Pretty Cool Long Hairstyles for Black Men

Getting the pretty cool long hairstyles for black men can be tricky. There’s a lot of selection of hairstyles to choose from—short afro, medium or long dreadlock hairstyle, and more… And since there’s too much options, somehow its turn into dilemma; when you go to the barbershop but still vague what kind of hairstyle that you should choose. Yup, picking one style and tell the barber can be so hard.

Well, you can start the easiest way: Bun Hairstyle—what’s type your hairstyle, bun hairstyle is never fail to make you looks stand out from the crowd. You just require less maintenance also only need to style the half top with knot. It is creative style yet has very urban vibe. Bun hairstyle with fade below, gonna be your coolest long hairstyles for black men. No matter what’s type of your hair—afro, stylish dreadlocks, curl or corkscrew curl—don’t mind to apply this hairstyle.

 Then, if you need more complex hairstyle especially for long hair, try Micro Dreads. Having a long hair is doesn’t mean less macho, you can get long hairstyles for black men with long micro dreads and still looks badass. Well, it’s gonna work, if you’re already grow your hair out for years and having long, long hair till your waist. You know, dreadlocks on the right person can be so slick and it doesn’t have an ‘exaggeration’ feel of messy hair. In order to get masculine micro dreads all the time, you should find the way to balancing to keep your hair moisturized enough and keep it clean always.

Other option you can attempt is Multi-colored Dreads which is probably gonna be your best long hairstyles for black men which is take advantage of your dreadlocks. How Multi-colored Dreads works? Well, it’s works by gives multiple colors in your long dreadlocks. The result of adding color to your dreadlock will help you to define your own style. Play with colors and show off your style, interesting right?

Next is Large Floppy Afro which is long hairstyles for black men that be set to only for those who have the wherewithal to pull it off. What we mean is Afro hair type with softer texture. Large floppy afro hairstyle created from softer Afro-textured hair which is start to floppy once it reaches certain lengths. Let your Afro hair grow out to increase the floppiness and see what a floppy your hair is. This hairstyle is too messy for some people and too distracting, but for those who comfortable with it, large floppy afro hair gonna be your statement in a crowd.

Mens Mod Hairstyles for Your Retro Look

Before we jump into mens mod hairstyles for your retro look, let’s chit-chat about what mod hairstyle exactly is? Mod hairstyle or “modern hairstyle”—originated in London and it is term that reveals when The Beatles in 60s appear with its sleek bob hairstyle and skinny suits and stuff. Beside, The Beatles’ mop top or shag hairstyle; other mod hairstyle is Zac Efron’s hair—that styled with bangs covering forehead and the length let loose over his ears, with layers were cut into ends for extra movement. Well, that’s mod hairstyle in 60s that mostly adorned people’s crown. And today, recently mod hairstyles come into sight in the shape of short micro bobs, bowl cuts and razor sharp edges. This twisted mod hairstyle somehow transform into futuristic yet remain its retro feeling.

Mod hairstyles are now being embellished with shapes, swoops and wild wave, also clever cropping that comes in various mod hairstyle types. Those mens mod hairstyles are:

  • The Crew Cut/Crop

A short cut that the whole hair is cut an even, short length (usually around ¼ inch or less). For more description for your mind, the crew cut/ crop appears with hair is tapered both at the back and sides but might be up to 1 inch on top.

  • The Caesar Cut

As like its name, the cut shape is represent Julius Caesar’s haircut where the hair is layered to around 1 – 2 inches all over. For finishing, the hair brushed forward to short fringe or bangs at the front.

  • The Fringe Cut

It known as bangs in America. This kind of hairstyle formed by cutting the fringe and makes the hair covering the forehead.


Well, as you read, nowadays mens mod hairstyles come in various styles; so, your option to wear mod hairstyles is vast. Choose which mod hairstyle you want and be retro. With simple but defined cut, may be mod hairstyle is your best options for your retro look. Here our last mod hairstyles that you try:

  • Square/ Blocked Back

This hairstyle appears with tapered nape or blocked nape—the back is tapered till the bottom level, and the top is full of hair.

  • The Pageboy Cut

The basic hairstyle is formed with hair is cut using razor and layered from a mid length. The hair at sides is razored in medium length while the front of the head is significantly shorter that cut using thinning shears. The result is, gives every piece of hairs somewhat looks like messy style with textured spikes. The strands styled by combed down as well as slightly toward the face.


