Chicest Lob Haircut with Layers that You Should Try This Year

Have you heard about lob haircut with layers? Well, lob is initially comes from long bob hair cut. Lob haircut is ideal for every hair types and textures—straight, wavy, curly—and imposing any face shapes. Lob haircut can be customized to fit your style and personality. If you’re looking for a timeless and chicest haircut for your new hairstyle; lob haircut will be great on you. For sure, this haircut can be your signature look on this year.

There are bunch of lob haircut with layers to suit everyone’s taste, especially for you. So, keep calm and take this chance to seeking a chicest lob haircut without messed up your lovely mane. If you wanna know some of them, see below:

  • Choppy Lob Haircut

Consider to choose this choppy lob haircut that accented with layers. You can create the layers and waves by styled your hair using hot roller and textured with hair spray for more beautiful and exciting waves.

  • Long Lob Haircut with Bangs

This is a nice combo hairstyle of balayage lob haircut and blunt bang for your thick hair which is provides you messy but stylish appearance.

  • Gorgeous Platinum Lob Haircut

A stunning lob haircut that shows off pretty white platinum color for your fashionable and diva looks to accompany your whole day. Dye your hair with platinum hue to create dazzling hair which draws any attention to your face.

  • Lob Haircut with Fringed Bangs

This classic lob haircut with layer that combined with bangs fall down across the forehead which is cutely framed your oval face. Lob haircut with fringed bangs can be more soften your outlook if you give layers to your long hair.

  • Lob Haircut for Curly Hair

It’s great idea of lob haircut with layer for those who have curly hair which is offering you a dramatic hairstyle with volume at the center of the head.

Well, those are our mini list of lob haircut with layers that can be your best option to start the ‘new you’. We hope it can be your reference before you sprint to the nearest salon to get a chicest lob haircut. As note for you; even though this haircut is for everyone, make sure to consult with your stylist to get a type of lob cut that ideal for your whole look and flaunts your beauty. It’s time to let your hair look stylish and attractive.

Adorable Little Girl Pixie Haircuts for Your Cutie Angle

Hey mom, looking for suitable but also cute and sweet hairstyle for your little angel? Well, these little girl pixie haircuts will be perfect choice for her. The best thing of pixie haircut is, it easy to manage and comb. So, if you are working mom and your little angle is full of life, pixie haircut is something that you should consider. Overall, pixie haircut is simple by let the hair cut short at the back and the sides. It breeze to maintain and this haircut will bring out her cute, soft features that makes her more adorable.


We have mini list of little girl pixie haircuts if you need references. Check it out, mom! And don’t worry; pixie haircut is look best for any face shapes such as oval, heart-shaped, square and diamond face. So, you can do this haircut for your lovely angle without makes her look dull. Here they are:


  • Wispy Pixie Haircut

Pixie haircuts with wispy hairstyle can be applied for those who have straight to wavy hair. The wispy strands have texture that gives your little girl a tender and soft appeal.

  • Straight and Side Bangs Pixie Cut

This style of pixie haircut is appears with straight hair and side bangs. For finishing, add some layers to create volume at the top.

  • Pixie haircut with Cute Bob

Give the pixie cut a touch of cute bob and side sweep hairstyle. The long fringe that fall at the side, make your girl look classy and chic. A couple of hairpins along the side will make her more pretty and adorable.

  • Pixie Haircut with Asymmetrical Bob

You can fashion your little girl with combination of short pixie haircut and asymmetrical bob. The asymmetrical bob shows off its long side that is cut pretty clean and works well with the length and layers. It looks feminine yet cool.

  • Pixie Haircut with Bangs

Wanna make your little girl more fabulous with her new haircut? How about do this haircut; it’s pixie haircut that comes with short and bangs slightly cover the forehead. Well, somehow it looks messy but cal down, it easy to manage and perfect for your active girl.


