Ideas of Royal Blue Nail Designs for Your Winter Wedding

Looking flawless on your very special day is a must. Wearing beautiful gown won’t be complete, without accentuate it with the best accessories. Wedding gown accessories is a lot, but you can ease your mind by pick the most alluring nail design. Don’t underestimate the power of nail art—nail designs. Nail designs can instantly change your overall look with its diverse designs that feature shapes and colors. And for those who wanna hold a wedding in winter, have a mind to pick bold and dark colors or jewel tones as like royal blue, purple and green. Well, this time we gonna chat about royal blue nail designs for your winter wedding.

Royal blue is elegant and classic shade that draws anyone’s attention. This color works well with white, silver, black, grey and many more. As like other color, royal blue can be find finished with nail polishes, glitter and matte. Nail with glossy polish is the most common; almost every lady uses this kind of finish. Matte is brilliant alternative, and glitter can be use for special moment.  Whether you decide to choose royal blue nails designs that match with your wardrobe or not, a royal blue nail design without fail to draw attention. The design of this nails come with several of shades to wear. And, here… we will help you choose the most fitting nail designs for your big day.


  • Golden and Royal Blue Gradient

For your wedding in the winter season, wear this glamour royal blue nail designs which always in style. One square acrylic nails in royal blue shade; there’s a fingernail—a ring finger nail—that specially treatment with shimmer gold and royal blue glitter gradient. This nail design is definitely can be your astonishing winter wedding nail art have you seen.

  • Golden Triangle in Royal Blue

Look how elegant this nail design. Royal Blue and gold—is terrific combo that great for your minimalist but elegant nail art to accentuate your gown. The royal blue short round nails flawlessly accented by the golden triangles which perch at the bottom of nails.

  • Royal Blue with Curve Rhinestone

Simply put, it’s a dazzling pointy royal blue nail with rhinestone as accent in curve shape caging flower studs for wedding.

  • Royal Blue with Accent

Wear this royal blue nail art on your coffin nails and styled it with matte royal blue and negative space nails as accent which decorated with rhinestone to make it look pretty.

Well, even just a few, we hope our list of royal blue nail designs can help you looks wonderful on your wedding.

Go Festive with Mardi Grass Nail Designs

Before we talk about Mardi Gras nail designs, let’s get familiar with Mardi Gras. Have you ever heard about Mardi Grass? Back to the centuries, Mardi Gras’ origin is Pagan celebration of fertility and spring. Mardi Gras actually French, which means fat Tuesday that believe come from the practice of eating richer, fatty food before ritual fasting during the Lenten season. Now, Mardi Gras more known as carnival season that grown into colossal, week of parades or festivals where you can find traditional celebration such as bead throwing, coconut painting, mask wearing, Flambeaux tradition, and so on. People just revel in excitement of Mardi Gras’s endless fun, amusing, entertaining events.  By the way, you can meet Mardi Gras at various cities and countries that scattered from Rome across Europe to the colony of the New World—Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Columbia; German; Italy; New Orleans, America. By the way, this series of festive hold at the 47 days before Easter—this year, gonna be fall in February 13th.

During the carnival – gold, purple and green become the colors that mostly used as those the colors is official or color scheme of this Mardi Gras. Well, each color represents something essential—gold for power, purple for justice and green for faith. Those colors are determined by the first daytime Carnival’s king in 1872, and make it as royal colors. To feel the joy and excitement Mardi Gras festive, you can create that feeling into fabulous Mardi Grass nail designs.

Well, if do you want to bring Mardi Gras’s atmosphere into you through nail art; make sure to use their royal colors—purple, green and gold on your Mardi Gras nail designs. Here are some awesome ideas to get you started. Have a look.

  • Mixed Glitter

This Mardi Gras nail art is awesome from the selection of color to the way the color is lays on the nails. The entire nails are covered by sand-like glitter in light brown. And you gonna love how the mixed color of purple, green and gold nail glitters are beautifully work together on the edge of nails.