5 Cool Medium Hairstyles for Men

Talking about shaping and styling hair, medium length is the most versatile length for comb over for your business meeting, a quiff for lovely date, and a slicked back style for your casual hangout in weekend. For you to know guys, medium hairstyles for men somehow its open so many doors when you wanna experimenting with a range of styles and grooming products—from creams, pomades, waxes and other hair treatment stuff. Just imagine, with combination of medium length hair and those products, how many hairstyles that you can execute?

Well, when it comes for you to choose which one are medium hairstyles for men you’ll gonna wear, the best way is ask your barber first to get recommendation. You don’t want to spend whole month (or even more) feel like torture because of your hair is untamed and looks like a tragedy, isn’t? So, choose it wisely. If you wanna your mid-length hairstyle looks great on you, take a note to pick hairstyle that suit with the shape of your face.

If you’re not sure which one of medium hairstyles for men you gonna choose, we have several medium-length hairstyles to enlighten you. See below:

  • Undercut and Slick back

This hairstyle is the easiest and coolest ways to apply medium-length hair. It’s nice combo of classic undercut and slick back which is looks like disconnect hairstyle, where long hair conquer the top with sleekly brushed backward, and short hair at the back till bottom level.

  • Tousled Side Part Hairstyle

For different way to apply side part hairstyle on your medium length hair, you can grow out layers to make it voluminous with height on sides’ part. The layer and volume of your tousled side part hairstyle give your look more casual.

The versatile length Medium hairstyles for men also come with:

  • Blow Back Hairstyle

Blow your hair backward with some loose texture. This versatile medium-length style will make people turning head to look at you.

  • Mid-length and Tapered Pompadour

As medium length hairstyle, this is appears with nice and clean look that has still some flare up top. If you’re looking for conservative look, it will suit you.

Well, medium-length hairstyles somehow provide you hairstyle that doesn’t need to spend time too much in front of the mirror to make sure your hair isn’t mess. Use your finger to comb over the hair with the help of pomade or whatever hair product you use (or go straight to your favorite barbershop) to set your medium length hairstyle.

Top 5 New Hairstyles for Men Undercut with Beard

Hey fellas, have a beard embellish your jaw? If yes, have you try mated your beard with cool undercut hairstyle? Pairing a beard and undercut is the epitome of manliness. With this kind of appearance, you will easily get noticed. Whether you’ve wavy hair, thick hair, straight hair or curly hair there are will be some undercut styles that suit on you. Well, if you are curious enough to know about different undercut hairstyle that perfectly mated with beard, we pleased to present those amazing array of new hairstyles for men undercut with beard in this article. So, take your time to read to the last word. Hope it will give you inspiration. Have a look!

Slick Back Undercut + Semi Bun + Short Beard. This is favorite undercut style for men which is involves slick back as well as long top embellished with semi bun, and tapered sides and well-groomed short beard. All elements are works well to make your casual and formal look more awesome. This new hairstyles for men undercut with beard, definitely gonna make you gorgeous.

High Fade Undercut + Beard. This undercut features non-layered top and buzzed sides with smooth and slicked line. Use cream wax or pomade to create a glossy finish. High fade undercut provides stylish look for those who wear it by showing your highest top. If you looking for new hairstyles for men that easy to apply, high fade undercut is pretty tempting.

And, if you have problem with receding hairline but your pride too high to choose bald, an undercut hairstyle can be your savior. Hair in the corner of your forehead that thinning can be shaved or cut very short, while the quiff will be grown and swept back. Well, there are new hairstyles for men ideas with classy side part which is makes up with help of gel and comb. Classy Side Part + Beard—this hairstyle is timeless and trendy with accompany of trimmed beard.

Long Spike Undercut + Beard. This undercut is suit for those who have showy style. As like its name—Long spike undercut—these men hairstyles for men undercut features straight long hair with touch blow. To shape this hairstyle you need more than one hair product. Thing you should do this hairstyle is use cream first, and then moisturize it with pomade. For finishing, use hairspray.

To add your new hairstyles for men undercut with beard’s list, there’s Wavy and Clean Undercut—it has clean fade, long waves and perfect hairline edge which will be complement your appearance.