Little girl pixie haircuts is something that you can easily neglected, mom. Pixie haircut can be your savior in moment you don’t have time to styling your girl’s hair. And, any kind of pixie haircut will naturally dressed up your little girl—turn her into a real cutie angel that look adorable—without need too much effort.

Stand Out with Top 5 Astonish Flat Top Haircut Designs

By the way, what kind of look of flat top haircut designs? Flat top—is a type of haircut that is the hair cut and styled stand up vertically which is form a flat deck. This deck can be level or slope or even down; just pick what you like the most. Flat top haircut looks like a box shape, but often time appears with completely shaved or lightly faded sides and back. Well, if you are too anxious to give this boxy haircut a try, let’s take a peek what flat top haircuts for inspiration. So you can choose flat-top haircut that will be great on you, and make you stand out.


Here they are mens flat top haircut that worth enough to give a try. We’re collected the most popular one which is will be perfect for any hair:

  • Side Part Flat Top

If you wanna play save with hip-hop-influenced haircut but still looks gorgeous with flat top hairstyle; you can say to your barber to do your hair with side part hair cut which has soft edges and simple touch of pompadour on the top of the head. This flat top haircut is the best way to set your own style.

  • Blunt Flat Top

Have a great look with this classic flat top haircut in touch of military hairstyle that popular for guys and any ages. This flat top haircut appears with blunt flat top haircut to give stiff facade, set off with short sides.

  • Blue High Flat Top with Hair Design

It’s totally astonishing flat top haircut for stylish men as you; with blue high top and hair design carving the sides as great finishing. The blue top and hair design that surrounding the sides will gonna draw any eyes.


How about that? Find any flat top haircut you like the most? Or, are you still need more references. Keep calm, we still have some flat top haircuts. So, check it out till the end.

  • Modern Flat Top with Angled Front

Modern and cool flat top haircut by showing high flat top with angled above for the top hair and combined it with a neat fade haircut that accentuated your appearance.

  • Rounded Flat Top

Wanna look stand out with you natural hair? So, this mens flat top haircut is great option for you. This is flat top haircut for your natural hair that imposing the wide flat top haircut with slightly rounded shape angled flat top and low bald fade cut.


Top 5 Superb Men’s Comb over Hairstyles with Classic and Modern At Once

The style of 1980s or 1990s’ and today’s comb over hairstyle basically involve the same common details, as like a long hair on top and closely shaved sides. Superb men’s comb over hairstyles are offering both classic and modern look to complementing your overall appearance. The key to choose what’s like comb over hairstyle that good on you is, to ensure that it works well with the angle or shape of your face, so it surely can highlighting your features.

Men’s comb over hairstyles can be your classic and modern look, it depend on which hairstyle you pick. For modern flair, you can opt for undercut; low, medium or high fade; or ask for tapered to your barber. And when you feel wanna go classic, let’s smooth and sleek top hairstyle with addition of blow or pompadour comb for more texture. Well, if you’re getting interested to wear men’s comb over hairstyle, we’ll gonna show you classic and modern way to wear comb over haircut. So, check this out:

  • Wavy hair comb over

This comb over haircut is superb option to give your crown texture. Wavy and curly hair adds volume to the style while the short sides and back is balancing the overall flair.

  • Undercut comb over with bleached layers

Well, bleach is piece of trend on the late of 90s and early 2000s that it’s okay to revive it again. Undercut with stroke of comb over and embellish by bleached layers can provide you an undeniably modern edge as well as sexy look.

Classic and modern men’s comb over hairstyles definitely never fails to highlight your appearance. This superb hairstyle offers you vast of selection to choose.

  • Back comb front with high fade cut.

This comb over hairstyle appears with top hair is combed forward—back to front—formed bangs with a little touch of messy and texture, while the sides is tapered toward the nape of the neck.

  • Taper fade with sleek top

This kind of side comb and taper fade hairstyle is amazingly easy to achieve. Ask you barber to taper fade your top hair with medium length. For styling, use hair gel to smooth the front layers.