  • Golden Lines

Make sure to use this Mardi Grass nail art to level up your awesomeness. It has pretty look with collaborating all of the royal colors’ Mardi Gras. Here, golden stripes and lines get along with the green and purple nails perfectly.

  • Bold with solid color

Be bold by paint different solid color as your Mardi Gras nail ideas. It could be interesting as like as this nail art which display several colors—purple, green and gold—lay on three nails and left the two complemented by certain pattern and glitter.

Be Stylish with Orange and Black Nail Designs

Feeling blues? Then go orange! Orange is cheerful and youthful color which make you feel energized with joy and happiness. This colorful tone letting go off negative feeling, cast away your bad mood, your insecurity and ‘heart ache’. Well, orange is ideal for spirit and nerves. What’s more, orange offering you fancy and funky look. Enhance your look; boost up your mood by embrace this orange color. Easy and simplest ways to feel and experience it, by wear orange tone on your nails; what is more, if you coupled it with the black color. It will be look stylish. Interesting? Well, if so then you can start to search for orange and black nail designs.  

Below, we have several nail designs of orange and black, complete with tutorial—how to it—that you can follow:

  • Posh Halloween Theme

Orange and black nail art for Halloween time; it comes with pattern of black strip and dots. How to do it? But before you begin to dress up your nails, let’s see the stuff what you need:

  • Base coat
  • Black nail polish
  • Orange polish
  • Dotter duo tool

Then for step: apply orange polish. Paint it with black strip; start from the cuticle and drag the brush on one quick stroke down to your tips. Next step is; draw the black dots using Dotter Duo tool. Take out the actual polish brush from the bottle, dab the dotting tool against the brush. Make sure, when you touching it the dotting tool to your nail, ensure that you not push it too hard or you’ll get messy black dots. If you done with the dots; leave alone your nail to give them time to dry completely. After all layers are dry, you can apply the top coat. And, voila! You’ve get stylish orange and black designs for Halloween.


For those who want stylish orange and black nail design for sure, try these nail designs:

  • Summer Ombre Nails

Really nice orange and black nail designs with shade of orange and yellow that paint in ombre style, creating beach summer landscape. Palm or coconut tree in black silhouette, appears over the orange landscape.

  • Orange and Black Nails with White Dots

This nail art has simple design of short curve at the tips, and it easy to do. How to do? Firstly, cover all of the fingernails with orange nail polish as base coat. Afterwards, draw curve outline near the nail tips and fill the blank space with black nail polish. To complement this cute nail art, put white dots randomly on the black curves.


Brilliant Small Box Braids Hairstyles for Eye-catching Looks

Small box braids hairstyles are one of gorgeous and flattering hairstyle that you ever know. It’s offering you a fantastic and never out of style with eye-catching looks. By braided you hair with this hairstyle, you enable to protect also monitor your hair condition, especially prevent hair loss while combing and brushing; top of that, is reducing your styling hair’s time.

Hairstyle as like this small box braids hairstyles gonna make any women looks gorgeous and flawless. Also, box braids make your life easier you don’t need to hairstyling the hair every day. Moreover, you’ll stop freaking out every time you see numerous hairs fall over the bathroom floor because of combing and brushing your hair daily—it can be so stressful, right?

Well, if you one of them; small box braids hairstyles is brilliant solution for those who want to be free for about 2 months from styling your hair or wanna temporary stop witnessing your lush mane suffer from loss the hairs. So? Wanna try this small box braids style that will save your hair and get an eye-catching hairstyle at once? Below, we have some hairstyle of small box braids for you.

  • Small Box Braids with High Pony

This small box braids astoundingly styled with high pony tail by wraps it at the base for a put-together look and sleek appearance all day long. Any daily casual or modern outfit will more stand out with this hairstyle.

  • Small Box Braided with Bun

Have a try this elegant small box braids hairstyle with braided bun. You can wrap the pony into a bun. It is can be the most beautiful braids hairstyle you’ve ever try.

  • Long Small Box Braids

Show off and be proud with your natural long hair by styled them with this simple but gorgeous long small box braids hairstyle for elegant look and graceful for any occasion.

