оvеr thеm tо сrеаtе a ѕnоwу еffесt. Seal wіth a tор coat.

Eаѕу red winter nаіl аrt with ѕtоnеѕ

Whо ever ѕаіd that for wіntеrѕ, уоu саn only сhооѕе bеtwееn dark аnd dеер shades? I guеѕѕ, fоr this еаѕу wіntеr nаіl аrt, уоu саn ѕіmрlу pick rеd роlіѕh аnd аnу оthеr pastel lіkе реасh оr lіght сrеаm. Cream is аlѕо оnе of thе рrеttіеѕt wіntеr nаіl colors аnd саn ассеntuаtе thе brіghtnеѕѕ оf red lіkе no оthеr ѕhаdе. Start bу раіntіng rеd оn аll nаіlѕ еxсерt rіng fіngеr and middle fіngеr nаіlѕ thаt have to bе роlіѕhеd with реасh/ cream. On thе rіng nail, аррlу аnоthеr соаt and ѕtісk ѕhіnу stones tо сrеаtе аn ассеntеd look.

Eаѕу wіntеr nаіl аrt wіth реnguіn

You саn start by applying a bаѕе соаt of light bluе on аll nails. Nеxt, mаkе thе U shaped outer body оf the реnguіn wіth thе help оf opaque blасk раіnt. Dо іt in ѕuсh a wау so аѕ tо leave a lіttlе background vіѕіblе. Uѕе white and a dоttіng tool tо create thе еуеѕ аnd tummу. Mаkе thе еуеbаllѕ uѕіng blасk, while, for the bеаk and fееt, mаkе uѕе of оrаngе bу any brаnd. For lеndіng a wіntrу lооk, mаkе uѕе оf a tооthрісk tо сrеаtе ѕmаll bubbles or dоtѕ on аll the other nаіlѕ.

Eаѕу аnd gorgeous ѕhіmmеrу bluе winter nаіl аrt

Fіrѕtlу, paint your nails uѕіng lіght blue polish bу аnу brand. Lеt thе nаіlѕ drу. Paint another соаt of blue. Drу thе nails. Wаіt fоr a fеw mіnutеѕ. Nоw, аррlу a transparent polish аll оvеr the nails аnd while thеѕе are ѕtіll wеt, paint a deeper tоnе of bluе ѕhіmmеr duѕt uѕіng a bruѕh. Sеаl wіth a tор coat to retain thе tеxturе and thе dеѕіgn.

Spring Themed Medium Nail Designs Ideas

If we talk about spring themed nail designs, they’re preferred to look classy but not cheesy. The spring nail designs itself have some styled—classic, cut and French manicure and spa manicure. But, many ladies choose the classic one, by standard cut manicure during the treatment the cuticles are removed and the nails are filed. At this moment, you should be careful ladies. You can bleed, at time your cuticles are being cut. And other case, the cuticles will be dissolves and removed using special liquid which contain fruit and lactic acids. By the way, if you wanna wear spring nail designs, it would be great if you put your spring time images on the medium nail designs. Somehow, long nail representation of bad mannerism which is not suit with spring that fullest of kindness and goodness. Its better again if you choose a round, oval or almond shape nails, since those nails has dramatic nail shape.

 Medium nail designs with spring theme tend to pop out with combination of moon nail and French designs. It will be looks great and stylish moreover apply on short and medium length nails. For more options, combine both with pastel shades and colorful polishes. To flattering your nails, choose combination colors of mint and white; beige and pink; green and brown for trendy look.

So, what’s cute spring themed for medium nail designs? Just be careful with playing the colors, choose wisely the color you wanna wear and imagine, ask yourself: “Is it will look beauty in my nails or not?” However, you can start to pick gentle and delicate shades of pastel. It can be mint, beige, pink, citreous, and others pastel mood. And ladies, tenderness not only conveys by the color range but also the patterns you used. The patterns are vast for spring, but most of it is display about flowers, butterflies, petals, or certain animal that usually pop-out at spring time, cherry blossom; and tones which represent spring. So far, spring themed medium nail designs hold shades of pastel and simple floral pattern to make flatter the designs to make it cute and lovely to see.