  • Classic comb over with modern twist

Classic comb over is popularized in 40s and 50s, but it’s still endlessly striking hairstyle for men. For modern twist and more eye-catching, mated it with mid-fade haircut. At this case, keep hair above ears shaved for cool contrast of long also short and bald from the fade cut.


Garçon Coiffure 2017 la Valeur de Votre Essai

Est-ce que vous aimez adolescent cherchez coiffure encore plus cool que vous êtes déjà? Si oui, nous avons une suggestion pour les plus cool coiffure garçon 2017 que vous obtiendrez les dernières idées de coiffure. Cela doit être la raison pour laquelle ces gars-là sont à la recherche si bon et leur style est facile et cool. Trouvez votre prochain inspiration style avec ces coupes de cheveux étonnantes pour les hommes.

Les garçons préfèrent toujours avoir des styles encore imprenables simples pour leur coiffure. Ils préfèrent généralement aller avec les coiffures les plus faciles et ceux qui sont parfaits pour leur routine quotidienne. Notre coiffure garçon 2017 coiffure peut changer votre regard entier. Que vous vous rendiez à un événement ou un lieu de rencontre avec des amis, vous devez toujours payer beaucoup d’attention à votre coiffure comme il se une partie essentielle après l’habillage. Si votre coiffure est pas à la marque, vous ne regardez pas complete.

La première coiffure qui nous suggéré est un ‘Modern Pompadour’ qui vous fera look soigné et magnifique. Vous pouvez terminer en appliquant un peu de gel pour le faire contrôler. Si un pompadour est un peu trop propre pour vous, peut-être le style ‘Choppy’ convient à votre désordre et d’embrasser votre sex-appeal. Mais, si vous voulez être entre les deux, vous adorerez certainement la coiffure ‘Dandy’. Tu dois couper un peu sur le côté gauche et à droite et glissez les bangs. En outre, si vous voulez montrer votre frange, tout ce que vous avez à faire est de demander à votre coiffeur de couper vos cheveux sous la coiffure de Fringe. Enfin, si vous êtes un jeune homme d’affaires, tout simplement lisse vos cheveux avec la pommade et instantanément vous regardez professionnelle que jamais.

Ce sont nos suggestions et nous sommes heureux de vous aider à améliorer votre côté masculin avec ceux coiffure garçon 2017. Mais, il y a un million de plus coiffure à être appelé par votre propre création. ainsi, avoir du plaisir et faire étourdir!

Superbes et Simples Coiffures Ado Fille

Relâche scolaire est presque terminée et bientôt l’école sera de retour en session. Bien qu’il soit amusant de recueillir vos fournitures et de trouver de nouveaux vêtements, il est encore plus emballant pour rafraîchir votre look avec un nouveau style. Faites une déclaration avec vos cheveux lorsque vous retournez sur le campus cette année. Voici 4 coiffures ado fille ultra plaisir pour l’école pour vous aider à démarrer.

Première coiffure ado fille est désordonnée et queue de chevale haute. Ce look est décontracté et rapide. Seulement hisser vos cheveux à la couronne de votre tête et le réparer avec une bande élastique épais. Mode blogueur Ann a tiré ses cheveux ondulés aussi haut qu’elle le pouvait et laisser la queue de cheval de glissement d’un côté. En outre, tresse lâche est certainement une option aussi. Volez à travers une coiffure tressée sur une matinée bien remplie pour créer ce regard qui est volontairement lâche et désordonné. Vous pouvez refaire la tresse toute la journée-pas de miroir nécessaire. Pour la coiffure bouffante facile, empiler vos cheveux sur le dessus de votre tête dans un mini coiffure ruche. Peigner vos cheveux un peu avant de le tirer jusqu’à lui donner du volume supplémentaire et cette texture duveteuse. Une autre coiffure sauveur est ballerine chignon. A, chignon serré soignée est l’un des regards les plus rapides à créer pour une matinée bien remplie parce que vous pouvez même le faire avec les cheveux mouillés. Aller sortir de la douche, tirer vos cheveux en queue de cheval et tordre la queue en un chignon. Comme un bonus supplémentaire, vos cheveux seront merveilleusement ondulée lorsque vous sortez à la fin de la journée.

