Going Anti mainstream by Choosing Viking Hairstyles

Viking is so iconic. It has huge fans. You may become one of the fans. As someone who is fanatic or has much love to this character, you may want to have same style as Viking. It is not merely about clothes and shoes you wear. It is also about other aspects that people see on your physical appearance. It is included hair. To support your identity as ‘viking’, you can try to have viking hairstyle. It is not only one but there are some that become your choices.

Viking men hairstyles have many variations. Yet, most of the styles need long hair. For instance, you want viking style with modern touch. Toned down will be such a good idea. To get this kind of style, you should have longer than four inches hair. Then, you can cut off the left and right sides. Make sure that your barber cut it correctly which is close to your head skin. Do not let your barber to touch or even cut your top long hair. To make a perfect look, you can use hairspray, hair wax, or pomade. It will make someone so manly. You still have another choice. Yet, it will be a bit harder than the previous one. It needs very hair like women’s hair. It takes time but not for those who have owned long hair. You only need underneath cutting. Then in your daily look, you can bind your hair.

Those are about viking hairstyles tutorial. It takes more effort for those whose hair is too short. Yet, it will be such a good and interesting style for men who have long hair. It can create antimainstream hairstyles. In addition, it will make you look so gentle and manly. This style is really worth trying.

Current Hairstyles for Men

Looking for stylish current hairstyles for men for your best new look? There’s a vast choice of trendy, cool men’s hairstyle that you can pick. From pompadours, undercuts, slick backs, quiffs, ‘till comb overs even top knots and man buns are included on our current hairstyle’s list. Wanna check it out, folks? Here we go then…

Let’s start with ‘High fade with loose pompadour’—which is come with easy haircut and requires only couple of clippers also 3-5 inches of hair on top. For the sides, pick to fade or undercut. Add your pomp some height and style using wax or pomade. As current hairstyles for men, high fade with loose pompadour—which is incorporates full beard—with clean faded undercut will looks stylish on your classic appearance.

‘Man bun with beard’ is nice combination to stand out with strong and masculine look. This kind of bun hairstyle can be your nicest current hairstyles for men. For any length of hair: medium or long hair, man bun and beard will never disappoint you. So, be confident with it. Keep in mind that bun hairstyle is not feminine at all. It can manly and masculine as you want to be.

Other current hairstyles for men are ‘Top knot undercut with cool pattern’. However top knot is typically hipster style, this style of hair still becomes the coolest hairstyle. If you’ve the hair like this, adorned the sides with pattern or design of tribal or whatever you want.

For infinite hairstyle, you can do ‘Tall thick spiky hair on top’ style for your hair. Well, thanks to the tapered sides with classic touch, make the hair is flexible enough to be styled in many different ways. Somehow, spiky hair brings simple yet sexy style to start your day. Well, that’s not surprise if thick spiky on top take in our current hairstyles for men.

The Best of the Best Hairstyles for Men with Thick Coarse Hair

Let’s get the best haircut for your thick and coarse hair by choosing a great style. So, here we are…: on the list of hairstyles for men with thick coarse hair that will give you bunch of options to choose from new cut or just wanna change your style. Whether your thick coarse hair is wave, curl or drop straight down; you can do experiment with style you like—let the hair go long or cut them off. Well, ready or not, here we go!

How about ‘Sleek hairstyles’? Slightly slicked back hairstyle is worth enough to make you gorgeous in style. Whatever you’ll go—formal event, go to work, or casual environment—this hairstyle is suited on you. All you need is a bit of gel to lay back your hair. For men who prefer growing up the hair even though it’s coarse and thick, we recommend ‘man bun’ as your new hairstyles for men with thick coarse hair. Man bun—essentially a top knot for man—is timeless and popular hairstyle in recent year, so it’s not hurt if you pick this one. All you have to do is leave your peak with longer hair and wrap it back with help of a rubber band or hair tie.

