5 Fabulous Mens Hard Part Haircut as Classic Style for Every Gentlemen

Mens hard part haircut referred to shaved part or line in haircut. Hard part haircut is modern version of classic side part and now become a new and awesome way to customize a hairstyle. This hard part offering a contrast line in the scalp, which is can be incorporated with any different haircuts like undercut, comb over, pompadour, quiff or fade.

Ultimately, hard part haircut confidently mixing the edgy, classy and fresh all in one; and become the part of the coolest hairstyles that looking for any gentlemen. Mens hard part haircut comes with typically short sides, while the top is keep a moderate length of hair. Even though its sound easy haircut, do the cut by ask your barber to do it. Don’t try this at home—too risky; if you wanna get perfect and great hard part haircut.

For those who getting interested with this classy haircut, here are a few references of mens hard part haircut that looks stand out when it coupled with other haircuts or hairstyles.


  1. Classic hard part haircut

Classic charm cannot separate from this hard part haircut and times proven that hard part is one of all-time most popular haircut. Thanks to its classic profile and its versatility. This classic men’s hard part will works best on your natural straight hair.

  1. Hard part with com over style

For those who like appear in classy and polished look, it couldn’t be hurt if you try to combine your hard part with comb over hairstyle.

  1. Hard part with beard

Need striking hard parts for you medium and long hair? How about let your beard help; beard can be excellent way to balancing the contrast of your hard part.

  1. Double hard part

This hard part haircut comes with double hard part by shaved two lines—right next to other—at the sides of the head.

  1. Curly hair hard part

Have a curly hair and tempted to do hard part? Well, coupled your hard part haircut with fringe that let your curly hair goes wild—let it naturally fall down at the side of your forehead.

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