Faire vos cheveux n’a pas à prendre des heures le matin avant l’école. Choisir un de ces coiffures ado fille est la clé de la recherche de votre mieux lorsque vous retournez à l’école cette année. Avec la bonne coupe de cheveux ou tout simplement le style rapide à droite, vous êtes sûr d’avoir une bonne année.

Branché Coiffure Cheveux Courts

Quand vous pensez d’abord à quelque chose de mignon, vous avez généralement le sentiment de romance. Eh bien, en optant pour une coupe de cheveux ou de coiffure est mignonne va rendre tout le monde que vous rencontrez se sentir de cette façon. Vous va certainement ouvrir des occasions pour vous. Si vous correspondez à la chevelure avec un personnalité très mignon, il vous aidera à atteindre ce que les objectifs que vous avez à l’esprit. Donc, voici une liste des coiffure cheveux courts qui vous aidera à aller de l’avant avec votre plan. Votre surcharge de gentillesse va inspirer tout le monde autour de vous pour être de meilleures personnes quand il vient à leur attitude vers vous et d’autres personnes. La chose intéressante à propos de cheveux mignons qui va bien paraître à tout le monde. Il n’a pas vraiment d’importance ce que vos meilleurs atouts sont, une coupe de cheveux ou de coiffure mignonne va pour les ramollir et vous faire paraître très attrayante. Voilà pourquoi il serait mieux si vous avez regardé ces coiffure cheveux courts et voir lequel d’entre eux conviendraient mieux à votre personnalité.

Nous vous donnons volontiers quelques suggestions de nouvelles façons pour coiffure cheveux courts. Les cheveux courts est à la mode et qui dit que vous ne pouvez pas avoir du plaisir sans les cheveux longs? Ces modèles inspirants ont tous menton-longueur coiffures qui secouent totalement. Texture et la couleur sont des éléments clés qui aident à garder votre coiffure court fraîche et moderne. Voici quelques coiffure cheuveux courts de célébrités magnifiques qui nous l’espérons vous inspirer.

Vous pouvez copier cheveux hérissés de Jennifer Lawrence, ou bob élégant classique de Coco Rocha. Deux sont à la recherche si bien avec tous les types de visage. En outre, nous vous donnons plus d’inspiration de style de désordre lumière cheveux de Miley Cyrus, lissés en arrière les cheveux de Shailene Woodley, ou mignonne frange coiffure de Kristin Chenoweth.

Vous novez look n’a pas à regarder tout à fait comme l’un de ces courts coiffures de célébrités. Mélangez et faites correspondre les différentes parties de coupes de cheveux. Dites à votre coiffeur comment vous voulez les côtés, le haut, le dos et la frange de regarder et de jeter. Créer votre propre coupe de cheveux courtes et impertinente et amusez-vous avec elle!

Coiffure africaine sauvage et libre

Maintenant que les cheveux naturels a repris le monde de la beauté, de plus en plus de femmes sont tombés en amoureuse de leur Dieu naturelle textures donnés. Ce qui signifie coiffures plus créatifs et à la mode ont été introduites. cette coiffure est s’appelle coiffure africaine. Même les femmes noires à Hollywood continuent à montrer des façons nouvelles et innovatrices de porter leurs cheveux naturels. Regardez ci-dessous pour voir quelques nouvelles façons vous pouvez porter vos cheveux naturels sous le thème de coiffure africain.

