6 Mind-blowing Men Hairstyles in The 80s

Here are men hairstyles in the 80s for you that need some references oldies hairstyle yet awesome for your edgy look. These mind-blowing hairstyles gonna make you stand out among the crowd. From fluff to short, these men hairstyles are definitely worth to wear. So, let’s check it out!

80’s men hairstyles affected and inspired by the pop music at that era. The men hairstyles in the 80s were very punk, rocky and varied attractive hairstyle.


  1. Big Hair

Big hair is memorable men hairstyle in 80s which is many people chose to fluff up the hair and add volume by teasing up the hair then applying mousse to make it still.

  1. Mullet

Another popular hairstyle in 80s is Mullet. The style is simple yet has characteristic which is the hair cut short in front while the sides and the back let it grow longer. Billy Ray Cyrus—a country singer, is one of the famous figure that wear this legend hairstyle.

  1. Jheri Curl

If you know Michael Jackson, you’ll should recognize this hairstyle. Yup, Jheri Curl hairstyle begin popular when MJ appeared with its curly in his video Thriller. This one of popular hairstyle among African America men that show off its curled, loosely and glossy hair look.

  1. Quiff

This hairstyle has slick look and it works well on you with thick hair. It has vintage look, thanks to the haircut where the back is shorter and longer in front. The sides are slicked back using pomade, while the front hair combed up and flipped to the center of the head. It will creates a dramatic puff over the brow.

  1. Wet look Pompadour

All face shapes is great wear this hairstyle. You can achieved it by apply gel or pomade on your hair for “wet look” and shine, then brushing it to the back. Yup, it simple but stylish.

  1. The Shag

All you have to do is by letting your hair layers and fringe hang loose. Make sure, the layers on top are short and gradually go longer. You can rolled the hair under graduated sides for pageboy look.


Well, that’s all our men hairstyles in the 80s for your references. Remind yourself to pick the hairstyle that complements your face, skin color and features. The right choice gonna make you handsome and hotter not make you look weird.


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