Get a Cute and Funky Look with Two Strand Twist Men

Two strand twist men is one of so many kinds of hair braids, it’s especially for men. As we know, braids or twist is usually used for girl or women with long hair. To be honest, man hairstyle used to be so monotonous, so little choice and variations. But now men can express themselves with many different hairstyles. Men can give a cool, warm, masculine, innocent, friendly and funky vibe only with change of their hairstyle. With this type of braid I bet you will look cute and funky at the same time.

Do you have a small curly hair or an afro textured hair and confuse on how to style it? Well, I believe you need to try two strand twist men hairstyle at least one time in your life. This hairstyle is so popular among men with curly and afro hair. Curly and afro hair usually looks really thick and need a lot of attention, like brushed and styled frequently. If you try this braid, your hair will look neater but still look natural.

What do you need to make two strand twist men?

First of all you need a long hair, minimum 2-3 inches long, of course men with a buzz cut hair can’t get this strand twist hairstyle. It’s better if your hair is already curly or afro textured. Straight haired men also can get this kind of strand twist but the outcome will look thinner than the one with curly hair (it will have more volume).

Comb is one of the important thing to entangle your hair, hair clip, and rubber band is to separate your hair to some part to make the twisting process easier.

To make a prefect two strand twist men you also need some hair product like hair lotion, curling gel or cream. You can choose your own favorite product. This product will help you to hold the twist in place so your hairstyle will stay intact for long time.

Step by step to make two strand twist men

First of all, you need to wash your hair clean, use hair conditioner as well to make your hair smoother. Then you can dry it with cotton, don’t dry it too much. Avoid using hairdryer because it will make the hair really dry and frizzy. Dry it just to excess the water, but keep it a bit moisturized.

Second, detangle your hair with comb and divide it into few parts. You can use the hairclip here.

Third, apply hair product like hair lotion or curling cream in your hair.

Fourth, you can begin twisting your hair smoothly by make two strands and cross the one in left over the one in right until the end of section/ the end of hair. You can hold the end twist with rubber or just apply more hair gel to make it stay in place.

Don’t forget to use a hair cap or satin scarf to your hair in your sleep so it can stay intact.

Two strand twist men is really easy to do. There are many kinds of hair twist or braids. The most popular is this two strand twist and three strand twist. Try this hairstyle and you can get a simple but cute and funky look to face your day.

4 Unique Hairstyles for Babies With Short Hair

If you are a parent who follows the trend of styleand fashion, surely you will also pay attention to the looks of your children. One of the things you will notice is the hair model.

Every parent would want their babies to look beautiful and handsome. But if you have a child who is still a baby, forget about the beautiful and handsome because the children who are still babies are more suitable if they look cute and adorable.

Below is hairstyles for babies with short hair that will make your baby look cute and loved by many people.


  1. Waterfall Ponytail

Waterfall ponytail. Why this hairstyles for babies with short hair called  waterfall ponytail? Because the hair which should be tied is directed upwards.


Take some of your baby’s hair in the middle and a little ahead. Pull up and strong ponytails. She will look very adorable.


  1. Bob Hairstyle

Bob’s haircut is probably very common. To make your child look a little different, give her a side bangs and move the bangs using a banded hairpin. Your child is not only cute but also beautiful.


  1. Boo Monster Inc Hairstyle

Do you know cartoon called Monster Inc? If you ever watch it, of course you will not forget the character Boo. For people who have watched the film, Boo characters will certainly be very stuck in their minds because of her looks and behavior that is anxious. If you have daughters with short hair then you can lock both sides of her hair like Boo.


  1. Tentacle Pigtail

The last baby hairstyles with short hair is a very simple haircut. If your baby has short hair with any model, you can still apply this hairstyle because you only need to divide the hair into 5 to 7 parts and then tie each part one by one to form a tentacle.

