5 Great Hairstyles for Men Over 40

When your hairline isn’t like where you’re young—receding, don’t let it be a bad thing since we’ll gonna give you great compilation of hairstyles for men over 40. Yup, now we’ll gonna talk about men hairstyles that will fix your receding hairline. Whether you have lost most of your hair or none of it, these hairstyles gonna have your go-to balding head and let you age gracefully without shame.

Well, without waste the time; here are 5 great men’s hairstyles for men over 40. We sure these hairstyles for men over 40 will bring back your youthful and fresh look.


  1. Classic Caesar Cut

For men over 40, this Caesar cut with classic style is great choice. It easy to take care and won’t take your time a lot. Well, it brilliantly works to covering up your receding hairline. Moreover, this hairstyle is almost never goes out of style—it’s timeless cut.

  1. The Short Layer Cut

Do you wanna versatile hair length yet still offered you a style that easy to maintain? This short layer cut is a good choice. The hairstyle comes with casual fringe and styled it with a bit of beeswax or pomade. Give a touch of combination: side part and pompadour-like style for more formal look.

  1. Loose Pompadour

Wanna a bit “rock and roll” look but still age-appropriate, huh? Try loose pompadour then. It will be great to wear if you’ve a slightly long face shape or oval face.


Wanna more hairstyles for age-up men? Well, see below for our final talk about hairstyles for men over 40;


  1. Short Widow’s Peak

Have a gray and receding hairline doesn’t mean make lost your young-looking; own it and be pride! You know, gray hair can be your statement point by get a perfect hairstyle to highlight your hair color. That is Short widow’s peak hairstyle—the hair is cut about 1” all over the head using scissor. Use pomade to give slight texture and separation. And, voila! You’re in great look right now.

  1. The Long Layer Cut

Still have a long hair even though your hairline comes to receding? That’s good news, because this Long layer cut will suit in you. Show off your long layer cut by styled them with a bit taper style around the sides and back. Use pomade to sweep your hair back and to add shiny look.

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