  • Half-bun Small Box Braids

Half-bun small box braids hairstyle can be your best way to get an eye-catching, chic and edgy looks. This box braids hairstyle creates unique shape and texture which is great for showing off your personality more bold.

  • Small Box Braids with Bob Hairstyle

Bobbed small box braids hairstyle with a cute short box braids will look great for your cropped and short hairstyle. Be confident with that.

How about our selection of small box braids hairstyles? Interested to give a try? Well, if you set your mind of get this box braids as your current and forever hairstyle; make sure choose the right hairstyle so you can always look stunning is any ways.

Adorable Little Girl Pixie Haircuts for Your Cutie Angle

Hey mom, looking for suitable but also cute and sweet hairstyle for your little angel? Well, these little girl pixie haircuts will be perfect choice for her. The best thing of pixie haircut is, it easy to manage and comb. So, if you are working mom and your little angle is full of life, pixie haircut is something that you should consider. Overall, pixie haircut is simple by let the hair cut short at the back and the sides. It breeze to maintain and this haircut will bring out her cute, soft features that makes her more adorable.


We have mini list of little girl pixie haircuts if you need references. Check it out, mom! And don’t worry; pixie haircut is look best for any face shapes such as oval, heart-shaped, square and diamond face. So, you can do this haircut for your lovely angle without makes her look dull. Here they are:


  • Wispy Pixie Haircut

Pixie haircuts with wispy hairstyle can be applied for those who have straight to wavy hair. The wispy strands have texture that gives your little girl a tender and soft appeal.

  • Straight and Side Bangs Pixie Cut

This style of pixie haircut is appears with straight hair and side bangs. For finishing, add some layers to create volume at the top.

  • Pixie haircut with Cute Bob

Give the pixie cut a touch of cute bob and side sweep hairstyle. The long fringe that fall at the side, make your girl look classy and chic. A couple of hairpins along the side will make her more pretty and adorable.

  • Pixie Haircut with Asymmetrical Bob

You can fashion your little girl with combination of short pixie haircut and asymmetrical bob. The asymmetrical bob shows off its long side that is cut pretty clean and works well with the length and layers. It looks feminine yet cool.

  • Pixie Haircut with Bangs

Wanna make your little girl more fabulous with her new haircut? How about do this haircut; it’s pixie haircut that comes with short and bangs slightly cover the forehead. Well, somehow it looks messy but cal down, it easy to manage and perfect for your active girl.


Little girl pixie haircuts is something that you can easily neglected, mom. Pixie haircut can be your savior in moment you don’t have time to styling your girl’s hair. And, any kind of pixie haircut will naturally dressed up your little girl—turn her into a real cutie angel that look adorable—without need too much effort.

Elegant Widow Peak Hairstyles for Men

For men with a widow peak, they’re often having difficulty to find a balance hairstyle that goes well with their unique hairline. Somehow it turns into frustrating while finding the best widow peak. The difficulty comes in choose widow peak’s hairstyle which is offering a good balance look. Why it’s seems important and significant? Because, if your widow peak is thin and too deep—every hairstyle is looks like to be a bad attempt. To help you lessen the struggle find a great style, we’ve collected some of stylish widow peak hairstyle for men which are nice for your window peak.

The little triangular hairline—of widow peak hairline—can send shivers down any men who take it seriously. Keep in mind that choosing hairstyle that will making your widow peak becomes the focal point of your hairstyle. So, you’ll stand out with marvelous and unique look. For helping you accentuated your widow peak, we have widow peak hairstyle for men that you gonna be love it and bring any eyes to your natural hairline.

  • Undercut

This is one of the best widow peak’s hairstyle which is imposed on the short sides at the peak, and mated with slicked-back undercut. Undercut requires regular maintenance, so if you wanna get the best result, you must put the serious work into it.

  • Pompadour

Whether you choose short or tall version pompadour, this hairstyle will accentuate your widow peak.

  • Buzz Cut

If you fall into short hair style, we recommend this buzz cut as your hairstyle. The shortness of the hair will highlight the peak and give your hairline a distinct edge. And buzz cut with traditional army style, for sure accentuated your peak in better way. And as bonus, this buzz cut offering you low and easy maintenance. So, if you’ve a busy life, this hairstyle is perfect choice.





