Cool Classic Mens Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Somehow for men, have an awesome hairstyle are about pride. How come? Well, do style with hair can be a big deal for some of them. If you get awesome hairstyle, which is will add your persona more stand out and cooler. With that kind of feeling, men tend to be more confident and moreover getting extra attention—that they’re like it. So, if you one of that men and having a little bit problem to choose what kind of hairstyle that will looks good on you—especially for those who have thick hair—? Don’t be minding it too hard. We’ve some of classic hairstyle to make you stand out with your thick hair. Get your attention? Okay, here we are—on the list of classic mens hairstyles for thick hair. Check below for that!

These are style guideline for your hairstyle: classic mens hairstyles for thick hair that ready to help you throughout your hesitancy choose style for your lovely hair. Let’s start with:
• Short back and side
Short is timeless. Nothing is wrong pick short, back and side hairstyle a.k.a in modern word—the faded cut. Do the style by cut the hair with short on the back and side but keep the weight in the top. You can play around with the length of your hair by simply slicking it back.
• Classic Pompadour
The pompadour is the best of the best and so ideal for men with thick hair like yours. Start to by growing the front out a little and then cut it in a graduated top (ask your barber for it). This hairstyle appears with sleek look and well-maintained hair in the middle with enough volume. To maintain your hair flyaway at bay, keep it hydrate with fine conditioner and avoid blow drying the hair if you can.

Well, even though we just provided you only two hairstyles, we believe these two classic mens hairstyles for thick hair can be your best hairstyle to make your appearance cooler and stand out. So… have a nice try these timeless hairstyle, dude! And be classic.

Selected Hairstyles for Men with Big Foreheads

Having big forehead is blessed, so don’t complain about it, okay folks? If you’re born with it, but somehow it make you less confidence since you get a feeling that your forehead is large enough to cover your face entirely. But, keep calm and be happy with it. Actually, you can take advantage of your special forehead for various trendy looks. All you need are hairstyles for men with big foreheads. Which one you choose to brush the hair out your forehead or cover up your forehead, it will give you awesome result. Believe us!

Then, here are our selected hairstyles for men with big foreheads. Let’s check it:

  • Simple Fringe

It’s all about effortless style of haircut. Do the style by covering your big forehead with simple fringe style while keep the remaining hair with short cut. It works best with those have thick hair.

  • Long Messy Fringe

Do you have wavy hair or prefer to grow your hair long enough? If yes, this long messy fringe suited you well. With asymmetrical looks and longer hair, your big forehead will no longer be the main attraction, since the long messy fringes attract more attention.


Still looking for other hairstyles for men with big foreheads? Well, we still have another list. Keep check below:

  • Slicked Back Style

Instead of covering the forehead, this hairstyle exposing the entire forehead by slicks all the hair back. And, well… it doesn’t make your forehead look vast, but it creates a nice frame of hair. Do this style if you have curly or wavy hair, it will looks greater on you.

  • Short Brush Up Style

To give a unique edge for you big forehead, apply this short brush up hairstyle. Create a ridge above your forehead; the hair draws any eyes upwards over the foreheads.

Japanese Nail Art to Makes You More Fancy

Are you a fan of Japanese fashion or generally, a Japan lover? If yes, we sure that you’re familiar with Japanese nail art, right? Nail art, essentially becomes the part of modern Japanese fashion. And it comes with a bunch of nail designs that uses different materials and techniques. Most of the nail designs looks stand out with “oh-so-pretty” and unique look. Well, even though the designs might be not appropriate for everyday wear, gives your nail some details can be a fun way to express your true self.

Nail art design in Japan is so vary such as; Glass nails, Gel nails, Sculpted nails (extend the nail length), 3D nails (3 dimensional nail art), Ita-nails (anime characters on your nail) and many more. If you wanna references about fancy Japanese nail art, there are lot of selection of Japanese nail art pictures in internet. Just surf it to find the design or style that fitted with your taste. You’ll be amazed if you see how complicated the 3D nail art is; though it simple to do. Water drops is one of popular 3D nail art among nail salons in Japan. This 3D nail art is beautiful and long-lasting. You can use clear nail polish and let it drip onto your painted nails.

