Braided Mohawk Hairstyles For Men Guide

Up in Arms About Braided Mohawk Hairstyles For Men?

The mohawk is often termed a mohican. Along mohawk is likely to make you appear from the group. Anyway, after you manage to attain an effective mohawk, all you’ve to accomplish will be to uncover an adequate hairspray to accommodate you.

Mohawk is actually a modern hair equally for men and women. This mohawk can be a easy, boyish cut. Nowadays, Black Mohawk is not only as a hair but as the custom for men and women too.

The New Fuss About Braided Mohawk Hairstyles For Men

Braided Mohawk hairstyles have quickly become a very special and stylish design that folks came to love. These wonderfully braided Mohawk hairstyles demonstrate how-to blend the various varieties of braid in various approaches to be able to develop a distinctive look. Consequently, look at these photographs over and over until you find the best hair for your unique mohawk haircut.

In case you choose to select this hair, ensure that you check with your hairstylist. These hairstyles should be carried by those people who are not afraid to accept their wild side. This hairstyle ‘s been around in lots of regions of the world for years. This hairstyle is simple to create, particularly when you’ve medium-length hair. Black Mohawk hairstyles which can be long could be made into several techniques.

Best Ways to Get Loose Curl Hairstyles

Having loose curl hairstyle is now being so in among people especially women in around the world. Girls to women like to try this phenomenal style. Now, you may be part of them. You want to have new look by choosing that style for daily look. It is not a bad choice. You can follow these following ways to get the best result. You will be stunning, if you are daring to dye your hair. It is the hottest current style.

Now, it is time for you to know how to do loose curls hairstyle without professional hair stylish. The first step is, you have to ensure that your hair is dry. It is not recommended to curl your hair after you wash it. It will give different final result. It will be better to wait at least a day. Second, you have to prepare curling iron. The size of iron will determine the result. It will be better to have the large one. You can choose the temperature between medium of high heat. It is not good to choose the lowest one. Then, apply hair vitamin that will protect your hair from damage because of heat. One more important thing is never use finger comb after finishing curling process. It will destroy anything. Using your finger is enough. Then, do not forget to use hair spray. It will make your curly stay longer.

After reading the steps, women with short hair may ask about how to have loose curls hairstyle for short hair. Keep calm girls. All of the steps are applicable for short and long hair. The curl is even good for short hair because it will give better volume. Yet, you have to take the best part of your hair to be curled. It can be whole or just the longest part of your hair.

Awesome Mens Hairstyles for Short Straight Hair

Most men love their classic short hairstyle with short cut on the side and back one, however nowadays, short hairstyle comes with range of selection—not merely short—such as undercut or fade haircut that combined with various length of hair on top. Well, if you curious about short hairstyles, we have Mens hairstyles for short straight hair to share with you. It would be our pleasure, if you choose one from it.

Men’s short hairstyle is gonna be trend through the years. And you have a lot f option to get your own signature style started with this kind of style. So, these are our mens hairstyles for short straight hair, have a quick read.

  • Caesar Haircut.

For you to know, this short straight hairstyle is never goes out of style. The characteristic of this style is: of course it short that adorned with flat straight cut bangs. Hair on the both sides can be show off with same length as fringe or more short.

  • High and Tight Haircut

Need for non-civilian hairstyle? How about try this one—High and tight haircut, a military haircut. The ‘high’ comes from the very short haircut on the sides and back whereas the ‘tight’, taken from a line between longer hair at the top.

  • The Alistair

It’s classic hairstyle with tapered style with addition of volume and much of texture. For those square face’s guys this style will look great on you. How to style? Grab dryer and lift the hair in front upwards. And slightly flatten the sides downward using your finger.


Well if you need more mens hairstyles for short straight hair, we have some list that worth enough for you to check:

  • Short wise with angular brush back
  • Messy swept haircut with shape up and bald fade
  • Short sides with slicked back hair
  • Pompadour with low bald fade and line up
  • Quiff with high fade and highlights


Fabulous Mens Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Men with thin hair, somehow feel limited with their hair styling options. Which of your state: born and grow up with natural thin hair or your dense mane goes thinning; instead of go bald—in order to beat the thinning process—you still can rock a great hairstyle with our mens hairstyles for thin hair. Wanna try? If yes, stay tuned on this article ‘till the bottom.

Let’s see what we have here… mens hairstyle for thin hair can try:

  • Razor Shaved Fade. This hairstyle appears with cleanliness and simplicity. It has medium straight razor shaved the sides with natural trim. Guys with oval, oblong or diamond shaped head will looks great with this style.
  • The High and Tight. Slightly same with military crew cut, the high and tight men’s hairstyle will give perfect illusion you’ve more hair. The style is creating a great side part, and in order to generate volume…use the blow dryer. For finishing touch, rub pomade into the thin part of your hair.
  • The Mop Top. The style is all about to make your thin hair fuller and messy. To style the mop top, please read the instruction: blows dry the hair and apply a small amount paste’s Irish—V76 Molding Paste—through the hair. This paste helps hair seems thicker and make it stay still.