‘Side bangs’ probably become your hottest hairstyles for men with thick coarse hair. Do your hair with side bangs instead of to go full ‘emo hair’. Lets a few strands casually across your forehead to the side. Or, if you prefer classic hairstyle… you can take advantages or you thick hair by cutting it discretely down on the sides while the top untouched—leaving it for styled in various ways as you pleased. Classic haircut like this—which is has clean cut, will looks great for wavy hair. For more shape, you can add highlights to create layering effect.

Unique Longer Hairstyles for Men

Well, for guys like us…there’s nothing wrong with having long hair. With longer hair, your hairstyle will not gonna stuck only on ponytail, but you can wear more range of stylish looks to adorn your top. And here we are, we’ll chit-chat some of longer hairstyle for men that can be your reference to revamp your appearance to be more stylish.

We’ve collect cooler longer hairstyles for men that might be suited with your tasted. There are:

  • Man Bun

Man bun isn’t only a passing trend, since out there you can witness this twisted knot everywhere until now. Moreover, today man bun can be wears not just one set of hairstyle but many ways.

  • Ponytail

Simple ponytail is indeed the most common hairstyle for people with long hair. It’s the original way to handle long hair; ponytail can be your closes.

Long curly hair? Why not? Do the longer hairstyles for men with Perm Curl then. This kind of hairstyle is ideal for guys with thick locks. How to do? All you have to do is let your longer length to weigh down the curls. Need help of wax or gel to keep the curls in place. Also, finest moisturizing shampoo to maintain the hair’s health as well as to keep it manageable and sleek. If your hair appears with shoulder length hairstyle: take a note that instead of style the hair with messy manes or braided to turn your hair into masterpiece, you can relax your hair with simple side-swept look. This style have natural look and well-mannered—also have a little presence of wild yet gentlemen at same point. Then, for extra long hair men…: try to make a statement with that, as long as you care with your hair to maintain it well—far from unkempt and messy. Just give it some texture for a statement. Well, you can waves the locks if you are persist do this style.



Awesome Loc Hairstyles for Men

Hairstyle somehow is a mirror of your personality, or the words that you never could say to define your true self. Loc—is one such hairstyle which is talk much for you. With its uniqueness, Loc provides you Rastafarian loc with Bob Marley’s taste that hard enough for not to be get attention. To express your vow to faith as well as spirituality, loc hairstyles can be your bold statement without raising your words. Well guys, if you interested to devote your hair to the Loc, we have some awesome loc hairstyles for men to try.

Here are loc hairstyles for men that worth to attempt. Take a look and decide which one that suited best on you:

  • Short loc styles

For those who loving simplicity, this loc hairstyle is a good choice. Short loc styles are easy to wear—no braiding and no pinning. Though it’s not too appealing as the longer one, we can assure you that short loc styles is friendly loc to start with.

  • Curly loc

Having curly hairs? If yes, just make your curl into dreadlocks. You know, curls with medium length somehow its offer a stylish look. For more appealing style, do it with professional touch.

Wanting loc hairstyles for men that a bit special? Then, how about style your medium or long length dreads that accompany by undercut. We dreadlocks with undercut, we called it Quirky undercuts, which is loc hairstyle that rarely seen.

  • Long bun style

It’s imposed on those who have longer dreadlocks that tied up creates a bun shape. Choosing this loc hairstyle should be ready with the weight. Its heavy enough have dreadlocks bun.

  • Dyed loc styles

The main point of this hairstyle is giving colors at the tip your hair. Highlight the dreadlocks with shade of you want, however brown is the best option. You can applying ombre effect ,by give black at the roots, and honey blond chick.

Best Ideas for Black Men Curly Hairstyles

Physical appearance is not merely important for women. Men also need to deal with such thing. Men have to understand how to perform well in front of their friend, or college. Overall appearance is not limited to the way of dressing. Hairstyle becomes a simple yet significant aspect. Now, let’s discuss about black men curly hairstyles. Here is some ideas that will fit you and help you to show best style.