Aujourd’hui, naturels tellement pris dans le tressage de leurs serrures pour les vagues et les boucles pulpeuses que nous oublions les afro glorieux. Alors, laissez votre beauté intérieure être sauvage. Pompadour est également adapté pour les femmes. il vous suffit de diviser vos cheveux en deux parties de l’oreille à oreille, puis gélifier vos bords de sorte qu’ils sont lisses. Rouler la section de retour dans une torsion serrée et la broche. Prenez la moitié avant et l’insérer dans un pompadour. Vous pouvez vous pencher vers la gauche ou droite, l’inverser afin qu’il soit repoussé ou laisser pendre au milieu. Vous pouvez obtenir une bande élastique ultra robuste et rouler lentement en place sur votre tête afin qu’il pousse de vos cheveux en un poney, rouleau jusqu’à ce que vous atteigniez l’étanchéité souhaitée. Lisser vos bords et vous avez terminé! Pour le rendre encore plus génial, section une partie de vos cheveux à l’avant et il tresse sur le côté (ou vous pouvez tordre deux brins ou rouler). Epingler la fin de la tresse de sorte que il est caché sous la bouffée. Jeter sur des boucles d’oreilles qui claquent et soyez prêt à les tuer.

Nous espérons que nos suggestions vous inciter à embrasser votre don naturel. être prêt à être assez avec ceux coiffure africaine que nous vous avons donné!

Natural Hairstyles for Black Men You Should Try

Wanna make your no-matter-look natural hair type looks awesome? Well, embracing your natural hair type—by go dramatic with dreads or entering the zone of ‘fro—which one you choose it’s the best way to find your own hairstyle that suit best on you. If you need more examples, there are a lot of natural hairstyles for black men out there that maybe will be great for your natural hair type.

Curly and thick locks, afro hair comes with its unique set of dilemmas. As is the afro case, this hair type has dry and frizzy texture, so to avoid its getting out of control; it needs regular maintenance. For young African American men, wear various braided design, but getting adult and old that kind of hairstyle will be no longer works or not suit with your personality anymore. So, what will you gonna do next? Well, considering changing your hairstyle might be the right thing to do. For it, we take some natural hairstyles for black men that will suit your grown-up lives.

Here it is our natural hairstyles for black men that you should try. What is that?

  • Short Dreadlocks—dreadlocks are ropes of hair which is formed with various formation of locs such as braiding, backcombing, and rolling. Dreadlock hairstyle has been popular since a long time, but for some people this hairstyle has bad reputation because of they are thought it’s dirty and unkempt hairstyle. However, dreadlocks moreover which is short length will looks good to make you more mainly and cool in your appearance. Short dreadlocks that shaped in well-maintained style will reflect a good taste.
  • Short Afro—afro is stylish and trendy hairstyle for anyone who wants to show off their natural beauty African hair while still remains their professional look. If you just gonna be feel loose with your afro hair naturally, so give your afro hair good treatment and easy haircut likes short or medium length cut. Your afro hair deserves it, or if you wanna go bold, you can make a statement with color. Highlighting your hair with secondary color will be nice too.

The choice of natural hairstyles for black men is vast, you just need to pick wisely. To easier you make a decision, we already show you some natural hairstyle that maybe great on you, right? So far, which one that will be suit on you? Dreadlocks or afro? Or wanna try different style? We have Close Shave—it’s the version of African American man’s buzz cut. This hairstyle is great for you who have busy time since it less maintenance. Moreover, woman love it!

Elegant Widow Peak Hairstyles for Men

For men with a widow peak, they’re often having difficulty to find a balance hairstyle that goes well with their unique hairline. Somehow it turns into frustrating while finding the best widow peak. The difficulty comes in choose widow peak’s hairstyle which is offering a good balance look. Why it’s seems important and significant? Because, if your widow peak is thin and too deep—every hairstyle is looks like to be a bad attempt. To help you lessen the struggle find a great style, we’ve collected some of stylish widow peak hairstyle for men which are nice for your window peak.

The little triangular hairline—of widow peak hairline—can send shivers down any men who take it seriously. Keep in mind that choosing hairstyle that will making your widow peak becomes the focal point of your hairstyle. So, you’ll stand out with marvelous and unique look. For helping you accentuated your widow peak, we have widow peak hairstyle for men that you gonna be love it and bring any eyes to your natural hairline.