Need other men hairstyle for thin hair? Well, we have one left that is Retro Skin Fade. The note is: this cut make the hair is mostly gather on top then pulled it back one on top of another to creating fullness. While at the sides is cutting low for contrast to boost the appearance. Well, if you wanna take advantage of your weakness—thin hair—you can also choose Brushed Back as yours. The hair is cut short, to the part line while give the finishing touch by left the longest hair at the top as smooth finish.

Cool Hairstyles for Men with Long Hair

Are you growing your hair too much necessary, ha? Well, if you do, dude…let’s have fun with your long hair with these cool hairstyles for men with long hair. We collect some hairstyle that definitely looks good in you. Current men’s hairstyle seems more natural right now, and appears with cool clean look too. If that is your truly style of hair, then it’s not gonna be hurt if you try one of these hairstyle for long hair, right? Here we go.

Cool hairstyles for men with long hair can be simply as Twist-in Bun. This effortless long hairstyle it suited for those who love simplicity and less hair product like pomade. How to do this style of hair? Twist-in Bun: divided and twisted your hair loosely, afterwards joined them into a low pony and then twirled in a sort of sloppy knot. For totally relaxed vibe, let the tips stick out.

For carefree vibe, you can try Side-and-Back Swept Mane as your manly and cool hairstyles for men with long hair. To do this hairstyle is easy. Just, wash your hair first. Then dry it—don’t use hairdryer, get your towel instead. Next thing to do is apply some product, and then run your finger through the hair without using comb. Yup, comb the hair with your finger only, for natural sweep. The goal here is: to create a side part at the hairline also sweeps the larger portion of the hair to another side. And voila! Side-and-Back Swept Mane ready to accompany your day and it can be a good choice too for formal event. Grab your suite and get fun!

Now, let’s do Braid-Into-Bun Punk for highly complex and cool hairstyles for men with long hair. First off, make your hair shaved into V-shape. Afterward, braided in French braid style, but from the bottom up. For last touch hallway up the head, tied back into a bun. It’s worth it, if you do. Have a try!


Great Hairstyles for Men in Their Forties

Being forties it doesn’t mean you lost your youthful and fresh look, folks. You have the right to be always trendy as teenager. So, how’s come? Well, get a new and right haircut. Most of men as they get older mistaken by choose a haircut that ‘too safe’ which is looks kind of a boring haircut in other way, or even too trendy for their look. If you have no clue what hairstyle is, here are great options of hairstyles for men in their forties that we hope these haircut will help you look a bit younger into middle age.

The Short Caesar—is our first great hairstyles for men in their forties that worth to try by you. Well, it’s a great option, to be honest. This haircut is easy to maintain—since it literary short haircut—and good in slightly covering up the receding hairline. Moreover, ‘the short Caesar’ is one of timeless haircut which is almost never out of style.

The Loose Pompadour—is might be a good option for those who have an oval and slightly long face shape. As second of hairstyles for men in forties, loose pompadour can help you slightly receding hairline with its haircut. For the best look, spotlight your face by crowned your top with loose pompadour, while a short beard frames the face.

The Ivy League—here it is hairstyle for men in their forties that give you timeless great short haircut. It’s easy to maintain hairstyle, which is provides you enough versatility to experiment with the length top of your hair. You can styled your hair with messy style to add texture or neatly by combed the sides, forward.

The Long Layer Cut—well, this haircut is cool enough for your hairstyle for men in their forties. It imposed on the hair cut in long layer—with a bit taper at around the sides also the back. Use enough pomade to sweep the hair back for styling and add shine.

Elegant Hairstyles for Men with Glasses

Have no clue or tired enough to find your own hairstyle that suited to the type of your hair or the shape of your face? Or, still wondering what hairstyle is that good enough for your glasses-face. Nah, now we’re going talk about hairstyles for men with glasses, so keep calm dude. We’re collecting splendid haircut that help you to show off a hairstyle that can match your eye glasses. So, we hope by choosing our hairstyles list will make you stand out from the crowd.

‘Side Comb Haircut’. This is one of our hairstyles for men with glasses that you should know. Side comb haircut is side swept style which is works well with sporting glasses. Apply a bit shine wax on the hair, and styled it with side comb. If you need shorter haircut, try this ‘Undercut hairstyles’. Well, for guys with glasses would be perfect styled their hair with this hairstyle, especially those who wearing small glasses. Undercut hairstyle adds symmetry to the face, that’s why this haircut works well with men with glasses.

‘Messy Blowout’. Adds volume to your hair can be a trick to match the haircut with glasses you wear. So, messy blowout could be your nice one. Go stand out with your wavy or straight hair. Don’t hesitated using matte wax to shape the messy blow up with the help of hairdryer. These hairstyles for men with glasses giving not only nice but also give you a scientist-look.