First ideas for black men curly hairstyle is Geometric Cut. It’s the best choice for you who want an everlasting style. Having geomagnetic shape on top and bold line will make you look so fresh and never go out of date. In addition, it is good for thick or thin hair. Second idea is modern styling. You will look stunning by having a bit long hair on top and make it fade to the lower part. Some football players are in love with this style. It becomes one of world trend right now. The third idea will be a bit same with the previous one. The difference is on its length. You can have shorter and smother cut on top. Then, make 360 line under the cutting. Let half of your head almost bald. It is such a brave yet worth trying style this year. Come to the last idea. It will be making a line. So, you can have short cut and make sure that it has good texture. Then, simply put a line above your ears.

Those are about black men curly hairstyles. You may consider your job and face to determine which one is best for you. To convince your choice is right, you can come and consult to hairstylist. Yet, if you are confident, you can get your hair cut now.

Fashionable 40s Hairstyles Men

Are you looking for a vintage hairstyle to looks fashionable in front of your crush, dude? Have a look these 40s Hairstyles Men then. But before we jump on the variety of 40s hairstyles, let’s know the history behind the 40s hairstyles especially for men. The forties hairstyles is rooted from the Depression-era style in 1930s and further ‘grow’ under the influence of a various factors including World War II, jazz music, golden age of cinema and subculture. Relatively, forties’ hairstyle for men has characteristics like short, conservative style, and wild.

As we said above, World War II takes a part in created mode of hairstyles where fighting men and civilians adopted short hairstyles because it’s practical, easy to groom, and conservative. The 1940s men military hairstyles become origin hairstyles at that time, with buzz cut, flat top and crew cut.
• Buzz cut—cropped very short the entire hair. To do this cut is simple with electric clippers.
• Flat top—it extremely short sides and back, cut with razor. Men with this hairstyle left the hair atop the head one or two inches longer and trimmed. It looks blocky and flat across the ‘peak’ of the head.
• Crew cut—is standard military hairdo, with extremely short on the side with a little touch of an extra length on top.

Forties hairstyles really fun to try and will help you—modern men—look cool and fashionable. Wanna know what 1940s hairstyles that will make you get attention your crush? Let’s check it out:
• Low pompadour—this hairstyle is easily to make. Just apply your hair gel at top of hair, spiking it up toward each other to make it look stylish.
• Wavy comb over—as one of the most popular 1940s hairstyles, wavy comb over proven will make you have a special look, especially for those with curly or wavy hair. Well, cut short the side of your hair, and left the hair on top about 2-3 inches long; and the result is 100% fashionable.
Well, there are still many of 40s hairstyles, so just found which forties hairstyles that suit with your taste.

Back To School Hairdos for Kids

After long holiday school, why not change up your kids’ hairstyle. With new looks, most likely your kids will be more excited for back to school. So, here it is some hairdos for kids to make your kids, especially your daughters more pretty and stylish. Whether your daughters have short or long hair and light or thick hair, we sum up hairstyles for your “back to school” hairdos.

Searching for fabulous hairstyle for your lovely daughter to make her pretty when she starts to go school again? Well, we have some braided hairstyle that will make your daughter’s short or long hair prettier. Those hairdos for kids are:
• Waterfall twist
It’s braid hairstyle that twisting the braid on the side to make an awesome cascading waterfall look. It seems difficult but with some practice, it will take no time at all. Find tutorial of this beautiful hairdo in Youtube.
• Double braid
It simply braid: two small braids pulled together and secured in the center. Wrap an eye-catching small accessory such as ribbon or elastic band for tied the hair.
• Hairstyle for curly hair
This hairdo might be perfect for your daughter’s curly hair. Well, somehow it’s frustrating to keep up curly hair stay beautiful in its shapes. So, use hairpins and scarf—truly buddy for curly haired girl. With lovely headbands, you can make your daughter’s curly hair completely stylish.
Well, there’s a ton of hairstyle to you can found in internet if you need some references. Just check it.

Hairdos for kids nowadays are various from simple, cute, classic, to ‘bizarre’. With creativity and cute hair accessories, you can customize your own style for your daughter’s hairstyle and make your girl the coolest. However, make sure that your girl also loves your chosen hairstyle, so she will be happy and more confident to go to school. Well, have a try, Moms.