Well, if you wanna know what nail arts that famous in Japan, we have the list some of it. Here it is:
• Flowers—this nail art that reflecting the beauty of Japan whereas beautiful flowers blooming throughout the four seasons. Sakura is ever-lasting nail design during summer or spring.
• Glass nails—art nail that resembles a stained glass. It created using holographic paper that cut and stuck onto painted nails.
• Marble nails—this nail art comes from a fresh coat and beautify with rhinestones and glitter.
Generally, nail arts in Japan are flashy with unique styles. And, thanks to fake nails that comes in various shapes: rounded tips, stiletto nails, the long, pointed tip; Japanese art nail becomes fancier to apply onto your nails. Have a try!

Easiest Way to Get Best Thanksgiving Nail Art

Thanksgiving is a special day that comes only once in a year. It is absolutely a special day that needs special appearance too. Well, to girls and women you have to get different nail art now. You have to prepare thanksgiving nail art that will make you stunning in this celebration. To help you in having best look, you may try these following ideas. It very easy and you can do it by yourself.

Do you need easy thanksgiving nail designs? You come to the right track. You can have metallic color for your nail. That color will fit November theme. In addition, you do not need complicated design. You only need to make wavy look on your nail. You can have two gradations. Second, red is another choice. You can play with this color. For instance, you can paint flower in two or one of your nails. Then, give another color for others nail. Red will be beautiful when it is combined with white or silver. Dotty design can be another stunning choice. It is actually an everlasting design for thanksgiving. Dotty will need some colors, at least three. As the example, you may combine yellow, white and black to paint random dotty on your nails. Make sure that each nail has different design yet still match one to another.

That is all about thanksgiving nail art design. Every idea that has been mentioned is considered as the easiest one. If you are new comers, dealing with all of them will not be as hard as you imagine. If you still need another inspiration, you can be creative by trying new design. The key is on the color. You can choose grey, orange, gold, blue, and some others as good choice that will be in line with thanksgiving.

Top 50s Hairstyles for Women that You Can Try Now

Just like fashion, hairstyle also has trend. It changes from time to time. Yet, some styles are being trend again after long time. For instance, 50s hairstyles can be popular in this modern era. You can try to refresh your style by choosing one of them. You may look different. There are some ideas that can be your choice. You may select one based on your face and character. Check this out.

First choice for 50s hairstyles is short and waved short cutting. In the past, it was a choice for both young and old lady. The waved is usually applied from the mid part to the end of hair. People crowned part to be straight or going naturally. Yet, some people also choose to curled their hair to the crowned area. Second style is called Brushed-under Bob. Some phenomenal women such as Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe ever cut their hair with this type of cutting. It will be good for you who have straight and soft hair. It makes you look fresh by having soft roll in the end of hair. The last style will be long with ponytail. It is one of classic cutting that is still popular in current status quo. It is a favorite cutting for young girls. It makes them look cute. In the past, people like high ponytail. It becomes the distinction between recent type in current years. Girls tend to have longer ponytail. It is used by girls with curly or straight hair.

Those are top three 50s hairstyles that may inspire you. All of them are actually timeless cutting. You will keep being up to date and fashionable when you use one of the styles. The most important thing is making sure that your choice is good to your face. You may ask people to give suggestion on which one is best.

Trendy and Cool 10 years old Boy Haircuts

10 years old boy haircuts somehow not require much work to look great and many different ways to styled, depending on the taste of style and the shape of the face. Well, you have 10 years old boy and wanna make him look more fashionable with new haircuts? Moms, be calm and read this article if you need ‘enlightenment’ to find the right hairstyle for your little boy. A lot of choice haircut styles for child are available to pick, specially to make your 10 years old boy to look trendy and cool. You just need to choose one that will make your little boy fashionable in every moment.

For boys, to be fashionable or get a new look, it’s just piece of cake. They just need get a new haircut with trendy style. Nowadays, so many boys trendy haircuts that definitely can boost appearance to make bold impression. However, choose haircuts that suit the shape of face—oval, triangular, square shaped face.