5 Dramatic Men’s Fringe Hairstyle You Must Try

There’s no other hairstyle element that can change your overall appearance as much as fringes do. Fringe is known as bangs. To put simply, fringe hairstyles is dramatically let your hair to falling down over your forehead, whether it lays like ordinary bangs or has volume is your own personal taste. Since, men’s fringe hairstyles show off haircut with sides is cut short while atop is styled with hair hang over the forehead; the fringe itself usually cut in huge range of look, it depend on how you want your hair to stand out-from curly or wavy bangs, thick or voluminous fringe, to straight fringe.

Fringe may be short or long and it perhaps cut pointy or round (once again, it’s depend your taste); but so far, today fringe is appears with irregular shape—the less regular the better! The more the fringe looks ‘out of box’, the more it will make you dramatic and gorgeous. The presence and type of fringe that you wear will be significantly complementing your face. There’s no other than fringe that can change your facial an your overall appearance at once as much as fringe do. So, it couldn’t be hurt if you try these men’s fringe hairstyles that we’ll gonna show to you below.

By the way, fringe is usually looks good for guys with vast forehead or face with long shape. A caution for those who have oblong and rectangular face; men’s fringe hairstyle seems to shorten your face length. So, hey you guys with oblong and rectangular face, please take your time before decide to let bangs lying on your forehead. As always, keep in mind it’s important to choose a hairstyle according the shape of your face. Well, we gonna back to talk fringe hairstyle that couldn’t be hurt if you try it. Here it is:

  • Heavy Statement Fringe

Good for those with thick hair. Pull down the fringe to cover the whole of your forehead with touch of textured and messy fringe using pomade or good hair wax.

  • Curly Fringe

Have natural curly hair? That’s blessed. Well, you just need to define your natural curly hair by contrast your bold curly fringe against straight down sides. It will accentuating your curly fringe more and makes it as the main focus of your appearance. For sure, it will look dramatic.

  • Shaved Sides Short Fringe

This fringe hairstyle is great for statement look with its contrast long fringe and cropped sides.

Which one you fringe hairstyle you choose, ensure it will looks great for you.

5 Great Shaved Hairstyles for Men

Men’s shaved hairstyle emerge since the days soldiers fighting on the battlefield and it come into modern fashion when David Beckham—the football celebrity—wear it in football field. And nowadays, the shaved hairstyles for men come out with more texture and offering easy styling as well as simplicity. There’s several shaved hairstyles include long modern comb over, slicked back hair and pompadour style. And for extra simplicity, you can even shave all your hair with crew or buzz cut.

Shaved hairstyles for men for sure offering statement and modern look, what’s more it can work with any type of hair textures. In this short simple guide, we will show some of our best men’s shaved hairstyles. Are you ready? Let’s go down:

  • Pompadour Haircut

There’s no better way to embrace your hair with pompadour cut, which is working with creating strong contrast of long hair on top and short sides. Wear pompadour doesn’t have to shave all around your head, just go short with vary up the lengths as long as there remain a contrast between the top and sides.

  • Man Bun Fade

For man bun lovers, this hairstyle is stylish but for haters is pretentious mess. Well, if you confident enough to wear man bun fade, it can be a statement cut that adds casual vibe on your overall appearance. Ensure your barber cut a define line to creates a clean look in order to show up the clear distinction between the top and the sides.

Curly Top Fade; is our next list of shaved hairstyles for men that you can try. Since the curly top fade can complement a whole range of hair texture, as like fine curls, afro, or thick wave. And when you’re deal with curly hair and shaved sides, you just need to focus on taming a bit strands with help of wax and use moisturizing shampoo to make sure the curls never go frizzing up. To put simply, this hairstyle is shows full curl with contrast shaved sides.

Most men’s shaved hairstyle is a combination of longer hair on the top with short sides and back; but it doesn’t mean always end up with very short cut till the scalp. Well, whether you are the kind of guy that fuss-free styling or who cares ‘bout the hair—no matter how little or dense your hair are—, shaved hairstyles for men offering easy to style and less-maintenance hairstyle as well as great a array of sophisticated looks.


Stay Cool in summer with Very Short Hairstyles for Men

As summer comes, very short hairstyles for men would be so tempting. Well, cutting hair till the scalp can be a great way to stay cool in heat. What’s more, really short haircut is less-maintenance a.k.a easy to handle and effortless to style it. And the best part is, even with too short cut and style; you have huge range of options. Get a fade from—low, mid till high—is possible; combined it with crop top, buzz, Caesar cut or crew cut. Or if you’ve thick hair, add a textured fringe, quiff, pompadour or spikes.