Inspiring Wedding Nail Art Pictures and Ideas for Your Special day

Wedding is the most special day for all women. Every little thing is planned thoughtfully to make the moment of that ceremony memorable. Have you decided the theme for your weeding? And your wedding dress and accessories? How about your nails? White and red is official color’s nail for brides, but there’s wide array of nail art designs that you can choose and worth to try. Glitter, rhinestone, roses, pearl are just some of creative patterns that can be attached to your nails. If you need more wedding nail arts as your references, here is the collection of wedding nail art pictures and ideas. Check it out!

Nowadays, many nail saloons offering wedding nail art that will make your wedding—where you’ll be in the spotlight—more special. You can try these:
 Pink glitter ombre nails—its wedding nail art with classic touch of glitters at the fingernails tip. The glitters sprinkle at the nail’s tip, adding your nails beauty and elegant.
 Floral rhinestone nail art—if you wanna give your nails a strong impression, red rhinestone nail art is the right choice. Red is already lively shade. Combination of gold a top of red definitely perfect to look stand out in your wedding.
 Jeweled nails—make your nails look chic and classic with this bridal nail art. Over you base coat, add various shapes of white and pink rhinestones. Stick them with nail adhesives and ‘get wild’ with your nails.
 Pearl nail art—for wedding, pearl nail art is the right choice. Over smooth nail polish look, put pearls, micro beads and rhinestones. Create minimalist shapes with those beads.

If our wedding nails arts’ list not enough, you can found another references out there since there’s wide array of nail art with additional accessories. Found and choose gorgeous bridal nail art ideas that will lovely blend with your wedding dress. Just make sure, you choose the expert to beautify your nails—you want everything is perfect right? Lastly, stay beauty, ladies!

Put a spring into Your Nails with Lovely Cherry Blossom Nail Design

Who is doesn’t amaze and captivate with the beauty of the blooming of cherry blossom? Cherry blossoms or sakura are like a dreamy trees, its features are somewhat you can only feel in fantasy world.  It’s so majestic and breathtaking sight if you see them in full blossom when spring time comes. The rare beauty of cherry blossom gets the spotlight in art realm and being translate it into diverse art products such as literature, music, painting, sculpture, and even nail art—which is put blooming sakura into the nails. Cherry blossom nail art is modern way to honoring sakura’s beauty. A lot of cherry blossom nail design that flawlessly catches and put the loveliness that emitted by this pink flowers into the nails.

Well, wanna put a spring into your nails? If yes, we’ll help you to achieve it. Here is our cherry blossom nail design just for you. Hope you can try it out all of them,…or few. Do not worry; it’s easy to craft, so have a try!

  • Festive sakura blossoms nail design

Fill the white base coat of your nails with branches that full of cherry blossom painting. Draw it with from bottom to the top as like as sakura’s tree in full blossom, where you sit down beneath them to enjoy the beauty.

  • Captivating pink and white nail design

Apply pink and white for the base—polish white on your index and ring finger, while the rest of them are cover with the pinky. Then, begin to draw the sakura with nail art brush and help from toothpick; on your white nails. For the pinky one, just let it blank, untouched. If you done, finish off with top coat.

  • Cherry blossom for the night party

Need for a party nail idea? Here it is cherry blossom for your night party; with black nails showered with sakura’s petals with splatter effect of pink. Finish off with transparent polish. The contrast color of black and pink—black base coat and pink from sakura—bring a lovely atmosphere into this cherry blossom nail art.

Need more striking cherry blossom nail design? We have one last design that might be your taste. Just take a look:

  • Glittered cherry blossom

Go bold and stand out with the look of this glittered cherry blossom nail art. Apply high-end glitter polish in pink for the nails firstly. Afterwards, use acrylic powder to draw the branches complete with the leaves and flowers.

Simple or striking our cherry blossom nails design, those without doubt will bring the spring into your nails.