Pretty Cool Long Hairstyles for Black Men

Getting the pretty cool long hairstyles for black men can be tricky. There’s a lot of selection of hairstyles to choose from—short afro, medium or long dreadlock hairstyle, and more… And since there’s too much options, somehow its turn into dilemma; when you go to the barbershop but still vague what kind of hairstyle that you should choose. Yup, picking one style and tell the barber can be so hard.

Well, you can start the easiest way: Bun Hairstyle—what’s type your hairstyle, bun hairstyle is never fail to make you looks stand out from the crowd. You just require less maintenance also only need to style the half top with knot. It is creative style yet has very urban vibe. Bun hairstyle with fade below, gonna be your coolest long hairstyles for black men. No matter what’s type of your hair—afro, stylish dreadlocks, curl or corkscrew curl—don’t mind to apply this hairstyle.

 Then, if you need more complex hairstyle especially for long hair, try Micro Dreads. Having a long hair is doesn’t mean less macho, you can get long hairstyles for black men with long micro dreads and still looks badass. Well, it’s gonna work, if you’re already grow your hair out for years and having long, long hair till your waist. You know, dreadlocks on the right person can be so slick and it doesn’t have an ‘exaggeration’ feel of messy hair. In order to get masculine micro dreads all the time, you should find the way to balancing to keep your hair moisturized enough and keep it clean always.

Other option you can attempt is Multi-colored Dreads which is probably gonna be your best long hairstyles for black men which is take advantage of your dreadlocks. How Multi-colored Dreads works? Well, it’s works by gives multiple colors in your long dreadlocks. The result of adding color to your dreadlock will help you to define your own style. Play with colors and show off your style, interesting right?

Next is Large Floppy Afro which is long hairstyles for black men that be set to only for those who have the wherewithal to pull it off. What we mean is Afro hair type with softer texture. Large floppy afro hairstyle created from softer Afro-textured hair which is start to floppy once it reaches certain lengths. Let your Afro hair grow out to increase the floppiness and see what a floppy your hair is. This hairstyle is too messy for some people and too distracting, but for those who comfortable with it, large floppy afro hair gonna be your statement in a crowd.

Top 5 Creepy Vampire Nail Designs for Halloween

These days, Halloween isn’t about creepy makeup and costume; your nails need to be dressed too. Wear spooky or eccentric fingernails design to complementing your Halloween wardrobe. Usually, nails design for Halloween has theme, such as werewolf, mummy or immortal being—vampire. Well, this time, we gonna talk about vampire nail designs to liven up your Halloween time. Some of the designs can be use for Halloween or to celebrate certain occasion.

Vampire nail designs appears with array of selection from a little cute to creepy nails.

  • Blood and Vampire face

This nails design only need white, red and black nail polish. Overall design, this vampire nail ideas features red blood and white nails with vampire face as accent nails that covering ring fingers and thumbs (or one of them). This design is crafted without stencil or stamps; you will need a steady hand to do this vampire nail design.

  • Creepy Vampire Nail Art

For the best look at Halloween, you can go with this creepy vampire nail art. With combination of white and red acrylic paint, you can be a spooky and cut vampire. Imitate the way blood is drip, and draw it at the nail tip.

  • Bloody Nail

Well, it’s not too creepy nail design. To put simply, covering your whole nails with dark red blood gel polish mixed with glitter, and then add black tone at the tip with ombre style.

Are you running out of time to complete your Halloween costume, and need last finishing touch? Well, if you want, does this vampire nail art—blood dripping and vampire face—the popular vampire nail designs for Halloween. It will gonna be fun. Here’s the mini tutorial:

  1. Apply black nail polish on your ring fingers and thumbs as the base of your accent nails. Over it, draw vampire’s forehead with white acrylic paint. Don’t forget to draw the face line and fill the entire face.
  2. Apply few layers of paint to coat the brush streaks. Ensure, each layer is dry before applying another layer on top.
  3. Drawing the whole face—smiling vampire, with black acrylic paint.