Astonishing Toddler boy haircuts for curly hair


Some parents who have son with natural curly hair may have difficulty in tidying up their son’s hair and confused to determining the hairstyle that will make their son look cool. If you are one of the parents who feel confused in caring for and determining the hairstyle which is suitable for your son who is curly, below is a list of toddler boy haircuts for curly hair that you need to apply for your son

  1. Mohawk for Toddler

Mohawk hairstyle is a haircut that is much loved by children because it looks cool, this toddler boy haircuts for curly hair is very easy to apply because it only shaves the right and left sides of the hair.Maybe all this time you always see straight-haired kids having this hairstyle. You need to know that children with curly hair can also have this hairstyle.


  1. Curly Army

Ever thought of cutting your son’s hair like army hair? If you apply this haircut to your son, it will probably eliminate his cute side as a child. Therefore you can combine curly hair with an army hairstyle. You don’t need to shave all of his hair, just shave it in parts like the front and keep your curly hair.


  1. Natural Curly

If you are too confused for deciding a haircut that is suitable for your curly-haired son then you don’t need to bother looking for a hairstyle that suits him. Let her hair grow naturally. If after the hair grows long and you think that the hair is not neat then you can cut it into short like cutting straight hair


  1. Long Afro Curly Hair


This is the last toddler boy haircuts for curly hair.If your child has afro hair, then you can grow his hair long. Cut the hair on the right and left to be thinner. Then tie the long section of hair up. If you apply this hairstyle to your son, he will look neat and order.

Outstanding 5 Year Old Boy Haircuts

Boys generally do not care much about their look/style, unlike girls, although they are kids girls tend to pay attention for their looks/style.

Having a boy who does not care about their style might make you always have to tidy up his hair. If you don’t bother tidying her hair, you can apply the following haircut to your son.

  1. Buzz Cut Hair Style

 Firts 5 year old boy haircuts which can you apply for your son is buzz cut. If your son has messy hair which really hard to tidy up, this haircut really suit for your son. You should not combing his hair everytime even if his hairs is not combed, it still neat.


  1. Classic Hair Style

If you want your son to look neat, handsome and has formal aura you can try classic haircuts. This 5 year old boy haircuts does prioritize neatness in hair so you need to comb his hair. But it is very easy to set. You only have to comb it to the right or left then add some pomade or oil and finish.


  1. Short Curly 

If your son has natural curly hair so just let it. Don’t force to make his hair become straight. Have curly hair might make you stress to tidy up it. To solve this problem so you need to cut his hairs not strighten it. Cut the hair to a length of about 3 cm above the ear.


  1. Mohawk

Next 5 year old boy haircuts is the famous hairstyle, yup that’s mohawk. This hairstyle emphasizes the thickness of the hair in the middle of the head.If your son easily to sweating, this haristyle is suitable for your son because thin hair on the left and right side of his head makes him shouldn’t waste a lot of shampoo.


Cute and Simple Hair Cut for Kid Girl

You don’t have much time to take care your daughter’s hair? These are some simple hair cut for kid girl that won’t make you spend a lot time for taking care of them.

  1. Straight Bob

If your daughter has long hair, easy to fall and get messy, cutting her hair become short is the best way to take care of her hair. The simplest haircut for your daughter is a bob cut.


  1. Twisted Side Pony Tail For Girls

You will attend an important or formal event with your daughter but you don’t have much time to dress your daughter? You don’t have to be confused about your daughter’s style because there are easy way to make your daughter look beautiful and elegant: Twisted Sidde Pony Tail. If your daughter has long straight or long curl hair, twisted side pony tail is easiest hair style to apply. You only need to pull her entire hair to the right or left side and then tie it.


  1. Twisted Up Side Pony Tail

 If your daughter has short hair you still can apply this hair cut for kid girl. You should pull the entire hair to the up side. But, this way is suit 3-7 years kid only. Your little daughter will look cute. If your daughter is 8-11 years old who doesn’t want to look cute anymore, so just apply firts way.



  1. Half Up Pony Tail

Next simple hair cut for girl kid is half up pony tail. This hair cut for kid girl style is only tie some part of your daughter’s hair. Take some of her hair from left and right side. Put it back then point it up. Tie that part of hair. This hair cut for kid girlis suit for girls who has long hair that often covers their eyes or accidentally goes into their mouth.


