Amusing Simple Flower Nail Designs

Floral nail arts has sweet look and can easily created using acrylic paint, water decals and deco materials. Adorn your nails with some flowery of roses, hibiscus, tulip or any flowers, gonna make your nails look lovely what’s more your appearance will enhance too. Simple flower nail designs are pleasurably to wear and to look at, since it’s minimalist and lovely. Also, every women look good with flowers, right?

Those who love minimalist nail art but not tend to be dull and plain; simple flower nail designs can be your best choice. With our list of flower nail design, we hope you’ll be getting inspired. Have a look!

  • Acrylic floral nail art

If you’ve good hand for painting, this flower nail art can be created easily by you. To do this nail art, you need more than one color—white and pink, white and purple and white and light blue. Draw flowers using a flat brush over light base colored, in order to make it more outstanding.

  • French tip with floral design

This stylish and chic of flower nail design positively nail design for ladies who working in office or those who’s corporate worker—which generally cannot wear too much accessories nail art in order to always look casual and professional. French manicure provides classy and minimalist façade. Put flowers in petite size with pastel tone, adjoin at the white tips.


Nail art with floral design always be love and never out of fashion. So, just take inspiration from these simple flower nail designs and find your own taste.

  • Rose Accent

Dress up your squoval nails with simple flower nail designs which adorn with lovely floral detail in pastel mood at the tip of baby sky blue nail polish.

  • Floral nail arts with stripes

Why setting up nails with just stripes, or nails with only flowers? Combine both of them on to one nail for more unified look. A nail design like this one is craft using white base coat. And then, draw stripes with pale orange; to complement the look of this floral nail, of course you need a flower! So, draw blue flowers and green for the leaves and voila! You’ve banquets of flower on your nails.  This nails are totally show-stopping floral manicure to brighten your day.

  • Orange Bloom

Appear with two-tone nail design which makes you ready to kick out summer beach. Using nail bush, draw the flowers filling the one or two fingernails as accent. And the rest of nails are left without accent or pattern.


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