Use the red acrylic paint to fill the eyes and draw bow-tie. Add red glitter polish on the top.

  1. To make the little vampire looks animate; give the eyes, small dot—a sparkle with white acrylic paint.
  2. And now, time to dress up your rest of the fingernails. Using a dotting tool, you can create blood dripping with red acrylic paint.
  3. Add red glitter polish over the red paint.

How about that? It’s easy to follow and fresh isn’t?


5 Beautiful Simple Gel Nail Designs

Gel nails even though it’s just a fake nail—an extension—they look great to enhanced your overall appearance, from look to outfit, since they hold a bunch of designs, colors, and shapes. You have a lot of option to complement your look. Also, who doesn’t want their nails look flattering? But, if you one of women who’s not too really into the nail design, but still have desire have pretty nails. Or, those who too slothful enough to dressed up the nails; you can follow these simple gel nail designs a.k.a lazy girls nail art.

At this case, simple nail designs doesn’t mean just display plain or one solid color which is covering the entire nails. Of course, you can do it; it’s nothing wrong with that. However, why don’t you try to spice it up a bit with some cool designs from our selected simple gel nail designs? Believe us, it couldn’t be hurt try all of them.

Our simple gel nail designs though mostly have solid one color, it’s beautiful and modish; thanks to the touches of the unique motif, sprinkles of rhinestones, studs and glitter which accented the entire nails. The nail designs are remain simple but eye-catching at same time. Wanna try? Well, these are our nails design with easy nail art to-do:

  • Milky Pink Nail Art

This simple gel nail art takes plain milky pink nails polish as the base and accompanied by grey coat on the ring finger as accent nails which sequined with silver glitter and rhinestones.

  • Shiny Red Gel Nail Design

Let’s glam up your nails by this red colored nail designs which is display shiny dark red nail polish. With this red nail design, you can go classy and elegant as well.

  • Light Orange Floral Nail Design

Brighten up your dull days with this delightful summer simple gel nail design. It appears with light orange that embellish with accented flower decal nails art over tip of ring fingers.

Don’t hesitate to be minimally but ensure not too plain. With simple gel nail designs you still can look charming even with less ornament.

  • French Manicure with Studs

Have a good holiday by always look stand out and lovely with this simple gel nail design. Styled with French manicure over your natural nail color, red tips that embellish with studs in golden will be making your free moment more cheerful.

  • Chevron Motif in Nails

This pink nails design is the modestly nail art to do; it will be look great on your nail—long or short. Displaying

5 Dramatic Men’s Fringe Hairstyle You Must Try

There’s no other hairstyle element that can change your overall appearance as much as fringes do. Fringe is known as bangs. To put simply, fringe hairstyles is dramatically let your hair to falling down over your forehead, whether it lays like ordinary bangs or has volume is your own personal taste. Since, men’s fringe hairstyles show off haircut with sides is cut short while atop is styled with hair hang over the forehead; the fringe itself usually cut in huge range of look, it depend on how you want your hair to stand out-from curly or wavy bangs, thick or voluminous fringe, to straight fringe.

Fringe may be short or long and it perhaps cut pointy or round (once again, it’s depend your taste); but so far, today fringe is appears with irregular shape—the less regular the better! The more the fringe looks ‘out of box’, the more it will make you dramatic and gorgeous. The presence and type of fringe that you wear will be significantly complementing your face. There’s no other than fringe that can change your facial an your overall appearance at once as much as fringe do. So, it couldn’t be hurt if you try these men’s fringe hairstyles that we’ll gonna show to you below.

By the way, fringe is usually looks good for guys with vast forehead or face with long shape. A caution for those who have oblong and rectangular face; men’s fringe hairstyle seems to shorten your face length. So, hey you guys with oblong and rectangular face, please take your time before decide to let bangs lying on your forehead. As always, keep in mind it’s important to choose a hairstyle according the shape of your face. Well, we gonna back to talk fringe hairstyle that couldn’t be hurt if you try it. Here it is:

  • Heavy Statement Fringe

Good for those with thick hair. Pull down the fringe to cover the whole of your forehead with touch of textured and messy fringe using pomade or good hair wax.