Even though very short hairstyles for men seem like easy to styled, most of them cannot do it at home by you, guys. So, go to barbershop and tell your barber what hairstyle that you want is, and they’ll say no more.

Make the trip to your lovely barbershop is worth; by find your too short hairstyle first or listen your barber’s recommendation. But, if you wanna decide your haircut by yourself (at least), you can read our list of very short hairstyles for men that might be one of them will be come your superb summer hairstyle. Let’s begin:

  • Short Buzz Cut

The most convenient haircut ever, for those who want start off the summer and being free from the fussy hair treatment. The best part of this very short haircut is, you can stop worrying about hair loss, receding hairline, dandruff or anything that make your hair in pain. Moreover, it maintenance free and you don’t need to but gel, wax, pomade or hairspray again to keep your hair beautiful. Feel free, nice and cool with this short buzz cut in summer and so on.

  • High and Tight Haircut

Among US marine, this haircut is so popular. To styled this high and tight haircut, the sides as well as the back of the head is clean up by shaving them, with top hair is cut shorter but sometime longer.


If you wanna keep few of your hair strands and decide to show it off as statement point of your facial appearance, Flat-Top Haircut might be suit for that job. Flat-top haircut also known as boxy top since the cut is like a box shape with completely shaved or slightly faded sides and back. Well, if you wanna start off your summer time with new hairstyle as well as to cooling off, consider this flat-top haircut as your very short hairstyles for men.

Hairstyles for Men over 50 is So Perky

There is no doubt that hairstyle will give such a great impact on your personality. But, as a man with (usually) short hair, there is not much choice for the hairdo. Moreover, choosing the right hairstyles for men over 50 definitely become a very difficult task for most men. Our elders were cool youngsters like us back then. So it is normal for the golden-aged men who still want to follow the fashion trend and keep it updated.

When men reach his middle age, they normally want to look professional yet still maintaining the chic and it is not a simple task to do. Picking the wrong younger ‘do will not make them grow old gracefully, but it will make them looks like a middle-aged men who’s trying too hard. Luckily, we have some suggestion regarding hairstyles for men over 50 that will make them look perfect in their best suit. Here we go!

For short-haired men like George Clooney and The Iron Man, you can just copy these gentlemen’s hairdo. Simply cut it short and swipe it to the left or right with a little touch of wet-look gel will surely make you as gentle as Mr. Clooney and as sexy as Robert Downey. Secondly, for medium length hair, Brad Pitt’s style is such an inspiration. All you gotta do is to sleek your bangs and comb it to the back and instantly you will got the look. To make it last longer and dramatic with the wet-look, add a little bit pomade. Last but not least, Johnny Depp’s long hairstyles for men over 50 are worth the effort. With some drops of bangs and layered cut, you better make it wavier and messier with a round comb. For the final touch, apply some gel to make it looks more dramatic.
Once again, who says that old men can’t be hip? They are just cool kids grown up.

Best Edgy Bob Hairstyles: Styling for Round Faces

Changing your new look is not merely about changing your make up or clothes. It is also about having new hairstyle. You can try edgy bob hairstyle. Not all people will be brave or choose this hair style. Yet, it is not a bad choice. This type of hair can create fresh look in your face. In addition, each shape of face will have different style of bob. That’s mean bob is actually nice for all people with all character. More than that, bob is ever lasting style. It still becomes trend now. Thus, people will not see you as weird.

To specify the discussion, let’s talk about edgy bob hairstyles for round faces. The first choice can be heavy side bang. If you are afraid of showing off your shape, this hairstyle can a bit hide some parts of your face. Second choice will be asymmetrical bob. You will have longer hair cut in one side. Then it will hide half of your cheek. It is a good style for those who want to hide chubby cheek. You will look so cute with that style. The last choice for round faces is messy style. You may curled your hair to get messy effect. It is also a cute style.

You still want more? All right, it is actually interesting to talk about edgy black hairstyle. The best choice will be asymmetry cut. Whatever the length, asymmetry is the most important thing. It depends on you whether you want long or very short style. If you want to try something different, short with long hair in a side only will be best. In addition, black will show natural look although you have brave hair style. Hair bang is another key for edgy look.