  1. Stacked Bob

The last hair cut for kid girl is tacked bob. Stacked bob is hair cut which is the har on the back of head is shorter than th front. The more forward the shorter.



5 Fabulous Mens Hard Part Haircut as Classic Style for Every Gentlemen

Mens hard part haircut referred to shaved part or line in haircut. Hard part haircut is modern version of classic side part and now become a new and awesome way to customize a hairstyle. This hard part offering a contrast line in the scalp, which is can be incorporated with any different haircuts like undercut, comb over, pompadour, quiff or fade.

Ultimately, hard part haircut confidently mixing the edgy, classy and fresh all in one; and become the part of the coolest hairstyles that looking for any gentlemen. Mens hard part haircut comes with typically short sides, while the top is keep a moderate length of hair. Even though its sound easy haircut, do the cut by ask your barber to do it. Don’t try this at home—too risky; if you wanna get perfect and great hard part haircut.

For those who getting interested with this classy haircut, here are a few references of mens hard part haircut that looks stand out when it coupled with other haircuts or hairstyles.


  1. Classic hard part haircut

Classic charm cannot separate from this hard part haircut and times proven that hard part is one of all-time most popular haircut. Thanks to its classic profile and its versatility. This classic men’s hard part will works best on your natural straight hair.

  1. Hard part with com over style

For those who like appear in classy and polished look, it couldn’t be hurt if you try to combine your hard part with comb over hairstyle.

  1. Hard part with beard

Need striking hard parts for you medium and long hair? How about let your beard help; beard can be excellent way to balancing the contrast of your hard part.

  1. Double hard part

This hard part haircut comes with double hard part by shaved two lines—right next to other—at the sides of the head.

  1. Curly hair hard part

Have a curly hair and tempted to do hard part? Well, coupled your hard part haircut with fringe that let your curly hair goes wild—let it naturally fall down at the side of your forehead.

Best Options of Men’s Haircut with Line

Here it is men’s haircut with line for gentlemen who’s looking for an ultra clean and stand out cut. We already listed some of them. Haircut with line become popular among guys, since this kind of haircut us unique and allow men to feel free use their imagination. By making lines and other patterns, it can turn any regular taper fade or undercut into something awesome and cool haircut.

Do you wanna know haircuts with impressive lines and patterns more? Well, let’s check our list of haircut with line that might be become your new haircut this year.

  1. Crew Cut with Line Up

This haircut might be the most common edge cut that you know, but in creative barber’s hand this haircut can be looks awesome. Add simple as well as unique patterns or shapes like curves, or even geometric lines at the back of the head and sides; will make your crew cut turn into a masterpiece. Be different by give the sides of your head with double line up haircut, it will creates a unique style.

  1. Side Parting with Line Up Haircut

For those who have short hair, this haircut with line on side or side parting with line up haircut is superb for you. Cutting the hair in a strong side parting, and uncomplicated square edge will give you classic cut.

  1. Curly Line Up Haircut

The contrast of thick curls and clean hairline, somehow add stylish look and make your style more vivid. Just let your curly hair take the stage by keep the edge less treatment. For more stand out-looking, or geometric style you can add lines to complementing the sharp edge’s hairline.


So far, which haircut with line that you choose? The hard line haircut or the soft one? However, which one you choose, make sure your barber know what you want; since the hairline somehow is hard to get and need experience to creating one.


  1. Man Bun Fade Combine with Line Up

This man bun is basically a top knot with sides that shaved all around the head—soft fade or blunt line up hairlines—is make this hairstyle more awesome.

  1. Pompadour Fade with Line Up

For you to know, pompadour is popular cut that can easily tailor to your liking; from short buzz to shaving the sides. Or keeping the top long and sweeping it. You can also wear clean edge cut into hairline that can be blend with your beard’s lineup.


Low Fade With Long Hair on Top That You Can Try

Along with high and mid fade, low fade keep its fame as most popular way for gents to cut the sides hair. And as versatile haircut, low fade can be added to many men’s hairstyles. You can ask your barber for low fade with long hair on top, or short low skin fade around your sides and back. Or request, a cut which is taper the hair into the beard. Well, it’s depend on your desire.


