Astonishing 2 Lines in Hair To Level-up Your Boring Haircut

2 lines in hair? Why not? Known as shape up or edge up—line up haircut now become one of popular haircut that every guys ask for. This cutting style also become an ‘instrument’ for barbers to show off their skill and design. So, what line up haircut exactly is? It is type of haircut which is gives straight lines and sharp angles into your temple, forehead, sideburns as well as the back. The result? Is super clean cut appearance, and it will works well when it combine with fade haircut.


Here are some our best haircut for men with lines, especially with double line designs. Yup, 2 lines in hair designs. Let’s check this out!


  1. Buzz cut with 2 curvy

Your buzz cut looks too plain? If yes, added line up style. Turn your boring buzz cut by giving it 2 lines at the side of your forehead.

  1. Medium fade with simple hair design

Give a simple hairline design that shaped like small cross on your medium fade haircut. The simple lines that lays on the sides of the head is highlighting its fade haircut in coolest way.

  1. Men’s haircut with 2 tribal lines
  2. Various line designs

No matter your hairstyle is, you can add lines on it. Choose 2 lines with design you like—curves, sharp lines—to complementing any kind of hairstyle that you wear, and be bold with your style.

  1. Pompadour with 2 lines

This is men’s haircut which is comes with 2 lines and coupled with modern silk pompadour at top for a gorgeous and trendy look.


So, is there any design of 2 lines in hair that suit on you? Well, line up haircut offering variation of designs and all of them is easy and flattering to wear. Find the best and you’ll look good!

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