5 Cool Medium Hairstyles for Men

Talking about shaping and styling hair, medium length is the most versatile length for comb over for your business meeting, a quiff for lovely date, and a slicked back style for your casual hangout in weekend. For you to know guys, medium hairstyles for men somehow its open so many doors when you wanna experimenting with a range of styles and grooming products—from creams, pomades, waxes and other hair treatment stuff. Just imagine, with combination of medium length hair and those products, how many hairstyles that you can execute?

Well, when it comes for you to choose which one are medium hairstyles for men you’ll gonna wear, the best way is ask your barber first to get recommendation. You don’t want to spend whole month (or even more) feel like torture because of your hair is untamed and looks like a tragedy, isn’t? So, choose it wisely. If you wanna your mid-length hairstyle looks great on you, take a note to pick hairstyle that suit with the shape of your face.

If you’re not sure which one of medium hairstyles for men you gonna choose, we have several medium-length hairstyles to enlighten you. See below:

  • Undercut and Slick back

This hairstyle is the easiest and coolest ways to apply medium-length hair. It’s nice combo of classic undercut and slick back which is looks like disconnect hairstyle, where long hair conquer the top with sleekly brushed backward, and short hair at the back till bottom level.

  • Tousled Side Part Hairstyle

For different way to apply side part hairstyle on your medium length hair, you can grow out layers to make it voluminous with height on sides’ part. The layer and volume of your tousled side part hairstyle give your look more casual.

The versatile length Medium hairstyles for men also come with:

  • Blow Back Hairstyle

Blow your hair backward with some loose texture. This versatile medium-length style will make people turning head to look at you.

  • Mid-length and Tapered Pompadour

As medium length hairstyle, this is appears with nice and clean look that has still some flare up top. If you’re looking for conservative look, it will suit you.

Well, medium-length hairstyles somehow provide you hairstyle that doesn’t need to spend time too much in front of the mirror to make sure your hair isn’t mess. Use your finger to comb over the hair with the help of pomade or whatever hair product you use (or go straight to your favorite barbershop) to set your medium length hairstyle.

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