For this spring, consider choosing shades of light pink, beige, purple, mint, and citrine; those shades are predicted will be 2018 trendy color for spring. These color palette, craft various nail designs, from ombre to French. And for the patterns, printing can be a good option. But use it only on one or two nails. Don’t adorn every nail with different patterns. Well, as closing our spring themed medium nail designs, we’ll just say: search for image that display the spring nail designs to get more reference. Done!


Amazing Solar Nail Designs for Natural Looking Nails

Have you heard about “solar nails”? For the sake of perfect manicure and health nails, you better know what solar nail is. First thing you should know (before we jump onto solar nail designs). Solar nail isn’t hybrid nail, ladies, so chill out okay? Simply put, solar nails are just type of acrylic nails. Its name—Solar—refers to specific acrylic manufacture’s brand by CND (Creative Nail Design) which introduce their product “Solar” in the 70s, that today their product, solar nails still offered. So ladies, take a note that solar nails are just the name of specific line of acrylic.


Even solar nails are the type of acrylic; both of them have the main difference, that’s the way these nails are applied. Solar nails are able to apply directly onto the nail and not require fake nail extension like acrylic. This solar also can be craft using a white tip coupled with a transparent or pink acrylic overlay. As result, is French two-tone-like manicure, that’s why solar nails also known as “pink and white”—(the colored format version)—or permanent French nail. Since solar nails linked to the French manicure, most nail technician treated and styled the solar nail designs as like as French manicure technique.


Solar nails often regarded as long lasting, has tendency to not easily break and easier to maintain. From the appearance of solar nails is more natural, glossy and shiny than other artificial nails. And if you apply some nail polishes, they’re will not dulling even under the sun heat. Your solar nail designs will be more last longer. It sounds good, right? Solar nails give you all you want; from easy to wear, not easily to break, easy to maintain also will not dull and always shiny.


If you’re tired deal with artificial nails from plastic, acrylic, gel nail design; move on and refresh your nails with solar nails. And you can start experiment with the solar nail designs which is mostly liken to French manicure. Well, same or not, now we present you designs of solar nails:

  • Fall solar nails

Be dazzle by this nail designs which inspired by the colors of autumn—brown and gold.  The combination of brown and gold glitter polishes which topped the nude nails. Shimmering gold and brown gradient embellished by swirl pattern for pretty look.

  • Patriot—US flag solar nails

Convey your love to the country through the solar nail design—flapping the flag of US by draw US flag on the ring finger as accents while the other has red and blue tips French manicure.



Classy Navy Blue Nail Designs with Simplicity Beauty

“Simplicity is beauty,” that old folks say that can be relate with world of fashion trend nowadays. Some cases, too much accessories and too eccentric or unique can strays away everything from the real fashion objective—is to create beauty. Don’t too ‘loud’ and extravagant, be simple yet beauty is the best product of fashion, it same with the nail art. And since our topic today about navy blue nail designs, we’ll gonna focus on dark blue nail art designs. Well, a nice example of this simplicity beauty is nail art with plain background polish of navy blue. Navy blue is known as elegant, classy and suit to any style and outfit. For additional yet simple nail designs usually using different polishes, glitters, or even cute stickers or nail water decals. Navy blue holds dark shade make it ideal background that can accentuate any nail designs on top of it.


Here are some navy blue nail design ideas that you can follow:

  • Frosty tips over ombre

It is amazing nail art yet easy to do with frosty silver glitter shimmering on nail tips and ombre. To create beautiful obmbre effect, use lighter shades of blue or silver, or even white to offset darker blue polish.

  • Shimmering blue metallic

For your night outlook, styled your nails by add metallic sheen. Apply darker shades of nail polish that finish off with metallic polish. And with silver glitters and stones addendum making your navy blue nails bold and daring even more.

  • Half moon in blue

Give patterns on the electric navy blue with half moon on the bottom of your nails—right above the cuticle—with silver glitter polish. This attractive nail designs will catch many attention.


To see more simplicity beauty that offered by the classy navy blue shades, you better check out these navy blue nail designs samples below.

  • Gold Glitter on navy blue

Blue is classic shade and it will be have more classy look by combine navy blue nails with gold glitters topped the dark blue base coat. It is terrific French manicure.