Well, don’t let your little boy looks dull or don’t embarrass them when he look back or see his funny childhood pictures, because of his silly hairstyle. To prevent it, we gonna tell you some of 10 year old boy haircuts that might be perfect for your little boy:
• Hairstyle with log side bangs
• Slicked hairstyle
• Faux Hawk
Faux Hawk styled with hair set in the middle—straight.
• Neat haircuts
This haircut would be makes your young boys handsome. The hair cropped and combed diagonally across the head forming dynamic fringe and gives him a subtle appearance yet stylish.
• Undercut with spike hairstyle
Wanna your little boy look good? Try this one, it so trendy and cute hairstyle. With this kind of haircut, he will look like a real man and give him confidence.
If you still confuse to choose haircuts for your little boy, asks your barber to give you pick what hairstyle would be great for your boy.

Great Tips for How to Apply Younique Mascara without Any Clumps

Ladies, you’re probably looking to figure out how to apply Younique mascara without clump, especially your 3D Fiber Lash, right? If yes, we have some hacks to get fullest lashes with longest lengths. Some women having problems with this Younique mascara such as it’s hard to use or it’s getting clumps. Below, we have great tips to apply mascara without make your eyelids chaos. Wanna try it out? Read on!

Thing that you should do before start to use the ‘magic wand’ is make sure your face, especially the eye lids are dry and clean from any spot of dirt. Now, let’s check what are tips how to apply Younique mascara flawlessly:
1. As we said above, ensure your eye lids are clean. You should do that, because the Transplanting Gel and Natural Fiber might be trap any dirt left on the eyelids. You won’t wink uncontrollably caused by the dirt, right? The point is, wash your face first, ladies.
2. For the first step, apply thin layer of mascara to your eyelashes and let it completely dry. Why should this executed? Your mascara serves as 3D fiber lashes’ foundation, it adding sturdiness and color to your lashes. Furthermore, apply the mascara with brushing motion as your preparation to get little closer to flawless lashes.
3. Put the Transplanting Gel to your lashes. Ensure your eyelashes moist from the application of Transplanting Gel, to guarantee the 3D Fiber Lashes stick on your lashes perfectly.
4. After you coated your lashes with gel, next is applying the fibers.
5. If your 3D Fiber Lashes already beautifully perched on your eyelashes, you need to apply the gel as finishing touch to your eyelashes masterpiece.

By the way, if you choosing Younique mascara as your magic wand to enhance your beauty, that is a wise choice, ladies. Younique mascara is natural product that flawlessly gives your eyelashes length, volume and thickness. It makes your appearance more stand out and attractive, for sure. Well, we’ve hope our tips how to apply Younique mascara enlightening you. Have a try and good luck!

Braided Hairstyles For Men With Short Hair Tips

Finding the Best Braided Hairstyles For Men With Short Hair

Repeat this same method up once you finish all hair. You’ll then push hair right from your side covering the complete mind towards a couple of inches above the trunk of throat. Attaching your own hair will surely produce it appear longer than it actually is and it will look stunning!

Who Else Wants to Learn About Braided Hairstyles For Men With Short Hair?

If you doubt this design might look great you because you have issue with greasy hair, I’m here to tell you that there is a straightforward alternative that will assist you receive rid of greasy hair. Many of these designs are very mad and exciting. Ideally they will provide you with the creativity had a need to attempt this neat hair pattern. Some men’s braid designs need to be viewed to become thought and replicated.

The One Thing to Do for Braided Hairstyles For Men With Short Hair

Cornrow hairstyles really are a traditional style of attaching the hair near the scalp. This hair goes well with any face form. The fascinating thing about this hair is the proven fact that you may not need to actually have a to appear like a double. Again an incredibly elegant hair that seems very gorgeous indeed. This is a distinctive hair and a classic African American braided hairstyle as well. Bohemian hairstyles produce for a great summer hair look and they are super easy to complete. It is a straightforward hair that works for several occasions.

The Basics of Braided Hairstyles For Men With Short Hair

The braid is formed to check a bit unpleasant, nevertheless the effect is really wonderful! You are able to accessorize your braids with unique embellishments to generate it appear chic! Whatever the length of your hair, you could still go for an appealing braid that can allow you to look attractive! So, you might produce a tiny braids on the factors.