Best Options of Men’s Haircut with Line

Here it is men’s haircut with line for gentlemen who’s looking for an ultra clean and stand out cut. We already listed some of them. Haircut with line become popular among guys, since this kind of haircut us unique and allow men to feel free use their imagination. By making lines and other patterns, it can turn any regular taper fade or undercut into something awesome and cool haircut.

Do you wanna know haircuts with impressive lines and patterns more? Well, let’s check our list of haircut with line that might be become your new haircut this year.

  1. Crew Cut with Line Up

This haircut might be the most common edge cut that you know, but in creative barber’s hand this haircut can be looks awesome. Add simple as well as unique patterns or shapes like curves, or even geometric lines at the back of the head and sides; will make your crew cut turn into a masterpiece. Be different by give the sides of your head with double line up haircut, it will creates a unique style.

  1. Side Parting with Line Up Haircut

For those who have short hair, this haircut with line on side or side parting with line up haircut is superb for you. Cutting the hair in a strong side parting, and uncomplicated square edge will give you classic cut.

  1. Curly Line Up Haircut

The contrast of thick curls and clean hairline, somehow add stylish look and make your style more vivid. Just let your curly hair take the stage by keep the edge less treatment. For more stand out-looking, or geometric style you can add lines to complementing the sharp edge’s hairline.


So far, which haircut with line that you choose? The hard line haircut or the soft one? However, which one you choose, make sure your barber know what you want; since the hairline somehow is hard to get and need experience to creating one.


  1. Man Bun Fade Combine with Line Up

This man bun is basically a top knot with sides that shaved all around the head—soft fade or blunt line up hairlines—is make this hairstyle more awesome.

  1. Pompadour Fade with Line Up

For you to know, pompadour is popular cut that can easily tailor to your liking; from short buzz to shaving the sides. Or keeping the top long and sweeping it. You can also wear clean edge cut into hairline that can be blend with your beard’s lineup.


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