  • Navy blue with emboss

Get simplicity beauty from its splendid navy blue nail design features gorgeous dark blue with emboss and small beads of silver studs it is ideal for your classy look

  • Dark blue and white marble

Comes with sleek and simple on almond nails where two nails patterned with white marble which flanked by dark blue nails and finish off with glossy polish.

Glamour Maroon Nail Designs

For ladies that won’t flashy and bright nails but longing to glamour and classic nail design instead; you can wear shades of maroon. Maroon is a combination of red and purple color, which has darker shade of red with few brown tones in it. Basically, this color display more of red pigment and the purple one is kind of element that make maroon look darker. Since it is the result of mix of two dark colors, at some point, you can see how strong and affectionate maroon is affects you. Wear this darker shade as a nail polish it shows sophisticated look. This color can be your ideal shade to be done on your fingers and it helps you boost your confidence. And the best part is, there are bunches of manicures to paint your nails, to make sure the maroon color works well with your outfit. Well, if we gonna chat about maroon nail designs, it will never ending. But, since our topic will be about variant of nail designs in maroon; we’ll show you some of them. So, just stay tuned.

Unsurprisingly, maroon nail designs is suitable for work in office and business meeting as well as for romantic date, party or gathering, also fitting your outfit. Comes with vast array of nail polishes, lot of shades and numerous manicure techniques, also nail accessories; maroon polish certainly look flawless. There’s French manicure that is very classy and has chic looking. To make this manicure technique stand out, you don’t need add any colors. Just one shade paired with the tip color, and ready to go.

Here, we’ve selected the most awesome option of maroon nail designs that totally worth to try. Enjoy your time and choose the option that suits you best.

  • Maroon with colorful beads

Having short nails and don’t know how to deal with it? Well, there’s trick to make your nails look bigger. How? Maroon glossy polish is brilliant option to achieve it. Embellish short maroon nails of yours with glossy polish and arrange mix of colorful studs and rhinestones into vertical line on your only ring finger as bold statement.

  • Maroon and flowers

Almond shape nails can be the best canvas to show your creativity in deal with maroon nail design. Combined contrast colors—purple and white—to create a bold statement. All fingernails use maroon color as base, except two which covered in white and maroon flower stamping it. It’s brilliant idea to get stunning yet adorable look.

Amusing Simple Flower Nail Designs

Floral nail arts has sweet look and can easily created using acrylic paint, water decals and deco materials. Adorn your nails with some flowery of roses, hibiscus, tulip or any flowers, gonna make your nails look lovely what’s more your appearance will enhance too. Simple flower nail designs are pleasurably to wear and to look at, since it’s minimalist and lovely. Also, every women look good with flowers, right?

Those who love minimalist nail art but not tend to be dull and plain; simple flower nail designs can be your best choice. With our list of flower nail design, we hope you’ll be getting inspired. Have a look!

  • Acrylic floral nail art

If you’ve good hand for painting, this flower nail art can be created easily by you. To do this nail art, you need more than one color—white and pink, white and purple and white and light blue. Draw flowers using a flat brush over light base colored, in order to make it more outstanding.

  • French tip with floral design

This stylish and chic of flower nail design positively nail design for ladies who working in office or those who’s corporate worker—which generally cannot wear too much accessories nail art in order to always look casual and professional. French manicure provides classy and minimalist façade. Put flowers in petite size with pastel tone, adjoin at the white tips.


Nail art with floral design always be love and never out of fashion. So, just take inspiration from these simple flower nail designs and find your own taste.

  • Rose Accent

Dress up your squoval nails with simple flower nail designs which adorn with lovely floral detail in pastel mood at the tip of baby sky blue nail polish.

  • Floral nail arts with stripes

Why setting up nails with just stripes, or nails with only flowers? Combine both of them on to one nail for more unified look. A nail design like this one is craft using white base coat. And then, draw stripes with pale orange; to complement the look of this floral nail, of course you need a flower! So, draw blue flowers and green for the leaves and voila! You’ve banquets of flower on your nails.  This nails are totally show-stopping floral manicure to brighten your day.

  • Orange Bloom

Appear with two-tone nail design which makes you ready to kick out summer beach. Using nail bush, draw the flowers filling the one or two fingernails as accent. And the rest of nails are left without accent or pattern.


