5 Perfect Mid Taper Fade Haircut For Your Impressive Look

As one of the most trendy and iconic haircut for men, taper fade especially mid taper fade never fail offering an impressive look. With its clean cut, this haircut is perfect to boost your masculinity in professional or casual vibe. And since its versatility, you can combine the taper fade with high top, comb over, slick back, quiff, and curly also afro hair, or pompadour to create any modern or classic hairstyle.

This kind of taper fade itself give you nice balance between low fade and high fade. Mid taper fade is taper cut which is lands below the temple and above the ear—right in the middle of the sides of the head. There are wide array of fades you can choose from. This taper fade looks great with all short sides or long top styles no matter what’s your type or texture of hair.

Well, check out our best 5 selection to find the perfect taper fade haircut for you. If you think a medium taper is the best haircut for you, see below.


  1. Airy Textured Fade

Combine you taper cut with pompadour. Let it the taper fade clears the back and the sides of your temples, while your top hair is comb to the right or left forming coolest pompadour.

  1. Tapered Afro

For those who have curly or afro hair, tapered afro could be suit on you. Give a twist sponge style on top of your head for retro afro look. Have beard? Well, create lineup on the head and beard to show off the taper top and it give your hair transition effect.

  1. Masculine Medium Taper

Wanna look awesome in taper cut? Try this medium taper fade haircut that combining wild top and traditional taper on the neckline and sides. This combo will give you a masculine and classic look.

  1. Mid Taper Fade with Cropped Top

This mid taper cut looks impressive mated with cropped top and full beard.

  1. Mid taper fade haircut with quiff

Give your simple mid taper fade a touch of textured quiff on top hair. It will looks great more.



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