5 Beautiful Simple Gel Nail Designs

Gel nails even though it’s just a fake nail—an extension—they look great to enhanced your overall appearance, from look to outfit, since they hold a bunch of designs, colors, and shapes. You have a lot of option to complement your look. Also, who doesn’t want their nails look flattering? But, if you one of women who’s not too really into the nail design, but still have desire have pretty nails. Or, those who too slothful enough to dressed up the nails; you can follow these simple gel nail designs a.k.a lazy girls nail art.

At this case, simple nail designs doesn’t mean just display plain or one solid color which is covering the entire nails. Of course, you can do it; it’s nothing wrong with that. However, why don’t you try to spice it up a bit with some cool designs from our selected simple gel nail designs? Believe us, it couldn’t be hurt try all of them.

Our simple gel nail designs though mostly have solid one color, it’s beautiful and modish; thanks to the touches of the unique motif, sprinkles of rhinestones, studs and glitter which accented the entire nails. The nail designs are remain simple but eye-catching at same time. Wanna try? Well, these are our nails design with easy nail art to-do:

  • Milky Pink Nail Art

This simple gel nail art takes plain milky pink nails polish as the base and accompanied by grey coat on the ring finger as accent nails which sequined with silver glitter and rhinestones.

  • Shiny Red Gel Nail Design

Let’s glam up your nails by this red colored nail designs which is display shiny dark red nail polish. With this red nail design, you can go classy and elegant as well.

  • Light Orange Floral Nail Design

Brighten up your dull days with this delightful summer simple gel nail design. It appears with light orange that embellish with accented flower decal nails art over tip of ring fingers.

Don’t hesitate to be minimally but ensure not too plain. With simple gel nail designs you still can look charming even with less ornament.

  • French Manicure with Studs

Have a good holiday by always look stand out and lovely with this simple gel nail design. Styled with French manicure over your natural nail color, red tips that embellish with studs in golden will be making your free moment more cheerful.

  • Chevron Motif in Nails

This pink nails design is the modestly nail art to do; it will be look great on your nail—long or short. Displaying

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