Ideas of Royal Blue Nail Designs for Your Winter Wedding

Looking flawless on your very special day is a must. Wearing beautiful gown won’t be complete, without accentuate it with the best accessories. Wedding gown accessories is a lot, but you can ease your mind by pick the most alluring nail design. Don’t underestimate the power of nail art—nail designs. Nail designs can instantly change your overall look with its diverse designs that feature shapes and colors. And for those who wanna hold a wedding in winter, have a mind to pick bold and dark colors or jewel tones as like royal blue, purple and green. Well, this time we gonna chat about royal blue nail designs for your winter wedding.

Royal blue is elegant and classic shade that draws anyone’s attention. This color works well with white, silver, black, grey and many more. As like other color, royal blue can be find finished with nail polishes, glitter and matte. Nail with glossy polish is the most common; almost every lady uses this kind of finish. Matte is brilliant alternative, and glitter can be use for special moment.  Whether you decide to choose royal blue nails designs that match with your wardrobe or not, a royal blue nail design without fail to draw attention. The design of this nails come with several of shades to wear. And, here… we will help you choose the most fitting nail designs for your big day.


  • Golden and Royal Blue Gradient

For your wedding in the winter season, wear this glamour royal blue nail designs which always in style. One square acrylic nails in royal blue shade; there’s a fingernail—a ring finger nail—that specially treatment with shimmer gold and royal blue glitter gradient. This nail design is definitely can be your astonishing winter wedding nail art have you seen.

  • Golden Triangle in Royal Blue

Look how elegant this nail design. Royal Blue and gold—is terrific combo that great for your minimalist but elegant nail art to accentuate your gown. The royal blue short round nails flawlessly accented by the golden triangles which perch at the bottom of nails.

  • Royal Blue with Curve Rhinestone

Simply put, it’s a dazzling pointy royal blue nail with rhinestone as accent in curve shape caging flower studs for wedding.

  • Royal Blue with Accent

Wear this royal blue nail art on your coffin nails and styled it with matte royal blue and negative space nails as accent which decorated with rhinestone to make it look pretty.

Well, even just a few, we hope our list of royal blue nail designs can help you looks wonderful on your wedding.

Be Lady in Red with Red Acrylic Nail Designs

Red acrylic nail designs, unquestionable perfect for party and business meeting, since acrylic itself has vast designs that can go with any style and occasion. What’s more, acrylic is strong and has perfect surface to do various nail art design. And, when it comes about red; we just can say that red is color that present a feminine, classic and glamorous. For you red lovers; you have plenty of red polishes and designs to help you will get the perfect look for your nail.

So we’ve bring you our selection of the awesome red acrylic nail designs from some sources. And acrylic nails in red somehow make your gesture will be more graceful, moreover it captivate any person’s attention and definitely make you feel gorgeous. What’s better way to be gorgeous and get people’s eyes on you, right?

As ladies, we want to always in our best perform. And, red acrylic nail designs are never out of fashion with its alluring vibe to make you feel like a true lady in every moment and any places, what’s more when these red nail designs mated with some nail accessories or vary of nail polish finish. If you wanna how appealing red nail designs are, enjoy this lady in red: red acrylic nail design:

  • Red and black acrylic nails

Acrylic nails in red have their own magic to attract people. Combine the red nails with black polish, and for more flawless look add flowers patterns and studs. To do your nails with this nail style, will make you appear greater.

  • Dark red acrylic nails

Choose stiletto acrylic nails to provide you adequate space to do a stunning nail art. With pointy claw-like nails you can look extremely elegant. Accompany your red nails with gold accents—well, though gold and red is a classical combination, this combo never out of style. The gold accents can be from the other nail polish, glitter or studs; it’s depends on your preference.

  • Red matte nail designs

Tired of glossy and shiny finish? Then try matte finish. Red nails with matte finish can be give you new look. Topped your red matte nails with stud that settle on right above the cuticle as a simple accent.