  • Undercut

This is one of the best widow peak’s hairstyle which is imposed on the short sides at the peak, and mated with slicked-back undercut. Undercut requires regular maintenance, so if you wanna get the best result, you must put the serious work into it.

  • Pompadour

Whether you choose short or tall version pompadour, this hairstyle will accentuate your widow peak.

  • Buzz Cut

If you fall into short hair style, we recommend this buzz cut as your hairstyle. The shortness of the hair will highlight the peak and give your hairline a distinct edge. And buzz cut with traditional army style, for sure accentuated your peak in better way. And as bonus, this buzz cut offering you low and easy maintenance. So, if you’ve a busy life, this hairstyle is perfect choice.





Cool and Simple Hairstyles for Short Hair Men

Did your life is such a fast paced busy? And you prefer wear short haircut that easy to handle but looks great at same; so, it gonna be need less your time and attention in the morning. Are there any short haircuts that easy to manageable to style like that? Of course there exist and we gonna show it to you. Let’s have a chit-chat of simple hairstyles for short hair men.

Our simple hairstyles for short hair men features easy and low maintenance yet have a high style looks. As like these simple men’s short hair:

  • Short hair + Undercut.

It has a bit of length at top and ultra short sides. For texture feeling, it has messy top in all direction.

  • Line up + High Skin Fade.

This hairstyle just need usual barber visit. And when you handle it alone at home, this isn’t require any styling since it has clean and sharp cut with fade at sides.

  • Textured Spikes + Low Fade.

Short spikes with texture is now become the latest men’s hair trend, as like as this textured spikes which is combine with low skin fade to complete the look.


Who’s a man that doesn’t want hairstyle with easy maintenance and not need extra time to tame the really short mane? We guess there’s no one. Simple hairstyles for short hair men, for some reason gonna be the answer of those who longing effortless short hairstyles, like these:

  • Short Pomp Fade

As one of the most popular haircut, pomp fade never failed to complement any shorter hair with its contrast fade—shaved side with fluffy hair on top.

  • Spiked Quiff + Taper Fade

The attraction of this hairstyle is sited on longer hair at the hairline that spiked up into a fresh quiff.

  • Short Curly + Fade

Let the top with dense curly hair while the sides or the remain hair at the bottom is styled in faded way.

5 Simple Short Mens Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Straight hair…if we talk about this type of hair, all we can say is… the most manageable type of men’s hair that easily to tamed and able to withstand various of styling. However, if everything done wrong, straight hair appears limp. Thus, men with straight hair should choose style that adds texture and weight for a great result. If you still aimless to choose which style might be the right option for you, read on below about our short mens hairstyles for straight hair.


Dude, just keep read below if you need some references to style your short straight hair. We have some of short mens hairstyles for straight hair it down here.

  • Classic Undercut

The style is imposed on its short and neat cut that ideal for give texture on your straight hair. To make a focal, combine undercut with strikingly fringe. Undercut and fringe give a balance look on your face.

  • Combed-over Fringe

Combed-over fringe and slight side part gives the head sense of fullness without sacrificing the style. And, for you to know, this style helps you to distracting any eyes from your receding hairlines. By sweeping the fringe forward and side, and let it cover up your temples; your weakness—receding hairline—is gone. Moreover, the asymmetry of your fringe will add your freshen look.

Short mens hairstyles for straight hair that gonna be nice for your hair is: Textured hair and Blunt Fringe.

  • Textured hair

Is characterizing your style with a crop. With centerpiece of wavy hair on top while the side and back faded, this hairstyle will looks greater if you paired it with nicely trimmed beard.

  • Blunt Fringe

Any one of you is a guy who’s always on the go? If yes, blunt fringe likely this one is for you. Which one are you—an devoted jogger or gym-goer, this style ready for whatever you put it.