Best Edgy Bob Hairstyles: Styling for Round Faces

Changing your new look is not merely about changing your make up or clothes. It is also about having new hairstyle. You can try edgy bob hairstyle. Not all people will be brave or choose this hair style. Yet, it is not a bad choice. This type of hair can create fresh look in your face. In addition, each shape of face will have different style of bob. That’s mean bob is actually nice for all people with all character. More than that, bob is ever lasting style. It still becomes trend now. Thus, people will not see you as weird.

To specify the discussion, let’s talk about edgy bob hairstyles for round faces. The first choice can be heavy side bang. If you are afraid of showing off your shape, this hairstyle can a bit hide some parts of your face. Second choice will be asymmetrical bob. You will have longer hair cut in one side. Then it will hide half of your cheek. It is a good style for those who want to hide chubby cheek. You will look so cute with that style. The last choice for round faces is messy style. You may curled your hair to get messy effect. It is also a cute style.

You still want more? All right, it is actually interesting to talk about edgy black hairstyle. The best choice will be asymmetry cut. Whatever the length, asymmetry is the most important thing. It depends on you whether you want long or very short style. If you want to try something different, short with long hair in a side only will be best. In addition, black will show natural look although you have brave hair style. Hair bang is another key for edgy look.

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