  • Elegant coffin nails in red

Stunning and brilliant. Yup, have that look by do this red nail design which appears in red matte nails—coupled with light blue—and crystals also 3D flower. To put simply, cover your thumb, index finger and pinkie with red matte; whilst the others cover with light blue and adorned it with crystal and red 3D flowers

The Most Eye-catching Nail Designs with Diamond

Old folks say that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friends”—well, as women, we couldn’t say any objection for that but nod in crazy way you know. This even translates to the women’s tendency pick their nail designs. Most of women choosing nail art design that showcase diamond. The nail designs with diamond are so varied; most women choose nail design that attach real bling-bling to the nails or for those who cannot afford that ‘crystal stone’, just satisfied by having shape of diamond drawn on their nails. No matter which is the first choice, the main point is it is all about diamond nails.

Diamond nail is perched on the top pick of nail art amidst women. From simple to full of diamond crowd on nails, the options for this design is wide array. Check on media social, or ask Google and you’ll see vast of selection for this. In this article, we’ll show you diamond nails that can be your inspiration, that can be pleased your longing of diamond. All of them are taken from Pinterest, so here they are—the most eye-catching nail designs with diamond.

  • Fierce Pink

Bring the bling to your nails by cover your ring finger nails with diamonds, by put different shapes of diamond, covering the entire surface; while the others only treatment with solid color—pink metallic. Choose stiletto nails to make the nail designs more dramatic and statement.

  • Purple Diamond

This nail art feature nail glitter in various colors that mixed into marble pattern. This mixed glitter lay on the entire nails, then complemented by diamond image. The diamond image outlined using black nail polish.

  • Studded Neutral

Set the studs in organize shape accompany earth shades of brown and black nails in matte finish; which some of the nails also get beautiful floral motif. The duo combo of bling and matte finish add more character in this modish nail art.


Nail designs with diamond always tempting every woman to try it, since diamond nails has appealing facade. As like these diamond nails:

  • Flower Diamond Nails

Styled your nails by mixing flower and diamond, why not? It proved attractive and charming. Over deep red nail polish, draw flowers in white on your ring finger nail. Then, add diamond beads on your index finger nail, while the rest of finger leave it untouched.

  • Pink and Diamond

Reveal you feminine side via this nail art that appears with its sophisticated milky pink and diamonds. With the sprinkle of glitter, make it looks fabulous.

Well, which one you love best? Do you like it, right? Then, this time you about to try them.

Go Festive with Mardi Grass Nail Designs

Before we talk about Mardi Gras nail designs, let’s get familiar with Mardi Gras. Have you ever heard about Mardi Grass? Back to the centuries, Mardi Gras’ origin is Pagan celebration of fertility and spring. Mardi Gras actually French, which means fat Tuesday that believe come from the practice of eating richer, fatty food before ritual fasting during the Lenten season. Now, Mardi Gras more known as carnival season that grown into colossal, week of parades or festivals where you can find traditional celebration such as bead throwing, coconut painting, mask wearing, Flambeaux tradition, and so on. People just revel in excitement of Mardi Gras’s endless fun, amusing, entertaining events.  By the way, you can meet Mardi Gras at various cities and countries that scattered from Rome across Europe to the colony of the New World—Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Columbia; German; Italy; New Orleans, America. By the way, this series of festive hold at the 47 days before Easter—this year, gonna be fall in February 13th.

During the carnival – gold, purple and green become the colors that mostly used as those the colors is official or color scheme of this Mardi Gras. Well, each color represents something essential—gold for power, purple for justice and green for faith. Those colors are determined by the first daytime Carnival’s king in 1872, and make it as royal colors. To feel the joy and excitement Mardi Gras festive, you can create that feeling into fabulous Mardi Grass nail designs.

Well, if do you want to bring Mardi Gras’s atmosphere into you through nail art; make sure to use their royal colors—purple, green and gold on your Mardi Gras nail designs. Here are some awesome ideas to get you started. Have a look.

  • Mixed Glitter

This Mardi Gras nail art is awesome from the selection of color to the way the color is lays on the nails. The entire nails are covered by sand-like glitter in light brown. And you gonna love how the mixed color of purple, green and gold nail glitters are beautifully work together on the edge of nails.

  • Golden Lines

Make sure to use this Mardi Grass nail art to level up your awesomeness. It has pretty look with collaborating all of the royal colors’ Mardi Gras. Here, golden stripes and lines get along with the green and purple nails perfectly.