‘Man Bun’. Among of trendiest hairstyles, man bun could be the best hairstyles for men with glasses. Go bold by combining your: whether bun short or loose, with larger glasses rather than smaller one. Another popular haircut is “Cliffed sides quiff’. Quiff hairstyle is perfect for those who have square face shape. Cliffed sides quiff means—clipped the hair to the both sides. For improvisation, you can have an undercut or a fade on the sides in order to bolding the style.

Adorable Hairstyles for Men with Thick Wavy Hair

Blessed with natural wavy hair or not, those with wavy hair has ‘texture’ that give them a whole new style. To be honest, wavy hair is completely bless which is have pretty much all style work can be apply to show off the waves. However, to deal with thick as well as wavy hair, is a little tricky. Ask your barber to reduce the bulk of your wavy stuff with a razor or using thinning scissors. Tell them what your preference of hairstyle is, or if you don’t know what’s best…ask them about hairstyles for men with thick wavy hair. They’ll gonna be help with pleasure.


Well, if you wanna find your way to style your wavy hair first, before your barber attempt to cut yours; we’ll give you a hint about hairstyles for men with thick wavy hair. Particularly, guys with thick wavy hair will be good with:

  • Undercut—where the hair at the sides and back cut ultra short while the top is remain long.
  • The public school side part—the fringe is falls forwards.
  • Loose and tousled—just imagine the way Jon Snow’s hairstyle is, and yup, you got the looks, right?

Just bear in mind, guys…the thicker the hair, the more well-defined the wave, so control it by keep your hair’s length under 3 inches.


Thick and wavy hair is somehow literary ‘wild’, if you cannot tame your thick wavy hair: probably you will always be having a messy hair to take down every morning. You can prevent chaotic perch on your hair by tying it up loosely at night. Well, maybe it’s not work good enough for too-thick and wavier hair, so…that’s why you need to pick up one—or trying all of— hairstyles for men with thick wavy hair that we stated up there. It couldn’t be hurt, we assure it. So, have a nice try!

Mullet Hairstyle, Best Look for Men

Mullet hairstyle is one of phenomenal cutting in all around the world. It has been known for decades. Many famous men have introduced and made this style so popular. The summit was on 1980s in which men from around the world were proudly cutting their hair with this style. If you have no idea in what kind of style it is you can know it now. Mullet is a type of cutting in which hair is cut to be short in front while back hair is still long. Are you interested in trying this? You may read this following information.

There are some types of mullet hairstyle that you can choose especially for men. First, you may choose long hair that will cover your ears. In other words, you should make your front hair long, at least its length reaches your shoulder. If you do not like this style, you may have another one. It is a cutting in which your hair will not cover your ears. Its long part is put on the back. It means that you have to make right and left side go so short. If you want fit, you also can have very short ponytail that will give you unique look. Those two previous styles are good for those who have straight hair. If your hair is curly, you can try another cutting. You can make your hair long to your shoulder. After that, you only need to cut one of the side. Then, make sure that back side has longer length than front. It will be best if your hair is black. It makes you look cool.

That’s all about mullet hairstyle. Although it becomes a signature from 1980s, it is still okay to get you hair cut with that kind of style now. It is nice for those who like different and anti mainstream look.

Easy Way How to Put On False Eyelashes for Beginners

Your eyelashes are lack volume and length? Wanna give it a boost with pairs of false lashes, but don’t know how? Well, you can tell how to put on false eyelashes beginners. It easy way to gives your lashes dramatic look. The false eyelashes will be well-blend with your natural lashes, if you properly attach it. In a few minutes, you can apply false eyelashes even though you’ve never wear them before.

Are you ready to try? Let’s check how to put on false eyelashes beginners below:
• Check the length of the false lash, by hold it against your eye. If the eyelash is longer than your actual eyelash, cut it off with nail scissors.
• Are you done? Then next step is bending the false eyelashes. Bend them into “C” shape, so they can fit the curve of your eyes.
• Apply glue along the false eyelashes strip. Having trouble doing that? You can apply the glue with help of a cotton swab or toothpick.
• If you success with the glue, now…let it dry slightly before you begin to attaching the lashes over your eyelashes.
• Press gently with your fingers and make sure the cut end of the false eyelashes not ‘spill out’ over the outer corner of your eyes.
• For the last touch, put on mascara to the false eyelashes in order to make them blend in with your eyelashes. To make the false mascara more dramatic, curl them with crimping tool.

Ladies, if you’re one of women that never wear false eyelashes and wanna try to put sticky lashes, there are some stuffs that you need to know beside how to put on false eyelashes beginners. Here are the stuffs:
 Pearl nail art
 Eyelash glue
 Mascara
 Nail scissors
 Cotton swab or toothpick
 Crimping tool
By the way, if there’s gap between false eyelashes and your own, use black eyeshadow or eyeliner to cover it. Well, have a nice try, ladies.