If you are looking any style of low fade with long hair on top for a high-contrast haircut, you can see below. We collected some low fade with textured top hair.


  1. Low fade with textured top

Give your long hair on top some textured such as spiky, Mohawk or quiff with wax or pomade. Textured top is the best companion to spend your day all day long.

  1. Low bald fade with curly long fringe

This is a brilliant low fade that appears with curly or wavy long fringe that naturally drop covering the center of your forehead. It is dramatic way to show off your curls or wavy hair.

  1. Taper fade with man bun

Wanna easy treatment for your long hair on top? Try this taper fade that coupled with man bun. Yup, tied up your long hair into a bun. It simple yet cool hairstyle.

  1. Stylish low fade with long comb over

Style up your hair on top with comb over hairstyle—the longer hair is combed into one side that its contrast with the shorter hair around the head. Those who wear this haircut will looks great from any angle.

  1. Low fade with messy curl top

Another textured hairstyle that you can try that show off low fade with messy top. Textured hairstyles allow you to brush or comb your long hair on top in many ways. Use hair product such as pomade to keep hold your messiness.


Well, that’s our low fade haircut’s list of today. There’s still many of low fade with long hair on top that you can follow the style out there. If you wanna know more, just go search by yourself and pick one of them as your newest style.


5 Best Ideas of White Boy Fade Haircut

Need some ideas of white boy fade haircut as inspiration to start a new look? Fade haircut itself is lately getting more attention among the guys. Are you one of them? Well, fade haircut commonly accompanied by shorter hair, but now you can find longer hair on top brilliantly compliment the fade.


The type of fade haircut itself is abundance. And this kind of haircut provides dramatic effect with clean and cool cut. See below, if you interested to know what styles that suitable for white boys like you. Here it is ideas of white boy fade haircut:


  1. Fade haircut with curly top

Apply this fade haircut that appears with curly hair at top that short cut and seamlessly blended into the skin fade.

  1. Razor faded pompadour

Those who love classy charm, this razor faded pompadour will your best selection. Shows off its classic low razor faded pompadour, this haircut awesomely well done.

  1. Skin fade with medium length pompadour

Complement your skin fade haircut by style up your medium top hair into pompadour. Style it by swept back your top hair with height reach the above the crown, while the sides gradually fade into the skin.

  1. Fade haircut with shape up style

Creating a clean and sharp rectangular shape to highlighting your fade haircut. The edge of hair is shaped up until it reach the sideburns and the hairlines.

  1. Bald fade comb over hairstyle

This haircut is works great for those who have wide, diamond or round face shape. Bald fade with comb over also perfect if you mated it with hard side part style. Moreover, if you have full beard, beard will compliments the whole hairstyle.


Now, which one you’ll choose is depend on your liking. Our white boy fade haircut is done with this. So, if you need more ideas, find it by yourself. There’s still a lot out there. Or, you can easily go to barbershop and ask the barber what’s best fade haircut for you. See ya!


5 Awesome Low Fade Short Hair Only For You

Low fade short hair is one of cutting type of popular fade haircut. Fade haircut itself is also known as a taper, even taper and fade is different haircut. Fade haircut shows gradual short haircut at the back and sides—the hair getting shorter as it get close to the neck. Hair on the sides is fading, from long at top and short at the bottom. To put simply, low fade shows shortest hair around the hairline.

The low fade haircut can be works well with any different men’s hairstyles. You can incorporate low fade short hair from long hair to a bald fade and short hairstyle that you want. Or, you can pick low skin fade for a tight haircut which is give a strong contrast charm. And yup, low fade haircut is offering versatility and stylish look at once.

So, without wasting more time, here is our list of low fade haircut for your short hair. Check it out till the last word.


  1. Low drop fade

This type of fade haircut is low fade short hair which is can be called as a drop fade, since the lines drops down behind the ear that looks such a clean and smooth line.