  • Bold with solid color

Be bold by paint different solid color as your Mardi Gras nail ideas. It could be interesting as like as this nail art which display several colors—purple, green and gold—lay on three nails and left the two complemented by certain pattern and glitter.

Show Your Mood with Sky Blue Nail Designs

Blue—remind us of the colors of skies, the seas which represent a tranquil and peaceful ambiance. That’s why, the shades of blue is relaxing and refreshing. Blue associated with quiet, confident and reserved too. Moreover, blue shades hold a meaning behind its color—the color takes important role in any visual design, that’s including nail art. Feeling the calmness of blue by put the skies to your fingernails. It can make your nails always fresh and casual from day to night. As it’s implicitly say, every single color has meaning, so is blue. Come with vast array of blue shades to be able to show your mood and personality, you can freely choose what shades of blue that you want to represent you. Here, we select up sky blue nail designs only for you—blue lovers or not. Take your time to look through our astonishing nail art designs that feature sky blue tone.   

Here are our sky blue nail designs which can help you convey your mood. Well, get inspired!

  • Blue flower and crystal

Imitate flower shape on to the sky blue acrylic nails, using white nail polish. Stick one dot of rhinestone on every each nails—at the center—to create a lovely statement.

  • Pink chevron in blue

Create cutest shades of sky blue that accented by pinkish chevron motif on top of ring finger nail to make the nail design looks statement more.

  • Sky blue and rhinestones

Be a fairy by embellish your sky blue nails with wrapped one or two fingernails with rhinestone as well as studs on whole nails or just scatter it from the cuticle to the tips.

  • Blue stripes

Use different shades of blue or with silver or white to make the stripes which is designed to give accents. Combination color of sky blue and white acrylic nails which is one of classical nail art for sky blue nail design with accented by gold lines to dividing the each color.

  • Feather in sky blue

This sky blue nail design—is elegant and captivating with its unique motif of flying bird in the cloud and scattered feathers on almond shape nails.

  • Sky blue in matte

Go bold with this sky blue nails with matte effect. The matte effect, also the nail accessories such as studs, micro bead and rhinestone also glitter, is perfectly embellishing the nail design.


Amazing Squoval Nail Designs

Squoval, comes from two words— square and oval—it’s designed to define the nail shape with rounded edges on a square nail. It’s very popular shape. Simply to put, squoval is mix of different nail shapes, which can be achieve by file the nails square shape, to make the edges a bit round. This nail design could be your new fave way of dress up your nails. Know the design of this squoval nails, and you’ll be fall in love at first struck. So, pay attention to our squoval nail designs and have your time to fond it.


As like other fashion item, that purpose to enhance overall appearance; squoval nails has the same duty. Now, we gonna represent you several squoval nail designs that make you immediately wanna to copy it.

Whether it’s has glossy or matte finish, here they’re:

  • Cutie Mauve

Light purple tone is mostly wear by the younger since at some point it very cute. Wear nails in that tone, especially when this mauve nails is sprinkled with glitters or studs in silver at the cuticle; your looks gonna be more cute and loveliest.

  • Blue Ombre

Still for those who gonna attend the prom, this squoval nail design would perfect for you. Blue tone stands for confidence, and it will boost up your coolness. With ombre effect, the blue looks pretty in its gradation of gentle and light tone, what’s more without nail accessories.

  • White Snow

This squoval nails layered with solid color of white, which reveal gentle and soft ambiance. It suit for those who want to appear elegant and dignified in any occasion. Complement this white snow white nails, by wear a ring that sequined with white stone.


Let’s have fun to do your nails by experiment various squoval nail designs. You can try all of these nail designs to feel it:

  • Ocean Themed

This squoval nails beautified with ocean themed which has calming seas over the nails—white nail polish in cool marble effect—on every nails except the pinkie that coat by light blue nail polish.

  • Bold in Contrast

This Bold in Contrast squoval nail design appears with black and white nails and polished in modern French manicure. The alternating white and black design is sure to get people’s attention.

  • Cloud Blue and Pink

No reason to not loving this squoval nails design.  Thanks to the aqua green-blue, pink and light blue; the squoval nails has bright, colorful, and too adorable to not apply it on your nails. Choose aqua green-blue nail polish as the base, and then draw cloud-shape use pink light blue nail polish. Coat the top of layers with clear polish.