4 Timeless Men Hairstyles 60s for Vintage Lover

This chance, we’ll give you timeless men hairstyles 60s that will give you a charming and awesome look. For vintage lover, these 60s hairstyles could be your bold statement to complete your classic facade. At that time, some of hairstyles look unique and popular, that’s make many men wear them to complement their appearance and be trendy.

Overall, hairstyles in 60s reflected a freedom—freer hairstyles, but without neglected the taste of stylish and elegant haircut. Well, if you wanna know more about men hairstyles 60s, let’s check out!


  1. The Mop Top

This hairstyle of the 60s was popularized by The Beatles—especially Paul McCartney and John Lennon. You can recognize the Mop-top hairstyle by its fringes that covered the eyebrows and hung down to hit the shirt collar in the back. It gives unique and stunning look.

  1. The Crew Cut

Considered natural and clean, this Crew cut hairstyle wear by teen to business men at that time. Crew cut also known as Flat-top; it refers to the top of head which is cut to get a flat look, as well as level effect and Buzz cut. To simply put, Crew cut is where your hair is shaved as close as possible to the head.

  1. The Rockabilly Look

Rockabilly or Pompadour that carried sexiness was popularized by the music legend like Elvis Presley. The hairstyle itself is long in the front and short in the back. The front hair is swept up and away from the face, holds it with pomade or beeswax.

  1. The Afro

This form of hair is one of the best hairstyle in 1960, which is gives a different look to those who wear it. Since this natural curl and texture hairstyle pop-out—wear by African-American men, which is also a symbol of “I’m black and I’m proud”—Afro become known as popular, trendy and stylish hairstyle till now.


Well, that’s our charming and awesome hairstyles in 1960 that you can choose to make your vintage look more classic. So, which one men hairstyles 60s that will you gonna wear? Just make sure the hairstyle you pick is the best for your appearance.

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