  1. Low skin fade with quiff

Low fade for short hair that brilliantly style up your head with low skin fades along with its quiff and also part design haircut on the sides for retro look.

  1. Simple low fade

Low fade haircut for your ordinary and special days with less contrast and texture on the sides. Ask your barber to style your hair by tapered cut above the ear and neckline.

  1. Low fade with brushed up fringe

Try this at time you visit your barbershop. This low fade haircut comes with brushed up fringe or spike style. The addition of funky fringe can be your great hair treatment for your lush hair no matter your type of hair is.

  1. Low skin fade with pompadour

How about this low skin fades with pompadour? This low fade short hair is mated with pompadour hairstyle on top could be your coolest choice.

How to Part Your Hair Men: Perfect Side Part

Wondering how to part your hair men to looks stylish and become like a real gentlemen? Don’t worry, we have that you need. Below, we’ll give you enlighten about how to get perfect side part haircut that will level-up your appearance in any occasion. Are you ready?

Side part haircut is versatile and stylish; no wonder many of us guys interested and admired this kind of haircut. But most guys don’t know which way to part our hair. Here are how to part your hair men, just make sure follow the steps to get the best way to side part and style your hair.

  1. Find your natural part

By brushing your lush hair forward, and then shaking lightly your head. Keep your eyes and noticing where your hair naturally sits or part. If you less sure; after a wash, give your hair little shake and dry it quick will allow the hair to fall into its natural parting.

  1. Decide where you wanna the part

Which way the hair sits is your natural part also your style direction. If your hair sits from right to left, pop your parting in on the right.

  1. Get the right haircut

To get hairstyle that you desire, start it with cut. You can start with shorten the back and sides, while the top is let longer.

  1. Find your style

However, if you’re already know which way your hair naturally sits or falls, it doesn’t mean make you stick out with that in the way you styled your hair. Well, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to parting the hair as well as styling. Just style your hair as you want. If you need a wise recommend, ask your barber.

  1. Finish with strong product

To hold the style that you prefer in place all day; use wax, pomade through the hair for neat and textured look, or some hairspray for extra hold.


Well, lastly; even though our steps of how to part your hair men tell you which way your hair to be styled, it’s no better judgment than your own. If you think in the right way, and feel good with your side parting style—you will look good!



The Top 5 High Temp Fade Haircut Ideas to Highlights Your Masculinity

If you’re looking for attractive fade styles, so these 5 high temp fade haircut gonna be complete your quest. By the way, what is temp fade? Temp fade haircut commonly known as temple fade also known as Afro Bowl Out. Yup, it is stylish hairstyle among Afro guys, but now everyone ask for it to looks trendy.

Temple fade, is a cool taper fade haircut which is shows line up or shape up around man’s temples; wherethe hair is getting gone at the lower parts, but with a nice transition effect between the hair lengths. Well, if you gonna go to barbershop and need some ideas of high temp fade haircut; you have to see our list. See below, guys if you wanna know the secret how to highlighting your masculinity!


  1. High Temp Fade with Spiky Hair

This high temple fade is excellent men’s hairstyles that appears in coolest high fade close to the hairline and modestly circumvent the ears. You should try this.

  1. High Skin Temple Fade

Have straight hair, dude? Well, this high skin temple fade with a touch of brushed up hair would be great on you. You can wear this haircut  to attend formal, casual or informal ocassion.


High temple fade haircut never disappointed you. You can get the beauty of the temp fade by choose our top high temple fade. Let’s check again.

  1. Wavy Temp Fade

If you have natural wavy hair, this haircut is made for you. Not every guy can wear this temp fade with their ‘unrealistic’ wavy hair. Wavy temp fade haircut highlights wavy hair in such a coolest way.

  1. High Temple Fade with Top Knot and Beard

This high temple fade appears with top knot and you can let your beard stay at your jaw to make your appearance manlier.

  1. High Temple Fade with Dreads

Wanna more unique hairstyle? Well, try this high temp fade which is combined with dreads that form into bun. It’s looks great for you who wanna looks trendy, stylish, unique and different.