Perfect 2 Braid Hairstyle Inspiration

Well, 2 braid hairstyle seems everlasting. It becomes more popular in current trend. Women and girls choose this style for various occasion. It is not only for party, some also make this hair style for daily look. It is such a good idea any way. You will not need long time or complicated steps to get best two braid. It also creates young and cute effect that will support your make up and outfit. You can go casual with this kind of hairstyle. Wow, it sounds great right?

Although making two braids is easy, some people say that it is hard to make 2 braid hairstyle with weave. Well, actually you only need some inspiration. First inspiration will be asymmetrical side style. Now, it is becoming the most used style among women and girls in around the world. It is simple yet elegance and nice. It will be applicable for black or other color of hair. Second inspiration is fishtail. It is not as famous as asymmetrical. Yet, many people have tried to choose this kind of styling. It is actually a bit more complicated compare to the first one. The last one is an everlasting style which is up do. It will be great choice for important occasion like party but not daily look.

Those are some inspirations for 2 braid hairstyle. When you have known about how to make braid, it is actually easy to create many styles. You can make some experiments. It can be good idea to always have new look. In addition, that style can give elegant, glamour, or even casual effect. One important thing that you should also consider is about you faces shape. You need to unsure that braid style that you choose give beneficial effect to your face.

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles For Men Guide

Up in Arms About Braided Mohawk Hairstyles For Men?

The mohawk is often termed a mohican. Along mohawk is likely to make you appear from the group. Anyway, after you manage to attain an effective mohawk, all you’ve to accomplish will be to uncover an adequate hairspray to accommodate you.

Mohawk is actually a modern hair equally for men and women. This mohawk can be a easy, boyish cut. Nowadays, Black Mohawk is not only as a hair but as the custom for men and women too.

The New Fuss About Braided Mohawk Hairstyles For Men

Braided Mohawk hairstyles have quickly become a very special and stylish design that folks came to love. These wonderfully braided Mohawk hairstyles demonstrate how-to blend the various varieties of braid in various approaches to be able to develop a distinctive look. Consequently, look at these photographs over and over until you find the best hair for your unique mohawk haircut.

In case you choose to select this hair, ensure that you check with your hairstylist. These hairstyles should be carried by those people who are not afraid to accept their wild side. This hairstyle ‘s been around in lots of regions of the world for years. This hairstyle is simple to create, particularly when you’ve medium-length hair. Black Mohawk hairstyles which can be long could be made into several techniques.

Chic and Timeless French Tip Nail Designs for Short Nails

French manicure is tells us about classic, chic and timeless look that works well for both short and long nails. The best thing about this manicure is—the nail tip that usually adorned with combination of delicate color (mostly white) and patterns or ornaments. Moreover, the French tip nail designs for short nails is versatile to wear; you can go to work, hang out with friends, go on fancy date or attend glamorous party with this nail design embellish your nail tip.

For you to fellas, French is known with its white tip, but it doesn’t have to be white always. Aside from the nail tip, you will also need to think the base too. Somehow, French manicure isn’t about letting the tip stay with its natural nail color or white to make it elegant, but at some point different shades will do the trick. You can let your creativity shine. Paint the tip in another color and countless design that showcase your true personality. French tip nail designs for short nails can be more fun to wear when you know how to do this nail design. Well, we have some options you can try, but, there’s thing you need prepare first:

  • Nail polished in different color
  • Glitter or metallic color
  • Rhinestone—clear or colored
  • stickers or decals for nail
  • Acrylic to draw art design

For chic and timeless French tip nail designs for short nails that will gonna make your shorty nail looks awesome, you can try this:

  • Simply change the color of tip with any color you want; pink, black, red, green and etc. You can go simple—by only colored the tip and done. But if you wanna more stand out, spice your French tip nail with metallic or glitter color.
  • Another option to wear French tip nail is: stay classic with slightly variation by keep most of the nail tip white, except your ring finger nail tip. Give different color at the tip.
  • Show off your short nail, by put rhinestone over each the top right corner of your tip.
  • Getting fancy with drawing nail art design such as favorite cartoon, big or smaller flowers, and so on; on top of your French manicure nails.
  • For unique and fun look, give your nail tip some pattern of animal stripes.

Well, a far easier way to wear French manicure is buying sticker or fake nails. However, which one you choose and how you gonna do your French manicure; it will look great on you.