5 Dramatic Men’s Fringe Hairstyle You Must Try

There’s no other hairstyle element that can change your overall appearance as much as fringes do. Fringe is known as bangs. To put simply, fringe hairstyles is dramatically let your hair to falling down over your forehead, whether it lays like ordinary bangs or has volume is your own personal taste. Since, men’s fringe hairstyles show off haircut with sides is cut short while atop is styled with hair hang over the forehead; the fringe itself usually cut in huge range of look, it depend on how you want your hair to stand out-from curly or wavy bangs, thick or voluminous fringe, to straight fringe.

Fringe may be short or long and it perhaps cut pointy or round (once again, it’s depend your taste); but so far, today fringe is appears with irregular shape—the less regular the better! The more the fringe looks ‘out of box’, the more it will make you dramatic and gorgeous. The presence and type of fringe that you wear will be significantly complementing your face. There’s no other than fringe that can change your facial an your overall appearance at once as much as fringe do. So, it couldn’t be hurt if you try these men’s fringe hairstyles that we’ll gonna show to you below.

By the way, fringe is usually looks good for guys with vast forehead or face with long shape. A caution for those who have oblong and rectangular face; men’s fringe hairstyle seems to shorten your face length. So, hey you guys with oblong and rectangular face, please take your time before decide to let bangs lying on your forehead. As always, keep in mind it’s important to choose a hairstyle according the shape of your face. Well, we gonna back to talk fringe hairstyle that couldn’t be hurt if you try it. Here it is:

  • Heavy Statement Fringe

Good for those with thick hair. Pull down the fringe to cover the whole of your forehead with touch of textured and messy fringe using pomade or good hair wax.

  • Curly Fringe

Have natural curly hair? That’s blessed. Well, you just need to define your natural curly hair by contrast your bold curly fringe against straight down sides. It will accentuating your curly fringe more and makes it as the main focus of your appearance. For sure, it will look dramatic.

  • Shaved Sides Short Fringe

This fringe hairstyle is great for statement look with its contrast long fringe and cropped sides.

Which one you fringe hairstyle you choose, ensure it will looks great for you.

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