  • Curly Fringe

Have natural curly hair? That’s blessed. Well, you just need to define your natural curly hair by contrast your bold curly fringe against straight down sides. It will accentuating your curly fringe more and makes it as the main focus of your appearance. For sure, it will look dramatic.

  • Shaved Sides Short Fringe

This fringe hairstyle is great for statement look with its contrast long fringe and cropped sides.

Which one you fringe hairstyle you choose, ensure it will looks great for you.

Pedicure Ideas: Shades of Blue Toe Nail Designs for summer

Summer time is sandal season, it’s moment where your feet is getting expose. So, it’s time to give a good treatment to your feet by adorn it with coolest shades of blue. As you know fellas, nowadays, not only your fingernails but toe nails that considered as important point of your beauty.  Toe nails that adorned with colors will add more style to your feet. Paint them as you paint your nails on your hands and begin to create your own toe nail art masterpiece. We have some of blue toe nail designs that you can try to suit your summer look. So, what are you waiting for? Setting up your toes and make sure your feet always look fabulous.

Well, if you decide to get a blue toe nail art to accompany you spending the summer, you can start to prepare some things:

  • Blue colored nail polish for the base coat or design
  • Clear nail polish
  • Small and big brushes, it’s depend on the design you choose
  • Cotton, to separate the toes when applying the coats
  • Reference design of blue toe nail designs

By the way, before applying the nail polish, please ensure your toe nails is clean, free from existing polish or any dirt. When the cleaning is done, you can start polishing and designing.

For those who don’t have any idea what design you wanna try, take your time to find your cute and lovely toe nail art design through our blue toe nail designs for summer; from simple and easy to beach themed toe nail designs, there must be one that fit best on you. Check out below:

  • White Polka Dot in Blue

White polka dot over the blue base is can be your simplest way to adorn your toes this summer.

  • Blue Daisy Design

Trendy and lovely blue toe nail design. Yup, this toe nail art design with blue daises and gold studs pattern against nude background, undeniably create a cute toe nail.

  • Sea and Sand Design

It fully beach themed toe nail art design which is inspired by the beach landscape. On the big toe, there’s sea and sand appears with gradient effect, embellished with silver seashell and star studs.

  • Beach Palms Tree Design

What’s summer without palm on your nails? Beach palms tree design here is toe nail design that literary draw palm tree on the big toes, complete with its white sand and blue sky background which is look like a piece of art while the rest toe nails go clean and simple.


Hairstyles for Men over 50 is So Perky

There is no doubt that hairstyle will give such a great impact on your personality. But, as a man with (usually) short hair, there is not much choice for the hairdo. Moreover, choosing the right hairstyles for men over 50 definitely become a very difficult task for most men. Our elders were cool youngsters like us back then. So it is normal for the golden-aged men who still want to follow the fashion trend and keep it updated.

When men reach his middle age, they normally want to look professional yet still maintaining the chic and it is not a simple task to do. Picking the wrong younger ‘do will not make them grow old gracefully, but it will make them looks like a middle-aged men who’s trying too hard. Luckily, we have some suggestion regarding hairstyles for men over 50 that will make them look perfect in their best suit. Here we go!

For short-haired men like George Clooney and The Iron Man, you can just copy these gentlemen’s hairdo. Simply cut it short and swipe it to the left or right with a little touch of wet-look gel will surely make you as gentle as Mr. Clooney and as sexy as Robert Downey. Secondly, for medium length hair, Brad Pitt’s style is such an inspiration. All you gotta do is to sleek your bangs and comb it to the back and instantly you will got the look. To make it last longer and dramatic with the wet-look, add a little bit pomade. Last but not least, Johnny Depp’s long hairstyles for men over 50 are worth the effort. With some drops of bangs and layered cut, you better make it wavier and messier with a round comb. For the final touch, apply some gel to make it looks more dramatic.
Once again, who says that old men can’t be hip? They are just cool kids grown up.